The Wonder Child – Chapter Four – The Good & The Bad

01-23-15_9-58 PM

Orion looked down to Athena as he held her in his arms, her hair fell down gently as Orion’s arm moved slightly. Athena glanced up to Orion and nodded, and he knew exactly what she meant by it. He carried her over to the bedroom door and kicked it open, he then threw her down onto the bed and then…

01-23-15_10-01 PM-3

Hours later, Orion laid awake on the bed, Athena was fast asleep but Orion had things he wanted to think about.

“So, after tonight, Athena will get pregnant and then we’ll have to raise this child. But then it will be taken away from us. I’ve never really considered how I had felt about that, or how Athena felt about that. I also wonder about this government, I mean, we don’t really know anything about them, what they do or who they actually are. I shouldn’t really be thinking about this though, I’m just going to be happy, and content.”

Orion fell back onto the bed and fell asleep soon after.

In the morning, Athena woke up to find that Orion was still fast asleep in their bed. She sprung out of bed and walked out into the kitchen, she opened and scanned the fridge to see if there was anything in there she could try and make. Her experience in her cooking skill had grown and she was ready to try and experiment with new flavours. Athena took out some random ingredients and slammed them down onto the countertop.

“Let’s make my soon to be hubby some nice breakfast!” Athena cheered as she grabbed a bowl out of the cupboard. She threw lettuce, tomato and cucumbers into the bowl and sprinkled over salt, salad vinegar and threw the salad using salad tongs. Afterwards, she sprinkled oil over a frying pan and, when it was hot, placed chicken and bacon upon the frying pan, where it sizzled loudly.

At this point, Orion had finally woken up and he walked over to the computer in the living room. He had to fill out reports for work today.

01-23-15_10-13 PM

“Ooh, breakfast smells really good.” Orion shouted over to Athena.

“Thank you… honey! I’m trying a new recipe, so I hope you like it!” Athena had considered what she actually wanted to call Orion, and she had finally settled on ‘honey’ as her chosen word. Athena bit her lip as she didn’t know what Orion would think of her calling him ‘honey’.

“I can’t wait to try it then, honey.” Orion replied and he smiled as Athena started to giggle with glee. Orion managed to both finish his reports, and become more adept at chess and his speaking skills! His business career was really opening up it’s doors for him.

Soon after, Athena had finished cooking the breakfast and she managed to become more experienced in cooking because of it! Athena placed the plates down onto the countertop.

01-23-15_10-14 PM

Orion walked over and grabbed a plate and sat down at the table with Athena. Just before they were about to eat however, a letter had popped itself through the door.
“Weird…” Orion said as he walked over to pick up the letter. He read the contents of the address label and threw it to Athena, “It’s for you.”

Athena caught the letter and read what was on the address label;

Athena Godfrey
Crick Cabana
Willow Creek

Athena ripped open the envelope and a letter and a strange cardboard box popped out of it. Athena picked up the box and examined it. It was white in colour, and had only one way of opening, unless you ripped it of course. Athena picked up the letter, unfolded it and began to read its contents.

“Dear Miss Athena Godfrey,

We here at The Wonder Child project are delighted to see that you might be with child! (We saw everything.) Enclosed in the box is a pregnancy test which you can take to see if you are. Actually having a child. Remember, if you’re not with child, you should prepare to try again.

Yours sincerely,

The Wonder a Child Project.”

Athena stared at the letter in horror, she couldn’t think about anything else other than the fact that they had watched everything that they did. She didn’t even think to try and see if there was any cameras in the bedroom. Orion looked to Athena, wondering what the letter said. But, when Orion reached over to pick up the letter, Athena ran into the toilet with both the letter and pregnancy test box in hand.

Athena sat down on the toilet and she did her pregnancy test. She looked and… It came out negative. Athena glanced at the window with what seemed to be a sad expression.

01-23-15_10-19 PM

“What do I tell Orion? That I’m not pregnant? That we’re going to have to try again? Not that he won’t be against that but, I think he was hoping to be first time lucky!” Athena spoke to herself in the mirror. There was a knock on the door, just a moment later.

