The Wonder Child – Chapter Three – A Perfect Day

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“Grow my pretty banana tree, grow!” Athena chanted as she sprinkled fertilizer over her banana tree, which then caused it to evolve into a brand new quality of plant! Athena smiled and gestured her hand to the top of the banana tree as she examined the bananas.

“We’re certainly in season, not long now.” She commented. Orion hopped out of the house and ran down to Athena, he knocked over the easel which had kept his latest painting on it, which both angered and appeased him. The painting now looked significantly better than it had just a couple of minutes ago. Orion picked up the easel and the canvas and slotted it back into place, and then he resumed running over to Athena.

“HEY! I have an awesome idea!” Orion mentioned to Athena, who was ‘startled’ by his sudden appearance (although, she pretended to be, the easel dropping was VERY loud). Orion became confident a little after knowing he has scared Athena a little.

“Don’t frighten me like that. But what is it?” Athena asked, interested in his proposal for what they should do. Orion grabbed both of Athena’s hands and pressed them tightly together.

“Let’s go on a date!” He commanded, although Athena looked at him surprisingly. She normally would go on a date at the mention of the word, but the garden was not even close to finishing, plus she had to work on other skills. But before she even knew it, she was being dragged off by Orion to Magnolia Park without a second hesitation.

“Uh…well…ok.” Athena managed to say to Orion, although she didn’t know if he heard it because he was humming love songs all the way to the park very loudly, and it didn’t help when most of the people in the streets were telling him to be quiet as well.

Athena and Orion had arrived to the park several minutes later, they found their way over to the barbecue stations where Athena had already started to unpack the burgers Orion had packed previously. Orion sat on the benches behind waiting impatiently for the hamburgers, while Athena turned them around many times cooking them thoroughly. She then removed them from the grill and placed them into buns, where she then served them on the table.

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Orion snatched a burger from the plate and stuffed a huge bit of it inside his mouth and chewed it messily. Athena witnessed this and gagged.

“That’s disgusting!” Athena cringed, Orion swallowed and wiped the tomato ketchup what was remaining around his mouth before he spoke.

“Sorry, I was just… really… really hungry.” Orion grumbled through the tissue paper, which made Athena laugh quite a bit. Orion had spilled tomato ketchup all over his jumper, which really was the only jumper he owned, since Sims magically didn’t really need to wear more than one outfit per type. Athena and Orion afterwards started talking to each other about things.

“So, how has this… this new start been for you so far?” Orion asked Athena and she giggled.

“Pretty refreshing actually, before coming here, I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life really. My parents had died and I didn’t have any close relatives, and social services wouldn’t take me because I was 18, but I couldn’t survive on my own so fast, you know?” Athena explained, but Orion never really understood what she meant, and he then led on to tell Athena his answer.

“This new start has been more of an eye opener for me, my parents always pressured me to go and get this person or get that job, it’s nice that I can actually have a set plan. But, I would like more freedom into moving, it’s bad that we can’t move from that one home.” Orion added in, and Athena agreed. One of the conditions of having this baby was that it needed the same environment the parents grew up in, they both weren’t sure why, but they thought it was best to not mess with the government’s orders. They could only change the house in the lot and that was it, but it would take a while for them to save up the money for a new house.

“So, all in all, it’s been a wonderful experience for us!” Athena compiled and Orion nodded. She then grabbed Orion and threw him below her and kissed him with the most elegant breeze flowing past.

01-23-15_7-51 PM

A strange woman then walked past after Orion and Athena had sat down, she had flowing red hair with a pair of sunglasses. Orion and Athena looked over towards the woman, as she was looking at them at the same time.

“Can we help you?” Orion asked as the woman remained stationary by the park bench, she eyed both Orion and Athena up and down as she turned and sat on the park bench with them.

01-23-15_7-53 PM

She removed her sunglasses to reveal her blue-crystal eyes and she coughed towards Orion.

“I’m from Lala&Co. Jewellers.” She whispered towards Orion as she moved a package over towards him, Orion discreetly put it inside of his pocket as Athena watched suspiciously, she didn’t know what it was about, but she had a gut feeling that something was up. However, before she could say anything, the woman rose up from the park bench and walked away.

A few hours later…


01-23-15_9-03 PM

Orion returned home and gulped heavily, he had a lot of preparation to do even before Athena returned home from work. First of all, Orion ordered a pizza, and made sure to order Athena’s favourite, the Meat Feast.

01-23-15_9-07 PM

Next, he went onto the computer and started searching for things to make this night special, he knew what was coming up and he just wanted to do it right since he had never done it before. Orion looked outside and saw the carpool come up to the driveway, he fell off the chair as he ran to the door to open it.

Athena ran in and smelled the pizza, at which she threw the pizza box open and ate three slices of pizza. Orion also joined in and they finished the pizza quite quickly. After walking over to the television and spending many hours watching romantic films, Orion had something to tell Athena.

01-23-15_9-54 PM

“Hey! You know how much I love you right? I have a secret to tell you. It’s super secret though, you can’t tell anyone and you can’t say no!” Orion asked, and Athena looked weirdly at Orion.

“Ok…” Athena muttered.

01-23-15_9-55 PM

“I love you, and through these past couple of weeks, I’ve learnt that you’re probably the only one for me. What was a forced gathering turned into a willing agreement, and we both found love in each other so…”

Orion took out a box and got onto one knee, he opened the box to reveal a sparkling diamond ring, which was provided by Lala&Co. Jewellers.

“Will you do me the honour, of being my lawfully wedded wife?” Orion proposed. Athena just stood there in shock.

01-23-15_9-57 PM-2

“Oh my word… YES!!” Athena agreed and Orion picked her up and spun her around.

“Good, because I was quite terrified!” Orion said and they both laughed. And then, they kissed.

01-23-15_9-58 PM

What’s going to happen next?


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