The Wonder Child – Chapter Twelve – Emotion

I came back from the park to discover that my room had an awesome makeover! Dad said that he doesn’t want me to be the stereotypical princess that is in all of the fairy tales and books. Instead, he wants me to be a Princess that can ‘kick butt’ when needed.

I stuck in some pictures below!

02-16-15_5-35 PM

By the door, you can see that there’s my schoolbag, and you can see my Math and English textbooks popping out. School is such a bore though, I can’t wait until I become an exciting adult! Moving on, there’s also a pillar with a vase of roses as well! They came from Mom’s garden, she says that they’ll help me focus as well as providing amazing decoration for my room.

Moving on, you see my Chemistry Table that I’m using to cure CMS for Blarffy, (I haven’t had a chance to try the latest experiment) and a new drawing table! I should talk to Dad about inspiration of what I can draw. Also, there is a Hatsune Miku poster on my wall, she is always super awesome! And I love my rose carpet, I love roses.

02-16-15_5-35 PM-2

On the other side of my room, Blarffy sits right by my bed… and he has a child! Blarffy had a child… BLARFFY HAD A CHILD?! How did this happen? I need to talk to Mom about how bears make babies. I decided to name Blarffy’s child, Gem. Welcome to the Wonder Kingdom, Gem! Gem suffers from CMS like Blarffy, it must pass down by genes as well.

My bed looks nice as well, I especially like the geometric (I think that’s the word) patterns near the end of my bed. There’s also a shelf on the top of the bed which holds my other textbooks for school. And then I have an art piece on the left wall of stars and galaxies. I’m going to build a rocket one day and explore the stars.


02-16-15_5-37 PM

You should’ve seen my face when I saw the room for the first time, Mom and Dad couldn’t stop laughing at me. It was very rude. Dad called me from the kitchen and I turned my head after I finished playing Arithmetic Attack.

02-16-15_5-41 PM

“Yes Dad?!” I shouted the question towards him, the distance would’ve been too far if I had used the normal volume.

“Come here, sweet pea.” Dad responded. Sweet Pea? That’s the first time I’m hearing this, and I’m not liking it. Nevertheless, I walked over to Dad and he was facing the stove.

02-16-15_5-49 PM

“As a Princess, you’ll have to learn how to cook for your guests.” Dad started.

“But I can just have my servants do that for me.” I sighed, although Dad kept going.

“It’s better if it comes from the person themselves, your cooking will help embody yourself into your food.”

“And… Mom is a better cook than you.”

“Still! I’m making breakfast for your mother, and I’m embodying my love for her into my cooking.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet Dad.” I peeked over to the frying pan, and I saw the food. Yeah…

02-16-15_5-49 PM-2

“Hey Dad, is that supposed to be doing that?” I asked and I turned around and walked back to my seat. Dad turned and saw the food, it was burning around the edges.

“SON OF A PLUMBOB!” Dad shouted as he grabbed a spatula and started scraping the food from the frying pan.

02-16-15_5-50 PM

I rolled my eyes.

“Nice cooking, Dad.”

02-16-15_5-50 PM-2

However, lessons with Mom went much more smoothly. She used her Gourmet Cooking skills to create a flavourful meal!

02-16-15_6-07 PM

“Leliana, being a Princess means that you must be prepared for anything and everything. Cooking is a vital part of this. You must feel your food mix and combine with each other, you must feel when the food is just ready. Cooking is about feelings and emotions. You can channel your emotions into your cooking and create anything.” Mom explained, Mom was so much better at explaining cooking than Dad. Of course, Mom being an expert in cooking, she was able to do everything!

Of course, when I tried to take a photo of the food that Mom made for inspiration, but she was a tad camera shy.

02-16-15_6-09 PM

But, then I remembered I had homework to do… PLUMBOB (I’m sorry Mom!). So, I rushed upstairs and grabbed my homework book. Although, all of the other textbooks fell down and hit my head. OUCH.

So, I picked them all back up and placed them on the shelf. Running downstairs, I jumped off the stairs and landed in the chair.

“How did you do that?” Athena asked.

“The Maker and I are pals.” I replied, even though my attempts to contact The Maker have been unsuccessful. I opened my homework book to find a note sticking out, and then I read it.

Leliana, you need to find me. you have to find me.

This person needs to seriously leave me alone, I bet it’s that kid next door still. He must have a crush on me or something. Ugh, so frustrating. Either way, I continued on with my homework.

02-16-15_6-13 PM

“In conclusion, I believe Goobleck should be used in schools because they provide fun lessons and interesting experiments for students to enjoy… DONE!” I muttered to myself as I slammed the book shut. I wiped my forehead as I walked up the stairs. Dad passed me on my way up and I saw him pick up a book and put it away.

Although, he was walking with what I would describe it as… swagger?

02-16-15_6-14 PM

I walked downstairs, and I met Dad in the hallway by the door.

“Hey Dad, let’s talk!” I shouted at him, and he stopped as we started to engage in a conversation.

02-16-15_6-19 PM

“So Dad, I’ve been wanting to pursue the Creativity Skill but, whenever I try to draw I can’t think of anything.” I confessed, Dad patted me on the shoulder and guided me inside to the table.

02-16-15_6-20 PM

“Princess,” (finally he got it right) “I can’t tell you what you need for inspiration, but you can use your past experiences and emotions to help you create something wonderful.” Dad really knew how to explain it clearly to me. Today, I’ve learnt that my emotions can influence everything and anything I make.

In Wonder Kingdom, I can let my emotions influence the way I rule, but sometimes I have to shut those emotions out and do what is right for my Kingdom. And I have an awesome drawing idea!

02-16-15_6-23 PM

And so I drew it. And I showed it to Dad and Mom, who thought it was amazing! They put it up on the wall.

02-16-15_7-52 PM

This picture is of two trees. This picture is of my Mom and Dad, strong and bold who can do anything and everything to ensure I have the best life.

There is also a sun. There is also me, who shines brightly and provides light and provides life for the two trees, my two parents, who teach me everything I need to know.

I am living a really nice life. Although, when I’m a young adult, it will come to an end.


25 thoughts on “The Wonder Child – Chapter Twelve – Emotion

    • winterrising says:

      Ahhh! Yeah, I think that hair color is useful when showing a transition phase between adult to elder, although it would really only work with dark hair colors, like brown and black.


  1. natashamcb says:

    Loved these last few chapters. It seems like our wonder princess is so thoughtful, analyzing life and people around her. I wonder if the girl from the news is leaving the notes somehow? I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jordan says:

    I like the room make-over — I feel like it will be easier to transition into a ‘teen’ room when the time comes. I feel like teen rooms are so hard to design (yet I am a teen? Then again, my own room looks like someone *tried* to make it look cool and modern, but a lazy hippie moved in and hasn’t left it for weeks…yeah).

    Lol — love the part about Blarffy’s “child.” Adorable. x)

    Liked by 1 person

      • Jordan says:

        I’m so bad about rebuilding my legacy house *way too often*…like, I can’t just redecorate a room, I have to bulldoze the entire lot and start over. It’s really becoming a problem. You know how most legacy families usually have like hundreds of thousands saved up by gen 4 or 5? Yeah, I’m still running on a generation 1 kind of budget because of that damn house. I need a Fabulously Wealthy Sim to help me get my finances in order. Dx

        Liked by 1 person

      • SummerFalls says:

        LOL, I’ll probably be the same when I start my legacy story. Although, I’m hoping I can fit what I want on the size lot that they live on.


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