Meeting Yourself Pt.1

“I have arrived at Oasis Springs, but I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing here… or how I got here.” Of course, I thought it would be best to check my phone for any new messages. I like talking to people electronically instead of in person, it makes me much more… comfortable.

02-22-15_1-29 AM

And, I couldn’t wait to find someone to socialize with, since I had just spent a while somewhere and I needed someone to make sure I wasn’t mad!

“Hi there! I’m Joel Rochdale.” I put on a smile because people like smiles, see?

02-22-15_1-32 AM

I adore smiles. Smiles, smiles, smiles! Of course, the person I was socializing with was so boring and kept going on about some stupid dog that got stuck up a tree, I had to say something.

“Can we talk about something else? This topic brings back bad memories.” The smile, I used it again to ensure success.

02-22-15_1-32 AM-2

Unfortunately, this man wasn’t catching onto my vibe and suddenly got very defensive. I mean, I only asked if we could stop talking about a dog! He was sucking up all my energy anyways, and I didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

02-22-15_1-33 AM

“I left cookies in the oven! Fingersnaps, I have to go home!” I ran home as fast as a galloping llama. Never again will I socialize with someone in this town. I’ll email them first. But, I stared at my empty lot and became very sad that there was nothing on it. I arrived at this place with nothing but my phone.

02-22-15_1-34 AM

Maybe I can help.

“Who said that?” I thought. I looked around and saw no one.

I did! There’s no reason to look around, you can’t see me.

“Wait, this person can read my mind?”

Yes, I can a little. Now get a grip, I have things to tell you!

“Just look to the side Joel, pretend you’re not hearing anything.”

02-22-15_1-35 AM

I’m still here you know. Looking to the side isn’t going to help.

“Oh… right. So, who are you, Mr Invisible Voice?”

I’m you! Well, the human version of you.

“Human? What’s a human?”

It’s like a sim, but real.

“Real? I am real.”

Sadly, you’re not. Look above your head.

02-22-15_1-35 AM-2

I did what he told me, I looked up. And there was a weird object above my head.

02-22-15_1-38 AM

“Woah, what’s that?”

That’s a plumbob, not the swear word. It allows the player to know that they’re controlling you.

“Controlling me?! I’m being controlled?” I couldn’t believe it! I thought all of my decisions were my own, and now I’m only hearing that they’ve been made for me by some person who is me!

Yes! If you haven’t figured it out already, I was the person who made you. You’re a computer-pixelated sim in the game, The Sims 4.

I’m not an actual person, but some computer generated character?! It was a lot to take in, and I was going to have to try and get used to this idea. Still, this guy taught me a lot about everything and made me a G.A.S, which stands for Game-Aware Sim. I can’t believe it, but at the same time, it’s brilliant! I make a mistake, then I can just be reloaded and no one, even me, will not know about it!

02-22-15_1-39 AM

“So, I just do this and…?”

Let me just get into Buy Mode, one second please.

“Okay!” And the strangest thing happened. Items materialized in front of me, like ‘BAM ITEMS!’

02-22-15_1-44 AM

“So, is this to help me with my writing? Because, you know that I do love to write.” I asked Mr Player. I didn’t want to call him Joel, it would feel too weird.

Yes! You need to write, but you should search the internet first. There’s something I want you to see.

I sat down at the computer, as he instructed me to. It probably told him on his action bar that I was going to sit here anyway, so he wasn’t surprised. Plus, this little plumbob thing on top of my head is kind of persuasive when it comes to doing things.

02-22-15_1-45 AM

Hey, look at the camera for me! Show the camera some love.

02-22-15_1-46 AM

“Like this?” Honestly, what was I doing?


I returned to use the computer to search the internet, there was various things on here from legacies to challenge stories. Apparently, people like to host more than one story at a time!

02-22-15_1-48 AM-2

“What is this? Simposium for Game-Aware Sims?” I was intrigued, I had found this website from a lady named ARoseInBloom. She and a couple of other simmers had set up an event with their game awate sims to invite other game aware sims!

You should go! I’ll send you through the Gallery.

“The what?!” Apparently, the Gallery is where sims are uploaded and downloaded into people’s games… interesting. I got right into the application forms, and I signed up for some sessions that I thought I found intriguing.

02-22-15_1-48 AM-3

You’ve earnt yourself a bed! Although, when this is all over, we’re starting this world again. Don’t worry though, I’ll make sure your memories aren’t wiped!

“Okay… but a bed!” I sprang up from my computer and ran over to the side of the lot where I found the bed in place.

02-22-15_1-50 AM

I couldn’t resist it, I just had to sleep in it right then.

02-22-15_1-51 AM

HEY! Don’t go to sleep! Your energy bar is way full, there’s no need to be sleeping! Don’t you ignore me. WAKE UP!

I’m guessing The Player then cancelled my sleeping action because I suddenly felt the urge to get up from my bed and make it.

“Thanks for that.” I muttered and I stood beside my bed.

02-22-15_1-53 AM

 No problem. You need to start getting ready for S-GAS anyways, you have to prepare to leave.

“Are you sure you’re just not shipping me out of your game?”

No, I like you because you’re me!

“Ahhh ok.” I returned to the computer soon after, where I looked up the term, ‘Simselves’. I wanted to know exactly what I was before I make a big proclamation about it in this S-GAS event.

02-22-15_1-54 AM-2

After quick searches, I found a website that showed a definition of simselves! I was so excited to see how amazing I am to the simming community!

“A Simself is a replica of a player, by which they are everything that a player resembles. Simselves are basically versions of the player within the game and are nothing different from the player at all. That’s if you make them right, of course.”

Wait, so I have NO individuality?! I’m not a person, but just a copy of someone else? I don’t think my own thoughts, but the players thoughts?! BEING A SIMSELF SUCKS. I scratched my head with many thoughts clouding my mind.

02-22-15_1-55 AM

“I’m going on a run.”

Ok. Let me set that up for you… there!

I’m going to confront him tomorrow morning.

02-22-15_2-01 AM


10 thoughts on “Meeting Yourself Pt.1

    • cathytea says:

      Dearheart, you’re twice as old as SummerFalls–but nearly half as old as me! 🙂 Still young enough to be considered a pup, and old enough to JUST be starting to grow into your natural wisdom… Now, Joel has many, many years before he grows into his native wisdom!

      Liked by 2 people

  1. cathytea says:

    So sweet! At the Transform thread, Joel (and the other participants) will learn that they ARE real. They are real Sims, composed of energy and space, much like we FleshSims are composed of energy and space (and carbon-based matter).

    Liked by 1 person

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