The Wonder Child – Chapter Sixteen – Makin’ Memories

02-16-15_10-44 PM

Dad came home in a very happy mood. When I saw him come out of his carpool, the brightest smile beamed on his face as he walked down to the house. Dad did that awkward confident walk he does when he’s excited to tell Mom something. So, it didn’t come as a surprise to her when he walked into the living room and said;

“Honeeeey! I have something super awesome to tell you, and when I do you’ll be jumping around and celebrating!”

“What is it?” Mom asked. Although, by the look of his new suit, I think I already knew what the answer was.

02-16-15_10-46 PM

“I GOT THE PROMOTION!” Dad shouted and Mom sprung up from her chair.

“YOU GOT THE PROMOTION?!” Mom didn’t seem to believe the news. I rolled my eyes as they started to cheer and celebrate. They were even hugging each other and cheering;

“ORION GOT THE PROMOTION! DADDY GOT THE PROMOTION!” Seriously, sometimes it’s like I’m the adult around here. Dad went upstairs to get changed into more comfortable clothes while Mom sat down at the sofa again.

When Dad came back downstairs, Mom turned off the TV and began to speak to Dad in a much more calmer tone.

02-16-15_10-46 PM-2

“So, how much are they paying you now?” Mom wondered. Although money was important, Mom only wanted to know because she wanted to see if she could go on that spa weekend with Nina Caliente. I saw the pamphlet, Mom.

“I currently earn just a little over $2000 a day now, so we’ll be able to move, or even upgrade the house soon!” Dad replied and Mom gave a silent victory smile. Dad led Mom to the Kitchen where he wanted to speak with her, it sounded important.

02-16-15_10-50 PM

“Listen first.” Dad ordered. Mom looked worried, but she nodded anyways. “We both know that I’m going to turn old before you, with my birthday coming up. I know I won’t be how I used to be, but I’ll try my best to be the best husband to you. I want us to preserve the memories we have now so that we can always feel young. On the inside, and also on the outside, because that’s all that matters. I love you Athena, so you need to do one thing for me.”

Mom stood here, awestruck by the words Dad said. I was kind of amazed myself, Dad had never said these type of words before and it was amazing to see him say them! Nevertheless, Mom continued on the conversation.

02-16-15_10-50 PM-2

“And, what exactly do you want me to do?” Mom asked. I went up to the bedroom to start my drawing, but Mom and Dad followed me too after. Mom took out her phone and positioned it so the front facing camera would face her and Dad.

“Say Selfie!” Mom cheered.

“SELFIE!” Mom and Dad shouted in unison.

02-16-15_10-51 PM

Meanwhile, I was busy drawing a nice picture on the drawing table. I was inspired by Dad’s sudden outburst of smart words.

02-16-15_10-52 PM

I do think the picture came out well on Mom’s phone though, it really captures the essence and the memories the both of them have collected together. It’s also a very nice wall display some day.

Speaking of wall displays, the drawing I recently drew was put up on the wall! I really like the way these drawings are turning out, although I don’t know how I would interpret this one. Maybe I can give it a try? Because everything starts with an attempt to do something.

02-16-15_10-58 PM

So, Mr Macaroni Tractor is plowing the land ready for the harvest. With a blue sky and white macaroni clouds. There’s also an orange macaroni sun. People in the art world like to interpret paintings to other meanings, I guess this painting could represent the Government is getting ready to harvest me… or rather their Wonder Child.

I don’t what to think bad thoughts. Instead, I walked back up to my bedroom and started playing with my toys. I picked up a superheroine and started to fly her around.

“I am Wonder Sim and I protect the Wonder Kingdom!” She shouted and she flew through the air…

02-16-15_11-13 PM

…and right into my eye. By this point, I learnt that Wonder Sim had been replaced by Villain Man! But, my eye was still hurting.

Luckily, when you have a dad who is the best at hugs, it heals any injury.

02-16-15_10-56 PM

“Are you okay now, Princess?” Dad asked and I nodded my head.

“Yeah, I’m feeling all better now. Thanks Dad!” I knew his birthday was soon, and I thought I should make him happy rather than making him sadder.

02-16-15_10-57 PM

“Hey Dad! I maxed out my Mental Skill! I only have Creativity and Motor to go.” I laid down the good news on him really well.

“That’s my girl! Well done, Leliana!” Dad congratulated me, and he went downstairs to tell Mom. Of course, it was that day of the week where Mom had to send an email to the Government detailing them about my recent achievements.

02-16-15_11-10 PM

“Oh plumbob, I hate doing these emails.” Mom muttered to herself, I’ll forgive her french. Nevertheless, she started to type her letter.

Dear Government People,

Leliana is developing really well. She’s become more socially and mentally adept in her situations is and is slowly growing to become more creatively and physically adept. I can safely predict that she’ll be ready for her teenager phase soon. But, can I just comment how awkward this is? I mean, I don’t want to be sending emails, I am a social person! Can’t a government agent just come down and talk to us? 

Still, we’re all aging up this week, which is something to look forward to.

P.S Can we PLEASE have some security in the park? My friend Jessica told me about Leliana sneaking out to meet boys, BOYS! You need to stop her, because she could become distracted. 

P.P.S Do you have to take her away?

Yours sincerely, 
Athena Frenlore – Wonder Queen

02-16-15_11-15 PM

Later on, I started to work with my Violin, and I played some music for Blarffy. I’m going to try and work on a National Anthem for the Wonder Kingdom, because I don’t think ‘Simalicious’ will work. And also, a bit of a national dance too!

02-17-15_12-26 AM

While I was downstairs, Mom started to work on some food for dinner. Since she recently was awarded the Master of Cooking award, she’s putting in all fancy moves into her cooking. It’s entertaining to watch, but sometimes she tends to overdo it.

“I AM THE BEST COOK IN THE WORLD!” She shouted as she stirred the bowl on it’s side.

02-16-15_11-32 PM-2

“STIR IT ATHENA, PUSH IT TO THE PEDAL.” I think Mom might need some counselling, I’m seriously worried. At least the pasta she made was super good.

I love the memories we’re all forming. Dad and Mom with the photo, and me with this journal. Although, this journal could never get published, or even leave my possession.

Living a life of secrets is hard. But at least I can dance through it!

02-17-15_12-24 AM


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