The Wonder Child – Chapter Ten – CMS

I had decided to tell my parents about me ditching the idea of the Wonder Child, and that I wanted to become a Wonder Princess. Although they were with me, they didn’t know what to do when I suggested that the Government should build me a castle.

02-16-15_4-06 AM

“But Mooooooom, the Government is rich! They can build me whatever I want!” I pointed out to them, although Dad disagreed as he was reading his business reports off the computer.

“They’re actually quite poor sweetie. I manage their business accounts and… they’re depending on this project to get more money.” Dad said. After sitting down and thinking about it, I pulled a cheeky smile towards Mom who was also sitting down.

02-16-15_4-09 AM

“So… I make this project a success, and I get my castle?” I questioned, and Mom gave that look which said; ‘Now I know why you’re my daughter.’

Although, I don’t think that was the message she was trying to put across. Oh well, I’m taking all the help I can get.

02-16-15_4-09 AM-2

“Yes sweetie, they’ll build you your castle then. But Orion darling, that’s weird that they’re relying on us to get them to get their paycheck.” Mom said to Dad, but he shrugged it off as he didn’t know.

Who does pay the Government though for this project? I should try and find out more when I can. Dad decided to call me out for some more chess games, I better beat him today though! Otherwise, the Wonder Kingdom might not be able to have the smartest person as their Princess.

02-16-15_4-09 AM-3

“You can do it Leliana!” Mom encouraged me, and I walked out with a huge smile on my face. It’s these moments which give me the extra encouragement to achieve anything.

I walked outside and sat down at the chess table with Dad, of course he had is game face on.

“Ready?” Dad asked, I don’t know why he asks this every time.

02-16-15_4-10 AM

“Of course.” I replied, and the game began. I imagined like this was a war between Wonder Kingdom and Daddy Land.

02-16-15_4-10 AM-2

Wonder Kingdom’s forces marched on, and they attacked the front lines of Daddy Land very well.

“I’m going to beat you!” I shouted to my dad, although the passers-by were weirded out by my shouting.

02-16-15_4-11 AM


I don’t see why though, it’s completely normal for the Wonder Princess to shout out commands! However, Daddy Land began to annihilate (hey Mom, I’m getting better at my words! Thanks Social Skill!) my forces and I slowly began to back away from his advances.

 “No, Daddy Land can’t beat the Wonder Kingdom! The Government won’t get their pay!” I cried out, although I wasn’t sure if Dad was eating my soup. However, after the Wonder Kingdom prevailed and I was able to DESTROY DADDY LAND.


02-16-15_4-12 AM

“Now Dad, don’t get upset that I beat you. It was perfectly inevitable that I was going to beat you one day, and that day is today! AHAHAHAHA!” I laughed, and Dad smiled towards me. He was finally proud that I beat him and I earnt two skill points in the Mental Skill.

HUZZAH, I am half way there to completing my Mental Skill, or as Dad told me;

“You’re half smart now kid!” That man needs some time to think of better jokes. I wonder if I can arrange him some free time from work.

I continued reading Game of Groans, once I got past the WooHoo, (well, I didn’t get past it, Mom burnt the pages.) the book became pretty awesome! Simsei Lannister needs to take a chill pill though.

I thought reading this book could help me run my kingdom, since this book actually about a kingdom, seven infact! I’m learning so much from this book; how to live, the punishments I’ll have to give out, and the castles I will get to live in! Oh yes, I want more than one castle.


Wait, can’t they take me away if I’m insane? The Wonder Princess has to act natural.

When Dad sat down, he took one glance at my book and got back up.

02-16-15_4-16 AM

“Too awkward.” He gasped and turned around. I could see how this entire conversation could’ve been awkward… it might have led onto the WooHoo talk. Talk about destroying my innocence.

I started to give myself Fitness Training to boost up my Motor Skill, as Dad said any Wonder Princess needs to be able to fight her own battles. So, he built us monkey bars and painted it white. And, everyone could probably tell that I was having so much fun on it.

02-16-15_4-20 AM

“I can totally get through this.” I thought to myself, and I giggled. Although, isn’t that the second time I’ve seen that yellow dress lady walk past my house… weird. I could hear Dad’s snoring while I was on the monkey bars, I wonder if any contractors specialize in installing noise cancellation into the walls.

You could practically imagine the ‘ZZZZZ’ coming out of his mouth.

02-16-15_5-11 PM

And so, after getting on my way to become an Active and Smart Wonder Princess, I decided it was time that I spoke to a new friend of mine… Blarffy. Blarffy is my social coach, and my best friend, Blarffy will listen to anything I tell him and he will tell me stuff too!

