The Wonder Child – Chapter Two – Heart to Heart

Six days have passed since Orion left the house to go find a job, and luckily, Orion managed to get employed into the Business career path. He got promoted quickly, rising up through the ranks and he is currently the Assistant to the Manager. After Athena started her garden, she too got a job in the Culinary Arts, however she is yet to receive a promotion from her superiors.

Both sims had decided to split the skills that the government told them they should study up into a list for the pair of them to focus on, and it has worked like a charm! They both hope that by dividing up the skills, they’ll be able to help their child flourish into a lovely aid to society. However, as night fell, they were called to work, so off they went.

Athena and Orion returned from work to find that their home had completely changed from what was a Crick Cabana to something that is completely different. The walls had a grey stone brick exterior with each wall having at least a window. The mailbox was dug up and moved to a different location, but whoever had done this hadn’t bothered to cover up the dug up patch.

01-19-15_7-11 PM-2

“Well, I never knew there was such a thing as home in an hour, this is really something.” Athena commented as she brushed one of her hands against the wooden panel of the exterior. A note was attached onto the front door, and Orion noticed it. He ripped it off of the wall and began to read it.

“I hope you like your new home, we hope that it will accustom to your needs more as we feel that your future child will need a clean and stable environment to grow up in. We have only used your money to rebuilt your home, leaving you with whatever is left in your bank. All your plants and skill raising objects will be placed shortly so don’t fret.

Thank you for your co-operation.”

“Are they even allowed to do that?” Orion demanded as he slammed his hand onto the door, their money they had earned was spent on remaking a home, it could’ve gone towards something else.

“Just calm down.” Athena advised Orion, but he wouldn’t take it as he went through the front door and sat on the sofa.

01-19-15_8-07 PM-2

“I mean, they make us like and love each other, we’re expected to make a baby and we have to raise it and give it knowledge!” Orion vented, and Athena noted various words that Orion had said.

“They made ‘us’ like each other?” Athena questioned to Orion, she had always thought that their love was real. However, this could be because Athena has never really had a sense of love, and the fact that she grips onto any romantic attention she can get. Orion looked to Athena with uncertainty.

“I’m unsure, if I’m honest Athena. I feel like this is all happening way to fast and I don’t really know how I feel about you. Yes, I do admit that you’re beautiful and pretty but, would we actually love each other if we didn’t have this unborn baby as motivation?” Orion said. Athena thought for a second and froze, she never actually thought about that, she was too caught up in her idea of love and that she’ll soon be pregnant with a child and that she’ll have to teach it everything.

“If we met each other without this happening, I think there would be a good chance of us getting together. I do like you, Orion. I know that my idea of love is far from yours, but no man has ever looked at me in 5 years like you have this past week.” Athena confessed, and she leaned in and kissed Orion. Orion smiled as he felt reassured by Athena’s words.

“Although, I do agree, it does feel rushed. However, over time, I think we will establish a connection with each other, and maybe this child will help our connection deepen. And maybe then, we will be able to love each other properly.” Athena suggested and Orion nodded. Orion leant in and kissed Athena again.

01-19-15_8-07 PM

“Thanks Athena. You’re really good at cheering people up, you know that right?” Orion mentioned to Athena, and she nodded. People often took advantage of Athena’s kindness for personal gain, and it never ended well for them.

Athena gestured her head into Orion’s arms as they watched the romantic television show together. It was about a queen who wanted to find love, and so she travelled the world trying to find it. However, she contracted Broken Heart Syndrome after watching her lover die, and she died not long after. Orion who had changed into his pajamas not long ago, held Athena tightly as they both were almost in tears from the tragedies that were happening.

And there they slept for the night, soon to be awoken in the morning by the ringing alarm that would tell them that it’s time to get ready for the day. Athena was the first to wake up, slowly freeing herself from Orion’s grip. She ran around the house, cleaning everything up and then she finally started to make the breakfast.

01-19-15_8-56 PM

“Yes! I’m doing it right this time, no more ordering pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We’re having proper food today!” Athena celebrated as she placed the plated food down onto the table. At this point, Orion had awoken and freshened himself up, the pair of them sat down at the dining table and began to eat.

“The food tastes better today than it did a week ago, I guess your cooking skills really have improved!” Orion commented as he ate the food, Athena smiled to him as she continued to eat her food as well.

“Oh, I forgot to say! I’m inviting over a friend I met at the bookstore today, we’re going to play Chess and probably help me with writing a story.” Orion notified, Athena stopped eating her food and she slammed her fork down onto the table.


“It’s a man, and I’m not into men, so you don’t have to worry. Although, I hope you consider the same should you see my friend.” Orion noted and Athena laughed.

“There’s only you, don’t worry.” Athena affirmed Orion and she finished her dinner off. Orion looked towards Athena with loving eyes, he had a beaming smile upon his face. He got up from his seat and so did Athena as Orion was about to ask Athena an important question.

“So Athena, I guess you’re my girlfriend then? I mean, will you be my girlfriend?” Orion kept repeating himself as he was asking, however Athena jumped with glee and hugged Orion.

01-19-15_10-04 PM

01-19-15_10-10 PM

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I would love to!” Athena was so happy, this was the first step to completing her aspiration! Although they hadn’t scheduled a date as of yet, although, one was promised between the two of them.

Later on, when Athena had left for work, Orion’s friend stopped by. His name was Matthew Millard, and he had a very intriguing moustache and beard. He knocked on Orion’s door, by which time, Orion had stepped outside to greet him.

01-20-15_12-47 AM

“Hey Matt.” Orion welcomed, he gave Matthew a hug and gestured him over to the Chess table where they sat down and talked for a while, while the game was being set up.

“Hey Orion. Where’s Athena… your lovebird?” Matthew asked, nudging Orion a bunch of times.

“She’s at work and she’s no longer my love bird, she’s my girlfriend!” Orion told Matthew.

“Congratulations Man!” Matthew congratulated, and then there was a brief thirty-second silence.

“So, how long has it been since you’ve moved into Willow Creek then?” Matthew asked Orion, Orion thought about it for a split second before replying confidently.

“It’s been a week today, so a week-a-versary, I suppose!” Orion giggled and Matthew nodded, he began placing the black pieces in front of him on his side of the chess board.

“Happy Week-A-Versary.” Matthew congratulated, finishing setting up the black pieces and now moving over to the white ones. Orion studied the chessboard very logically, trying to figure out what moves he could put in place and what strategies he could use. More and more methods piled up into his mind which consumed the remaining time it took for Matthew to get the pieces set up.

“Whites move first.” Matthew said, and the game commenced.

01-20-15_12-51 AM

01-20-15_1-25 AM

40 minutes later…

“I win!” Orion shouted at the top of his voice as he gained the confidence from the victory. Matthew began to clap for Orion as he took a bow.

“Well done, I have to say.” Matthew smiled. Orion wondered whether Matthew had anyone else, it was getting incredibly late in the night and Matthew still remained at the residence. Matthew and Orion continued to chat for another hour, having many conversations about work, home and their past experiences in life. Orion became fascinated to hear about Matthew’s history and how his father really did become a rosebud millionaire, but Matthew didn’t want materialistic goods, so he left his family in order to find himself.

Abruptly, Matthew rose up from his chair and began to walk down the stairs of the porch, and then he turned to Orion before continuing down the path.

“We’ll chat later okay?” Matthew suggested and Orion agreed.

As Matthew left the Godfrey-Frenlore household, he received a phone call which he could not ignore. Matt answered the phone and listened to what the speaker on the other end had to say. He pulled a smirk on his face.

01-20-15_1-29 AM

Exactly, who is Matthew? 


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