The Wonder Child – Chapter Eleven – Forging Alliances

Dad thought it would be good if I practiced my social skills outside of home, and so he shoved me off to the park by myself. Now, I’m not sure if that was smart of Dad, but at least I can gather residents of Wonder Kingdom right here!

I managed to meet two teenagers who were awkwardly standing near each other, they’re perfect to be in my new Kingdom. And so, I challenged the girl teenager to a chess match.

02-17-15_6-51 AM

“So, what are your names?” I asked them, although I hadn’t introduced myself, the Princess should always introduce herself last to the people of her Kingdom. The girl teenager smiled and moved her chess piece.

“My name is Stella Pierce, I think I’ve seen you around school!” Stella introduced herself, and I had seen her too. We’re both in this school partnership programme and although we have different people as our partners, we briefly exchanged glances. Although, it was quite rude of her not to curtsey to her princess.

“Hi Stella and random girl, I’m Nathaniel.” Nathaniel also introduced himself, although I had never seen him, he would make quite the Prince… eh?


I moved my chess piece with a smile.

02-17-15_6-52 AM

“And I’m Princess Leliana Frenlore of the Wonder Kingdom.” I royally introduced myself, and they both bowed/curtseyed to me.


I managed to destroy Stella’s army and claim victory for Wonder Kingdom. Luckily, we managed to forge a truce without me completely overtaking her kingdom. Stellaville will now produce food for the Wonder Kingdom when the time comes.

Also, I noticed that Nathaniel kept looking at Stella.

“Well they are the same age.” I thought to myself.

02-17-15_6-52 AM-2

“So Nathaniel, doesn’t Stella look pretty today?” I asked him. If he wants to be Stella’s boyfriend, he’s going to need all the help he gets. Unfortunately, Nathaniel shrugged and looked to Stella.

“Uh… well… uh… goodbye!” He ran off without saying anything else.

“Coward.” I muttered to myself. Stella looked over at me with a raised eyebrow. If I was going to finish Stellaville’s alliance with Wonder Kingdom, I needed to secure her bloodline.

“That boy wants to be with you… and I know you like him too.” I set the story straight for her, and luckily, Nathaniel came back two minutes later. And that’s where I went crazy…

02-17-15_6-54 AM

“RIGHT, STELLA LIKES NATHANIEL AND NATHANIEL LIKES STELLA.” I shouted to the both of them. Even though Nathaniel was going to become my royal squire, I felt it best if I sent him off to Stellaville to make sure things were running smoothly.

02-17-15_6-54 AM-2

But that isn’t the face a Princess should pull. UGH.

Soon enough, they both confessed their love to each other and rode off into the sunset while leaving behind a sealed letter about our alliance. AWESOME! This’ll look great in the yellow room of my dollhouse, since it also contains my day-to-day tasks, I should be able to check up on my alliances now and then!

Continuing my social-ness, I sat at the chess table waiting for someone to walk along. Then, a lovely yellow-cardigan old lady walked past.

02-17-15_6-58 AM

“Hey Lady! Come play Chess with me so I can annihilate you!” I commanded, she couldn’t refuse the princess.

“Okay, your highness!” Wait, how did she know? Has word spread around the park ALREADY? AWESOME! I invited the old lady, who introduced herself as Pamela, to a chess match. I needed to prove how smart I was to rule as their Princess in order to forge alliances, and proving my intellect to the elders was something that was necessary.

02-17-15_6-58 AM-2

I moved my chess piece, and planned out a few strategies depending on the moves Pamela makes.

“So, what’s it like to be old?” I asked, I needed to know incase I needed to pass the Wonder Kingdom down to it’s successor.

“It’s nice… I get to walk around all day doing nothing until my life ends. It’s peaceful.” Pamela explained. Now that I think about it, being old would feel peaceful and tranquil, you have no worries left in the world and you feel as if since your life is ending, you should live it trying to accomplish your needs.

02-17-15_7-00 AM

We continued to talk about age and the mysteries about it. We also led on to talk about The Maker and how wonderful he might be. The Maker put us on this planet, and he made us live lives.

I would like to meet The Maker some day.

“And you will.” Pamela said to me, and I snapped out of my daydream.

“What?” I replied, and Pamela moved her chess piece.

“We’re all bound to meet the Maker when we die, it’s the natural mystery that surrounds Death.” Pamela explained and I gasped with wonder.

“What about meeting The Maker… before death?” I asked, and Pamela shook her head.

“It’s never been done, or, if it has, we’ve never heard about it.” Pamela further went on. I wonder if I could make contact with The Maker though, he could never refuse contact with the Princess!

02-17-15_7-02 AM

After talking about the Maker, me and Pamela continued on with our little chess game. It was a very hard battle between Wonder Kingdom and Pamela-town, but I needed to secure our alliances with her! As she had a very good lineage, I could secure a very nice alliance with her family.

I moved my chess pieces and she moved hers and…


I was able to get a sealed letter from Pamela, sealing our alliance. People are finally recognising me as their Princess, which is something that was bound to happen.

“Thank you sweet child, you’ve given me a very nice day on this planet.” Pamela told me, and I nodded back towards her.

“No problem Pamela! I have to leave now, Dad’s expecting me back soon!” I said, after checking my phone for messages… Dad was getting very worried. Although, I don’t see why, it was only 4PM.

02-17-15_7-03 AM

As I walked away from Pamela, she looked up to the sky and saw the birds.

“It’s time, eh?” Pamela muttered to herself. I guess it was time for her to bake some pies or something. I’ll see her tomorrow!

02-17-15_7-03 AM-2

Looking back towards Pamela, I smiled. Pamela gave me wisdom that was needed to run Wonder Kingdom, and Pamela-town would be welcomed into the Wonder Kingdom as Royal Advisors to the Princess.

Although, the next day. Pamela wasn’t there anymore, I couldn’t find her anywhere.

I guess she went to meet The Maker.


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