In the Wonder Kingdom, Blarffy is our Royal Announcer, who also helps me get through the day by organising what I have to do.

02-16-15_5-12 PM

“Hello, Royal Announcer Blarffy!” I greeted him, and I curtseyed towards him. Blarffy smiled and giggled.

“Princess, there was no need for your curtsey! I should be bowing to you.” Although, we both know he couldn’t as Blarffy suffered from CMS, Can’t Move Syndrome.

“I will help you become better again Blarffy.” I whispered as I hugged him. If I’m going to become the Wonder Princess, I have to learn compassion and kindness. Mom says every royal needs it to become the best.

02-16-15_5-13 PM

Maybe that’s why Soffery Maratheon was murdered!

But, CMS was a growing concern to the residents of Wonder Kingdom, and to me. It was happening to all of my friends, and there was no way I could stop it. Although, I’m working on a cure with my laboratory. I wrote down all the symptoms in my workbook.

02-16-15_5-15 PM

Patient No. 5 – Blarffy

Cannot move at all, but can only speak.

Lacks some emotions, also since they can’t move, they seem to be letting everything go… I have to open my door.

Next, I took some of Blarffy’s fluff (a generous donation… right.) and I placed it in a beaker, I poured some chemicals in there to see if the fluff would react to any of them.

02-16-15_5-16 PM

Reaction test to Patient No.5’s Fluff.

Phozone: Nothing

Melacoo: Nothing

Goobleck: Nothing

Alcireat: Nothing

UGH. How can I be a Wonder Princess if I can’t figure out the cure to CMS?! Wait a second… it might be something in the fur! So, I took another… donation of fluff from Blarffy and I analysed it with my microscope.

02-16-15_5-17 PM

Analyzing Patient No.5’s Fluff.

There appears to be little black spots attached onto the white fur. After further inspection and conversations with the patient, it appears that these black spots are not anything we recognise. 

I have taken a sample of these black spots and I wonder what will happen when I experiment with only this.

“Leliana! Time for bed darling!” Mom said as soon as I finished. Oh darn it! I was so close, but I can always continue tomorrow. I should be careful around these black spots though, I could end up with CMS!

I sneaked out of my room soon after to check up on my parents, they were both asleep. Nice!

02-16-15_5-19 PM

I drank a Sleep Replacement Potion that was tucked inside of the fridge, I’ve been drinking a lot of these lately. Maybe I should make a support group for people who have been addicted to these…

I had decided to play an Arithmetic game, since my numbers needed a little work. I booted up the computer, and surprisingly an email popped up.

“leliana, you cannot ignore me. i want to help you, you must find me.”

What? I rubbed my eyes to make sure it was real, but after I rubbed them, the email was gone. I guess I was dreaming. But, that arithmetic game?

02-16-15_5-20 PM-3

Too easy.


23 thoughts on “The Wonder Child – Chapter Ten – CMS

  1. Jes2G says:

    This was SO cute! I love her imaginary world. Why have I never thought to have any of my kids use their imaginations like this?? Probably because I never concentrate on them enough to even create a halfway decent persona for them lol. Oh well. I’ll try it one day. It’s so cool how children use their imaginations to create these worlds, but yet it’s not imaginary to them at all. Great job with this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • winterrising says:

      Thanks, plus this is why I love this challenge so much! It’s about the child and only the child, it gives you time to explore the child’s imagination and give them a world to explore.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jes2G says:

        That’s interesting. Never thought of it that way. I wonder if I could do that. It’s been a while since I was a child, and I’m not around many children. I think I forget what kids are like. When I was a child, I was different. I was very rational and matter-of-factly, you know? I had a great imagination, but I didn’t live in an imaginary world.

        Liked by 1 person

      • winterrising says:

        Same! I never really got to live in an imaginary world during my childhood either, but I’m kind of surrounded by other children (well 1) and along with my imagination, I was able to create this new world for Leliana 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. natashamcb says:

    I love it! I can’t get enough of Leliana and her creative personality. I love that she’s trying to fix “Can’t Move Syndrome” xD
    Is that an actual sims 4 game they have on the sims or did you photoshop that? If not, how do you get it?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jordan says:

    I’m finally reading your Wonder Child legacy–I’ve been really into these lately, and I think I love yours most of all! I love love love the Castle/red room/yellow room/green room thing! I never have super imaginative kids (probably because I left my cool childhood imagination behind in middle school…someone invent a time-machine, please?), but this really makes me want to write about one someday!

    Liked by 1 person

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