The Wonder Child – Chapter Eight – And PUSH!

The party went off with a bang, everyone got comfortable and we’re talking to each other. Mortimer Goth was having a nice conversation about Gummy Bear pancakes with Jasmine Cho. Although, the expression on Mortimer’s face proved that he was having a hard time trying to make conversation with her.

On the bright side however, Athena’s dress did fit her… just about. She was busy walking around with food in her hand, shoving it in people’s faces and telling them to eat.

“Eat it. It’s very well done!” Athena ordered. Although the hormones were making her crazy, she was starting to return back to normal, very slowly.


Afterwards, all the guests were called over to the right side of the kitchen where Orion was going to speak out to everyone. Although, everyone was a little cramped in the kitchen, but I think they didn’t mind. This party was all about the new child being born soon!


And so, Orion began to speak out to everyone!

“Hey everyone, Orion here. Uh… I wanted to thank you for coming to our party, it really means a lot to the two of us as we are expecting our first child and it’s really getting us excited!” The crowd laughed as Bella Goth waved her hand in the air.

“Tell us how you met!” Bella Goth asked, and Orion stumbled.

“We met ba-“

“FOOD’S READY!” Athena shouted and Orion exhaled deeply.

“Thank the Maker.” Orion thought to himself. However, Orion soon found a plate through his belly when they went to gather the food. The plate belonged to that mysterious redhead that he saw at that gym. Orion’s eyebrow raised as he looked into her eye.

02-03-15_7-06 PM

“How did you get here? You weren’t invited.” Orion asked, and the lady just shrugged her shoulders.

“Well, I’m Rose Jones first of all. Secondly, I’m Garrett’s plus one and thirdly, you don’t even know who I am!” Rose replied and Orion rolled his eyes.

“Still, I don’t like you.” Orion replied and he walked off with his food. He sat down at the table with some other sims, who were discussing various topics. Orion thought it would be nice if he joined them.


Cowboy Hat was busy telling a funny story to everyone while he was looking at Orion who was making funny gestures. Blonde Lady was agreeing with everything Cowboy Hat was saying, while she was trying to rub the stain off of her blouse.

“And then, Michael kept telling everyone that they were *giggles* llamas and *giggles* that *giggles* they were bound to be galloping to Hell! AHAHAHAHHAHAHA!” Orion did not find that a little funny at all.

“That man needs to work on his jokes.” Orion thought to himself.

Jasmine and Garrett then proceeded to tell everyone about their joint trip to Shang Simla together, and their trek down the Great Plumbob of China.  Apparently, they almost died from the flying llamas of SimHell, but no one was going to believe that story. The flying llamas died out YEARS ago.

Soon afterwards, the party came to an end and Orion & Athena were awarded a silver medal for their efforts. (read director’s commentary to find out more.) And so came the Great March out of the house.


Garrett soon left as well, which left Orion with all of the dirty places. Orion was certainly not pleased about that. He stared at the plates and sighed loudly, it was going to take some work but he was determined to clean it up… before Athena shouted at him to do it.

“Right, let’s get started.” Orion ordered himself.


Orion soon picked up most of the plates and cups and washed them thoroughly, and then thoroughly again. He wanted to make sure they were squeaky clean for when Athena comes round to grab them to put more food on.

Afterwards, Orion saw Athena walk upstairs and he looked over.

“Do you want me to help you?” Orion asked, but Athena shook her head. Her face was red, but Orion shrugged;

“She would’ve said so if she needed help.” He thought.

After Orion packed the plates away, and he then made and took a sip from his coffee.


His coffee face though, trés regal.


“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Athena screamed from upstairs, Orion was shocked and his coffee dropped and burned his legs.

“OH FOR PLUMBOB’S LLAMA.” Orion had no time to winge however, he had to run upstairs and see why Athena was screaming. He found Athena in the bedroom by the bassinet, her screaming her head off.

“BREATHE ATHENA, BREATHE.” Athena instructed herself, taking deep breaths.


“BREATHE.” Athena grabbed her belly and began breathing like native indians in a ritual.


“So, what are you doing…?” Orion asked, clueless about the situation. Athena turned her head around, clearly mad at Orion for not noticing.

“I’M GIVING BIRTH YOU GALLOPING LLAMA.” Athena shouted at him, and Orion froze in fear.



“BECAUSE I CAN’T EXACTLY PLAN WHEN I’M GOING INTO LABOUR.” Athena screamed, and she pushed one final time and… BOOM. A little baby popped out, of course Athena had to check and…



ME! Or… by my real name, Leliana Frenlore!


At this point, you may be like “what?”. I tricked you all didn’t I? Thinking that there was some unknown narrator to this story, but in truth, it’s been me all along! My mother and father, well, Orion and Athena have caught me up on this entire story so far, about how they met and how I have to learn everything I can so I can help better the world.

I’m currently writing in this old battered journal I found up in the attic of our home, it’s vintage, which is something I adore, and so I wrote the entire history of everything until now.


I was also born with the Genius trait, LUCKY ME! And soon afterwards, my father held me in my arms, and started speaking to me. I felt my father when he touched my mother’s belly, and I grew attached to him since then.

“Hey little child, it’s your father. I wanted to say hi and welcome to our world. You’re going to have many up’s and down’s here, and you’re going to experience a lot of things, but I want you to know that me and your mother will always be here for you.” Orion said, unfortunately, I was too young to understand what he was saying, so I cried. I was hungry for food.

Luckily, Orion was ready for anything.

“Here you are!” He gave me my bottle. My baby face though.


Unfortunately, it was time for me to age up into a child. Since apparently, the Government thinks that I can learn nothing as a baby. And so I became a child!


Yeah, those clothes and that hair are so not me. But I’m so good looking. But, the clothes! At least I was allowed to change myself…



02-03-15_8-10 PM

My parents didn’t save any pictures of my transformation, but they also aged a little. So, a picture of me and my father are above.


18 thoughts on “The Wonder Child – Chapter Eight – And PUSH!

  1. lovesstorms says:

    Awesome! The child is finally here. Leliana is beautiful! Just like her parents. 😉 Looking forward to more! Hopefully, they can teach her all the skills they need to before she grows up. It seems like a tough job. o_O

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