The Wonder Child – Chapter Fifteen – Checkmate

02-16-15_6-47 PM


Mom thought it would be nice if she invited some of her’s and dad’s friends over for a bit of a socialization. I was all up for meeting new people, and I was certainly not disappointed! Mom invited over Nina Caliente who was a huge hit back in the park. Everyone knew her and her rumours spread like wildfire around the place. I heard that Strawberries are the new Freezer Bunnies, not that I believe it, of course.

Dad’s friend was running a tad late, but it didn’t take him long to appear at the door to greet Dad and have him invite his friend inside.

02-16-15_7-06 PM

“Matthew!” Dad called out to him, they both gave each other a welcoming hug and soon ventured inside. Like any normal house guest, Matthew made himself comfortable on our family’s computer. He seemed to be playing a game called Sims Forever, I haven’t even played that yet! He also then moved onto searching up the Government and stuff, I didn’t really pay any attention.

02-16-15_7-07 PM

“So, that’s what they’ve been up to.” Matthew muttered. At least, that’s what I think he muttered. My spy listening has been a bit poorer lately, but it still does beat a dog’s nose!

Speaking of the Government, they’ve been emailing Mom more recently lately about me. They want to know when my birthday is, and give an expected date for my recruitment into the Government. Honestly, I don’t want to work for the Government, I want to rule a Wonder Kingdom as it’s Princess. I don’t want to be a Government Worker, I want to be what I want to be, not something that is chosen for me.

Mom also decided to make food, because she had guests over. FINALLY, I’ve been getting sick of yoghurt.

02-16-15_7-09 PM

“Chop tomatoes, steam pasta and then add extra spices. You can do it Athena!” Mom told herself. She’s been getting more and more crazy lately, I think she’s getting old. Although, whenever I bring the subject up around her, she ushers me out of the current room and starts to scream about getting old. Poor Mom.

Still, Mom can make pretty awesome food when she puts her mind to it. Her pasta surprise was amazing tonight! Dad enjoyed it too, although he’s getting back pains from the stress at his workplace. Poor Dad.

02-16-15_7-11 PM

Although, Nina Caliente didn’t stop herself from strutting her stuff around the place. I’m supposed to be the important one here! I decided to leave the house for a bit and sit down at the chess table for a game by myself. That was, until I was joined by Matthew.

02-16-15_7-19 PM-2

“Hey there, Princess Leliana.” Matthew said. Even he knows that I’m a Princess, this is awesome!

“Hey Matthew! You’re my Godfather, aren’t you?” I asked him. Dad or Mom never really mentioned my Godparents to me, but I guess Nina and Matthew would make good ones.

“If that’s what makes you happy, kiddo.” Matthew agreed, and I moved my chess piece forward.

02-16-15_7-13 PM

“Nice move, Princess Leliana. But you won’t beat the United Nations of Millard!” Matthew cheered and he moved his chess piece to another square that was not in my original plan. Farkle nuts! I can’t win without sacrificing my queen.

“Would you be able to sacrifice your queen?” Matthew asked, “Would you be able to sacrifice your queen, if it meant winning to you?”

I heavily considered this in that moment, looking for other routes out of the place, but there was no escape. But, luckily I had a pawn just before knighthood! So, I sacrificed my queen, knighted my pawn.

“Yes and no.” I replied with a smile, and the game continued. Matthew sighed with great sarcasm in his breath, cheeky!

02-16-15_7-16 PM

“I hear the Government are still looking into the death of Danielle Lakewater.” Matthew uttered as he placed his chess piece down. I never really watched the news surrounding that case, but Mom says that Danielle’s body was cremated.

“I guess, it’s pretty sad about what happened to her though.” I mentioned. I at least had to say something to break the silence.

“Yeah, she has amazing gifts and talents, she even loved to write.” Matthew smiled at me with his great big eyes.

“You knew her?” Poking his brain, like I usually do with my victims friends.

02-16-15_7-17 PM

“Yeah, we’re good friends.” Matthew said, but before I could say anymore, Dad came out and continued watching our game.

“What were you talking about?” Dad asked, and I smiled at him.

“Dead people. I see them.” I told him. He glared at Matthew.

02-16-15_7-18 PM

“I hope you’re not telling her anything weird.” He told Matthew and Matthew nodded his head slowly.

“Alright. Oh, and Check.” Matthew pressed his hand on the timer as it was my turn to make a move.

A few moves later, and I won! Checkmate.

“It looks as if the United Nations of Millard will have to join the alliance of The Wonder Kingdom.” I cheered and celebrated.

“Of course. But, The Wonder Kingdom is independent right?” Matthew inquired and I nodded. He agreed to then join, and I collected a sealed letter from him. I should put these in a new room in my dollhouse… maybe the blue room? I’ll have to try and figure something out.

02-16-15_7-20 PM

“Goodnight!” I joyfully said as I walked inside the house.

“Goodnight, little princess.” Matthew smiled as he left.

02-16-15_10-14 PM

“DAD, HOW COULDN’T YOU TELL ME I HAD HOMEWORK?!” I shouted at him the next morning, he usually reminds me about these things. Dad sighed and sat down on the chair.

“I’m sorry Princess, but your dad has been a bit forgetful lately. I’m really sorry.” Dad sighed again. I keep forgetting that he’s getting old and he will soon depart this world. It’s a bit sad for a child to think about, but I may have to live on my own and/or live with the grief of death.

“I don’t want you to ever leave me Dad.” I confessed.

02-16-15_10-14 PM-2

“That’s really sweet, but I have to leave for work.” Dad said and he got up and left. Well, so much for being cute and innocent. Although, he did seem to feel more confident about leaving me with a ton of money. I could see it in the way he was walking out the door just now.

02-16-15_7-42 PM

As for me, I was determined to get an A today. I had completed my homework and done a ton of extra credit. It was my day today, and if it wasn’t, I was going to make it my day.

02-16-15_10-31 PM

I got that A.

02-16-15_10-40 PM

And I got a hug from Mom after telling her the news. Life is super awesome!




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