The Wonder Child – Chapter Seven – Baby Feels

Orion and Athena were called back home in the middle of the night, since their home renovations had been completed. Although, Orion was a tad mad when learnt that one of the builders had broken both his coffee machine and the new oven. However, since Orion is now a master of repairing and upgrading things, he managed to sort that problem out right away. Orion and Athena stood outside their new home and looked upon the other homes in the street.


“Ours is totally the best.” Athena said proudly, her competitiveness amplified when she became pregnant.

“Agreed.” Orion cheered and he high-fives Athena before walking into the new house. He took some quick glances around the house, appreciating all the detail the builders had done. However, since Orion still had some work to do, he settled down at the computer to continue writing his report for work, he was nearly at the top of the career path and he was so excited to get to the top.

Athena soon followed him in as she had taken the book she had borrowed from the library with her. After taking a look around the house like Orion did, she positioned herself on the sofa which was relatively close to Orion. Athena then opened up the book and began to read the words that were inside. She remembered the exact page she was on, since she was so devoted to finishing this book before the baby arrives.


“She followed the magical fairy steps towards… towards… ugh this is boring me. I need to sleep. ORION, WE’RE HEADING TO BED.” Athena triumphantly commanded. Orion soon sprung on his feet and obeyed her command.

“I’ve got him whipped and around my fingers. Heheheheheh.” Athena thought to herself. The couple soon ventured to their bed and fell asleep.

The next day…


“We’re enjoying this sausage pasta, right Orion?” Athena wasn’t going to let it go that she now had the power and Orion was putty in her fingers.

“Yes honey. This is wonderful… hahaha.” In all honestly, Orion thought that Athena’s cooking had downgraded since her pregnancy, the quality went from excellent to only very good. He just wanted this baby to be born so he could get good tasting food again.

“I’ll go take the rubbish out, you leave for work.” Athena instructed and Orion did what he was told. Athena left for the bin, scraped the food inside and then walked back gleefully to the house.


Afterwards, Athena sat down at started to watch Children’s TV.

“That book told me that if I watched this with you, it would give me an easier birth. So watch child, watch the funny characters dance and say stupid things!” Athena laughed, as she began to get into the programme.

“And all the children, danced in the village!” Athena sang at the top of her voice.


And then Athena had an ide-

“OH I HAVE AN IDEA!” Athena shouted, she whipped out her phone and she began to send messages to various people.

“Party tonite @ my house.

This baby needs a partay to celebrate it’s arrival!

Luv ya xoxoxoxo

Athena <3″

Athena then sent the message to everyone on her contact list, and she wriggled with excitement.

Hours later, Orion returned home and sat down on the computer and filled out reports, like he usually does. But, he couldn’t help but overhear Athena’s conversation on her phone.


“So, 7PM tonight.”

“Yes, you can bring your husband.”

“No, you cannot have a llama stripper! There might be children present.”

“Okay, I’ll be cooking.”


“I forgive you, now I have to go. Kisses.”

Orion looked to Athena, curious as to what the entire exchange over the phone was about. He turned off his computer and walked over to Athena, his eyebrow raised as he walked over. Orion never liked to intrude on people’s personal lives, but since he was engaged to her, he needed to know what was up.


“So what was that about?” Orion asked Athena and she laughed, holding her baby bump in front of Orion.

“Oh, about our party later!” Athena answered and Orion gasped.

“PARTY? We never discussed anything about a party? Why are you hosting a party? Why are WE hosting a party?” 

“Well, we’re having this baby soon, correct? So, I thought we could celebrate with a little party before the baby is born. Say to everyone, ‘We’re not going to be around for a while! Don’t miss us!’

“You really are something, Athena.” Orion laughed and patted her on her head. Athena’s light bulb lit up and she gasped.

“Feel our baby.” She ordered.

“What?” Orion was startled at the idea, but he knew that it was normal for the father and other people to feel the stomach of the expecting woman. So, Orion placed his hands on Athena’s stomach.


Orion felt the baby bump and laughed with joy when he felt it kick several times at him.

“This is so magical, oh my. Hey little child! It’s Daddy here. I can’t wait for you to be born!” Orion exclaimed and Athena grinned.

“I think it’s going to be born very soon.” Athena estimated, and Orion looked up.

“When exactly?”

“Next chapter or so.”


“Oh, the plants are calling me!” Athena walked off in the direction of her flower garden, where the then resumed taking care of her plants.  Since she had recently mastered gardening, it wasn’t long before she had decided to mix and match a few plant species together to create… new life.


Afterwards, Athena proceeded into the living room and started playing music on her guitar. Again, thanks to pregnancy books, she read that playing and singing music to a unborn child will make the pregnancy much smoother and a better experience for both the mother and the child.

And so, Athena managed to start coming up with lyrics to sing.


“Oh little child, you shall be born soon.

Oh little child, you shall be welcomed into our world.

Oh little Child, you shall grow up and leave me.

But, you’ll always be my child.”


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