The Wonder Child – Chapter Five – Fitness & Finesse

02-03-15_2-43 PM

“Work it! Push it… to the… pedal!” Orion grumbled as he pulled down the bar down towards him. Athena pushed the two side pedals together, then she let go and looked over towards Orion.

“What are we even doing here anyways?” Athena asked, Orion pulled down the bar three more times before he let go like Athena, to reply to her.

“Well, since you’re in your first trimester like the doctor says, he recommended that you keep fit. And… we haven’t really been the best with fitness lately. So, here we are! Plus, I invited some of your friends and my friends over, so you can chat with them when you can!” Orion answered thoroughly, before returning back to his crossbar pulling. Meanwhile, Athena continued along with pressing the side pedals together.

The sweat was literally dripping off of their faces, when they both took a five minute rest before continuing on with their exercise. A woman in a brightly green jumpsuit walked over to where Orion and Mortimer Goth were exercising. Orion looked up from where he was and instantly recognised her.

“Hey Evangeline!” Orion said, before he resumed with his workout. Evangeline looked down at Orion while he was exercising. Meanwhile, it seemed that Mortimer was having a hard time adjusting to the gym equipment.

02-03-15_2-44 PM

Evangeline giggled as she stared at Orion working out, and then she smiled.

“If you keep working out like that, you’ll gain some muscle. And then I might have to do the hustle with you sometime. Meaning, I might actually get attracted to you.” Evangeline whispered to Orion and he looked back up to Evangeline with a recogniseable smirk on his face.

“Uh… I’m actually taken. Also, I have impregnated my significant other and is currently pregnant with my child, so I’d advise you not to come after me. Or, you will be faced with a hormonal woman who is ready to kill anyone at any moment.” Orion smiled at her as he pointed over to Athena, who was busy raising her legs against the leg press.

“YES. I AM THAT HORMONAL WOMAN. LEAVE MY MAN ALONE, OR YOU SHALL PAY THE PRICE, AFRODITE.” Athena shouted as she worked through the exercise and the burns that came along with it. Athena laughed soon after as she figured that she just made a greek goddess joke to Evangeline.

02-03-15_2-45 PM

Athena continued to do seven more reps on the leg press before resuming talking to Evangeline about her backing off Orion.


“DARLING, YOU CAN QUIETEN DOWN NOW.” Orion gestured towards Athena, it was lucky as well as she was literally a second away from spilling out everything that Orion and Athena had worked towards. Orion lifted up the crossbar and got up from that exercise station, he picked up his water bottle from the side and drank half of it. After wiping his mouth, he also grabbed a towel from the wall and wiped over his head, before heading over to the treadmill.

At the treadmill, he met one of his friends, Garrett at the treadmills.

“Yo Garrett!” Orion said as he fist pounded him as he stepped onto the treadmill. Orion had set the treadmill at a medium pace, and he began to run.

“Frenlore! It’s great to see you. Did you see the news last night about that girl? Turns out, her parents died the night after her! It’s terrible, isn’t it? I think there’s some mass murderer out there.” Garrett said as Orion looked to him.

“Really? That’s terrible. Hey, isn’t the news on the television right now?” Orion pondered and he looked at the clock which struct midday. He then looked over to Shelly, the gym owner. “Shelly, could you be a dear and turn on the news on the television please?”

Shelly turned on the television and the news appeared. Orion kept running on his treadmill as the news was being broadcasted.

02-03-15_2-49 PM

“Coming to you live from Plumbob Studios, here is the 12 o’clock news. Presented to you by Michael Mustard and Elizabeth Jones.

On today’s story, the continuation of the Danielle Lakewater murder case. The police and investigators have recently found out that Danielle’s parents have also been murdered the night after her death.

The police have released a statement which details that they have reason to believe that someone was after Danielle or her parents and wanted them removed for a certain reason. They are trying very hard to find any possible connections between Danielle and any other people.

However, if you know anything or have seen anything, please don’t hesitate to contact the police with the emergency number that I’m sure you all know of.

Now move onto the weather…”

Orion soon turned up the speed on his treadmill and began running faster than before. He also entered a race with Garrett while Athena had the tendency to look over at Orion running, while biting her lip slightly.

“Orion looks so hot while he runs, I want him to pick me up.” Athena thought to herself, before she shook her head. “What am I even thinking, it must be the hormones again.”

02-03-15_2-50 PM

Athena continued to watch Orion run for a couple of minutes before walking over to him.

“Hey honey, do you want to go to the pool? I think we should swim some laps!” Athena asked and Orion turned off the treadmill and got off slowly, without falling off and failing like Garrett did. He then turned to Athena and smiled.

“Sure, let me just cool off and then we’ll go over. Maybe you can get that blonde chick, Jessica and Evangeline to join us.” Orion agreed and Athena walked off.