“Are you okay in there, honey?” Orion asked as the knocks grew louder from the bathroom door. Athena threw the test out of the window and into the bushes, when she suddenly turned and opened the door.

“I’m fine, I’m good.” Athena said as she hurried past Orion and sat down on the sofas and turned on the television news.

01-23-15_10-21 PM

The lady was presenting a story about a random girl.

“On tonight’s news,

A girl who has graduated at the top of her class has recently died. Her body was found on the sidelines of Oasis Springs, tied to a palm tree. The girl by the name of Danielle Lakewater will be surely missed by fellow students, friends and family alike. We’re now told that the government is looking into this case especially, although the reasons are unknown.”

Athena and Orion’s eyebrows raised in unison, the story was both suspicious and creepy. Orion walked over to the computer and booted it up, he was dressed up ready for work, as he was going to leave soon.

01-23-15_10-27 PM

Orion clicked onto the internet and started searching for the necessities needed to take care of a baby girl or boy. Athena walked over with curiosity and looked at the computer screen over Orion’s shoulder. She then backed away in fear as the thought that she hadn’t told Orion that she was not pregnant.

“What’re you doing?” Athena whispered to Orion.

“Looking up things to buy for our little child, since you’re pregnant and all. When do you think you’ll start showing anyways?” Orion replied, he was really intrigued by this whole pregnancy thing.

“I’m not sure.” Athena said as she walked away, she had to go tend to her garden.

Hours later…

Orion returned home to find Athena outside the house and he saw that Athena looked pretty worried. So, he walked up the steps and kissed her.

01-23-15_11-11 PM-2

Orion stared at Athena, who had a worried expression on her face. His eyebrows raised as Athena was still looking distressed at Orion. However, Orion soon changed his clothes and came back outside to still see Athena there.

“What’s up?” Orion asked Athena, and she looked at him with an awkward expression.

“Well… Uh… I have to tell you something.” Athena muttered, and she continued with this tone when she confessed. “I’m not pregnant.”

However, the volume was too low for Orion to hear.

“What was that?” Orion wanted her to speak louder.

“I’m not pregnant… ha ha ha ha.” Athena said awkwardly as she looked at Orion with a weird expression.

01-23-15_11-14 PM

“Whaaaaaaaat?” Orion answered as he covered his mouth with his hands.

01-23-15_11-15 PM

“Well, that’s okay. We can always try again right?” Orion laughed as he tried to cheer Athena up with some helpful gestures.

01-23-15_11-15 PM-2

And that’s what they did.

01-23-15_10-01 PM-3

The next day…

Athena tried using another pregnancy test again, they were sent by the government once again. And, Athena did shriek in horror as she read the second letter. She tested for the baby and… it was a fail once again! Athena screamed.


And so they tried again.

01-23-15_10-01 PM

The next day…

Again, she tried. But this time it was a success! Athena grinned as she looked at the positive marks on her pregnancy test.

01-23-15_11-34 PM

“I did it. We did it.” Athena laughed as she left the bathroom. Her and Orion had decided to change their outfits as Spring was coming up soon, and they wanted a change. And so, they both sat down on the sofa, where Athena started to unveil the news upon Orion.

“So, the third time lucky?” Athena revealed as she giggled to Orion and he started cheering with joy!

“We’re having a baby!” Orion shouted.

01-23-15_11-55 PM

01-23-15_11-55 PM-2

Of course, Athena couldn’t resist telling EVERYONE about her pregnancy.

01-24-15_12-04 AM

Yay for the pregnancy! Hopefully this child or these children will be raised well!

Authors Note; It literally took them three tries to make a baby! So, I thought it would be funny if I included that in.


14 thoughts on “The Wonder Child – Chapter Four – The Good & The Bad

  1. lovesstorms says:

    Creepy letter. Obviously, it didn’t seem to bug her the 2nd time….or the 3rd. Hehe. Looking forward what their babies will look like. 🙂

    As for his thought process and then the news later, I see some mystery coming in to play here. I’m loving it! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. carewren123 says:

    Haha everything I was going to comment on has pretty much already been mention above. Creepy letter is creepy that’s for sure. And I can’t wait to see what’s going on with some of the other mysterious and/or creepy things you’ve woven into the story so far.

    Liked by 1 person

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