The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirteen – Getting Nowhere

I was sleeping peacefully in my bed, with the danger of the shelf falling down and causing some kind of damage. The voice hadn’t talked to me for the past couple of days, and I finally thought it was over. Although, the boy who lives next door didn’t have a clue what I was talking about when I mentioned the voice inside my head.

Of course, it makes me look insane. How would it not? I hear a voice inside my head which I can’t control telling me to do things or find things that I have no clue what they’re going on about. I thought tonight I would finally get some peace. But, I heard it again.

02-16-15_6-26 PM

“Leliana, you are in danger. you need to look at the tree.”

What tree? What am I supposed to be looking at? I got up from my bed and walked into Mom and Dad’s bedroom, they were both sound asleep in their beds. They both looked so peaceful, I couldn’t disturb that.

02-16-15_6-26 PM-2

So, I walked back into my room and crawled back into bed and thought about all the possibilities of the universe. It was quite nice, and… new. I felt really refreshed when I woke up the next morning. I managed to pack my bag with my books (I had Math today, ugh.), and leave with a huge smile on my face! I guess I don’t have anything to worry about at all. But, I really would like an adventure.

02-16-15_6-32 PM

Of course, today I was going to rock the school world and upgrade my grade from a C to a B. As a Wonder Princess, it is my sole duty to make sure that I am the best of the best. I have to make sure that I am both intelligent but popular at the same time, which people may find difficult. However, for someone as amazing as myself, it’s no problem!

After school, I returned home. Mom had no work today, so she decided to do a little bit of house maintenance. First, she fixed the broken stereo since someone in the house keeps turning it on… but we don’t know who!

02-16-15_6-34 PM

“Orion honey, can you pass me the extra screws that are in the drawer?” Mom requested of Dad and he placed them on the table with no hassle at all. Their relationship is great.

“They’re on the table Athena.” Dad replied as he continued on with his business reports, he was told that the Government were getting poorer and poorer, they were pouring all of their money into a new project that no one knows about. Eh, it must be interesting.

I followed Mom outside who was finishing off sending the latest email to the Government about my progress as a Wonder Child.

02-16-15_6-36 PM

She refuses to send Wonder Princess to the Government, but I easily hack into her emails and change it around! Mom must learn that if I’m going to be recognised as a Wonder Princess, I need EVERYONE to know who I am.

When Mom turned around, she almost died of shock when she saw the garden. Yeah… it had a bit of weeds and was almost dying but it wasn’t THAT bad. Mom rushed over straight away and started whispering to the plants.

“It’s okay my darlings, you’ll feel all better soon.” She whispered.

And I’m the insane one.

Athena started to tend to her plants, nevertheless. It was useful watching Mom tend these plants, as I will probably have to take care of these one day to boost up my skill in Gardening.

02-16-15_6-37 PM

Mom watered and weeded the plants in little to no time at all. She also decided to fertilize the plants with some excellent quality plants she found at the Community Garden. Once they were ready to harvest, I took a couple of harvestables from her garden and ran upstairs into my bedroom, where I was able to continue my experiments on CMS.

I had progressed up to the point where I had discovered black spots within Blarffy’s Fur and I had collected a sample from it. I concocted (a new word!) a new mixture with the Black Spots contained inside, with a mixture of herbs and fruits.

02-16-15_6-45 PM

With Blarffy’s fur in the beaker, I poured the green liquid inside the beaker and waited.

Observations from Experiment:

02-16-15_6-49 PM

After watching the Fur for several minutes, I have witnessed no change in movement. But, the solution has changed in colour and has started to produce an odour… which means my experiments have failed. However, this Wonder Princess will not give up in trying to restore my citizens from the cruel effects of CMS!

I decided to try again, but this time, I think I’ll add in a little more Phozone and Goobleck to my experiment. So, I added in the mixture once more to the fur. I had to make sure that it was the exact amount that was needed for this experiment to make sure that it was not going to fail.

02-16-15_7-30 PM

I then took five milli-bobs of Phozone and dropped it into the beaker. Of course, being the Wonder Princess, I have to have some kind of amazing phrase when doing something awesome.

“In goes the Phozone!” I shouted, and  I dropped it in.

02-16-15_7-32 PM

It emitted a kind of yellow-green cloud after I dropped it in… however there was no bad smell! I think I’m actually leading somewhere. The experiment was not over yet though, I still had to put in the ten milli-bobs of Goobleck.

“GOOBLECK, DROPPING IN!” My signature grin was on as well.

02-16-15_7-33 PM

After mixing it several times, I managed to make a silvery solution. I inspected it carefully, wondering what it could possibly be. I would have to test it out on Blarffy, since he wants to be tested now. Mom came in soon after and I held the silvery solution in hand.

02-16-15_7-34 PM

“Hey Mom, look what I made!” I showed it to her and she smiled brightly. I think she was proud of my accomplishments.

“That’s wonderful darling! I can’t believe you’re managing to make potions already!” Mom said to me, although I was a bit confused at the word potions.

“Potions?” I investigated.

“Potions are liquids with have either benefits or consequences to the user who consumes them. You’ve made a Health Potion! That’ll help heal you.” Mom explained and I jumped with joy.

“A HEALTH POTION?! I CAN HELP BLARFFY NOW! THANKS MOM!” I hugged her and ushered her out of my bedroom. I walked over to Blarffy and smiled, the CMS has now affected his talking and he talk talk anymore. Nevertheless, I had him… drink the potion. I closed my eyes.

02-16-15_7-37 PM

“Please let this work.” I muttered to myself as I poured it in. I watched him and…


02-16-15_7-37 PM-2

I watched and watched, but there was no change in his movement. I became enraged, all my efforts went to NOTHING! I couldn’t believe it!

02-16-15_7-38 PM

“You know what? I’m absolutely annoyed! I worked my butt off to try and get this cure working and nothing has worked so far! It’s so frustrating!” I vented my anger to Blarffy, although it didn’t stop there.

02-16-15_10-17 PM

“You see, as a Wonder Princess, I’m supposed to be doing everything as a Whiz Kid. But, how can I be a plumbobbing Wonder Princess when I can’t even cure a disease?! It makes me feel like I’m a worthless sim, not even able to be wonderful.” I continued, and then I did the worst thing possible.

02-16-15_10-18 PM

“THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!” I shouted to Blarffy, and when I was just about to continue…

02-16-15_10-18 PM-2

“I’m sorry.” Blarffy muttered.


10 thoughts on “The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirteen – Getting Nowhere

  1. Jordan says:

    For about 2.5 seconds I was totally expecting Blarffy to “magically” turn into a child boy Sim, then he and Leliana would autonomously hug and be best friends forever who grow up together and eventually fall in love and he would be her Wonder Prince and they would live happily ever after. Yeah.

    *cough* I’ve never been a very “girlie girl,” so I have no idea where that came from. I mean, when I was a little kid, I spent more time building my own dollhouse than I did playing with the dolls. (My dad got me a power drill for my Christmas when I was like 10.)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. lovesstorms says:

    He spoke! Only a little though. Hmmm….I wonder what that will mean. The government is definitely having major issues. Wow. I hope they can figure out what to do about it. The Wonder Princess is on her way to becoming a celebrity. She’d better watch herself. Sometimes that isn’t easy. Will continue later. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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