Athena jogged her way upstairs to find Jessica in the toilets. She then grabbed her and dragged her down to the pool with Orion and Evangeline. They then entered the pool and began to swim laps for half an hour.

“I beat you!” Orion shouted over to Athena, as Athena was still swimming the final lap. As soon as Athena finished, she laughed at Orion.

“But, I’m the most heavy since I’m carrying our future child!” Athena said, while she splashed Orion with some water.

02-03-15_2-57 PM

Orion splashed water back towards Athena before Jessica joined in as well, followed by Evangeline. They soon quietened down, and as before they swam in the pool.

“But Athena, you didn’t tell me you were pregnant.” Jessica said as she hit the wall with her feet. Athena kicked the wall with her feet and swam alongside Jessica.

“That’s because, I didn’t want anyone to know until I sent out invitations for my baby shower, or well, a dinner party really.” Athena answered, Athena was always the quiet and reserved type, but she still always liked to surprise people. Meeting Orion was something that really helped her come out of her shell, meet new people and actually be confident with who she is. To Athena, Orion is her one and only saviour from the prison that she lived in called herself.

Later on, Orion had left the women in the pool to go out onto the balcony and practice his fighting skills. He looked over to the punching bag on his right and saw a post-it note on it which was addressed to him.

“To Orion,

You will need this. Train your skills well, since your child will one day have to fight for themselves.


Kittens and the Everyday.”

“A very strange, and suspicious note. I should keep hold of this.” Orion thought to himself as he folded the paper up neatly and stuck it in his pocket. He then looked over at the punching bag again to see if there was anything else there.

02-03-15_3-01 PM

Orion then resumed with his training. He first gave the punching bag a quick jab, but then he resumed on fighting the punching bag with more and more power. His fitness skill grew and grew by the hours that passed.

“Jab, Jab, Kick, Uppercut, Cross punch.” Orion muttered to himself as he repeatedly hit the punching bag over and over again. He became more and more focused as the hours went by as well, his face becoming more and more determined to hit that punching bag without failure.

02-03-15_3-04 PM

Athena soon came over and distracted Orion from the punching bag. As Orion walked over to Athena however, he bumped into a red haired woman who certainly caught his eye. Orion held her for a second before letting her go and walking away. The girl with the red hair certainly became sad about this little exchange, but something about the way she looked forward told Orion that she never really was sad, but it was an act for something else.

02-03-15_3-07 PM

Athena soon was in front of Orion, she was still in her swimming costume as she had only just exited the pool and was still wet. Orion was dripping with sweat by the time that Athena had arrived.

“Good Workout?” Orion had asked Athena and she nodded, and they talked about several things for a couple of minutes before Athena changed the subject.

02-03-15_3-10 PM

“Hey, let’s go somewhere else. I know this nice place where we can go where it’s really quiet.” Athena told Orion and his eyebrow raised up.

“Where?” Orion asked Athena and she turned around and looked out to Willow Creek.

“The Library!” Athena shouted out into the world and off they went.

02-03-15_3-38 PM

What exactly are they doing there? Find out next time!


11 thoughts on “The Wonder Child – Chapter Five – Fitness & Finesse

  1. Jes2G says:

    Carewren123’s library! Yay! You’ll see this in my new story too. Athena still needs to simmer down lol. And how did I get into the story?? lol, at least Jessica is cute 😉 Just kidding. When I first read her name, I was like, “Huh? I did what?” LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • winterrising says:

      LOL! I never knew your name was Jessica, although Jes should’ve given me the first clue. I think Athena going to the Library will certainly calm her down.


      • Jes2G says:

        Yeah, I know you didn’t know 🙂 Someone else on the forums has a character named Jessica, and everytime she talks about her I’m completely caught off guard lol.

        Don’t give anything away, but am I correct in thinking that Orion may have a little bit of an issue with roaming eyes? The part with the red head girl was slightly confusing, but it gave me the feeling that we may be seeing her again…not sure if I like the situation…or her lol. I wonder why Orion and Athena just don’t go ahead and get married now.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. carewren123 says:

    I was thinking the same thing about the red-head. And I have a guess as to who the murderer is. And the note on the punching bag? So much to think about.

    And it made my day to see the library at the end. It’s so neat to see something I created in someone else’s story.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lovesstorms says:

    Bwahaha! Carewren’s library must be super popular because I chose that as one of my library’s in my neighborhood! Hehe!! :mrgreen:

    If Evangeline is so into Orion, I’m not sure I’d have her near him in the swimming pool. o_O Athena is quite the trusting person.

    My guess on the murderer: Col Mustard, er, Anchorman Mustard. Hehe. Honestly, no idea.

    Liked by 1 person

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