The Wonder Child – Chapter Eighteen – Positive

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“HYAH!” Dad shouted as he imagined he was in a game of Table Tennis. He had picked up the hobby from Matthew, who had recently been selected to participate in a Table Tennis Tournament. Even though it was very good that Dad was getting more into a sport, I was worried that he was going to overexert himself and die.

My collection of photos had also grew! It went from three pictures to five pictures. Dad says that he’s very proud that I’m pursuing my creative mind but Mom says that I should be telling her about these boys I’ve been meeting. I don’t even talk to them anymore!

02-17-15_12-44 AM

In the bottom row in the left column, there is a picture of Me and Mom. Mom is holding her cooking spatula, while I’m looking at her and learning about cooking. What’s different is that we’re both in a barbeque, and that we’re surrounded by the sky.

02-17-15_12-46 AM-2

Mom came home soon enough, and she had something she wanted to talk to Dad about. After trying to make sure I was in my room, she went downstairs to talk to Dad… and I listened in.

“Hey Sweetie!” Dad called out to Mom as he kissed her on the cheek. Mom smiled and held his hand, it sounded as if she took a deep breath before speaking.

“Listen. I want another child.” Mom stated. WHAT?! ANOTHER ONE?! I’m all for the idea, but Dad just seemed to awkwardly laugh at the entire situation. I don’t think he was pleased…

02-17-15_12-48 AM

“Is the bad coffee making you loopy again?” Dad asked Mom… wrong move! Mom slapped Dad’s shoulder and resumed talking.

“NO! Listen. I know Leliana is growing up now, and she’s becoming a teenager, but she won’t be here forever. As her mother, I feel really distraught about giving her up to the Government. But, I want a new child, I want to care for a child again and teach it about the world. This is like the time when you asked about the selfie. I want more lines to our legacy.” Again, now both of my parents have made me speechless.

I didn’t hear anything from Dad, so I presumed he was thinking about what Mom was suggesting.

02-17-15_12-48 AM-2

“Okay then. I’m ready now if you are.” Dad said, and he led Mom up the stairs where they went into the bedroom and shut the door. It became very noisy afterwards because Mom and Dad started wrestling each other, and I saw hearts come out of the room.

02-17-15_12-49 AM

When I left my bedroom to go get some yoghurt, I walked past the room where I looked at the door. Of course, learning about the mysteries of life was something the Wonder Princess would have to learn. I’d have to make heirs of course!

02-17-15_12-51 AM

“So that’s how babies are made!” I realised and I went to go get my yoghurt. After I came upstairs, placed the yoghurt in the bedroom and went out to go to the bathroom, the wrestling had stopped. Dad soon came out of the room where he saw me near the door. He stared at me for a couple of moments before crouching down to me.

“Hey Princess.” Dad greeted me, as he hugged me.

02-17-15_12-52 AM

“Hey Dad! So what were you doing with Mom?” I asked, I wanted to know if he would actually tell me the truth or not.

“Me and your Mom were rearranging furniture, but then she hated it so we moved it all back.” He made up an excuse! Of course, I had to lay down the actual truth on him.

“Dad, give it up. I know what you and Mom were doing. I heard the screaming.” I exposed the truth to him, and the face I pulled was perfect.

02-17-15_12-53 AM

Suddenly, Dad entered a moment of Horror, as he covered his face with his hands.

“What have we done?! Oh my Maker.” He suffered his fate.

02-17-15_12-53 AM-2

“It’s okay Dad. It’s a natural game of life. Wrestling isn’t all that bad!” I said, and Dad came out of his Horror moment and laughed quite badly.

“Hahahaha, yeah… Wrestling!” Dad giggled and then walked down the stairs. Maybe I was wrong about the entire wrestling thing, I should consult the internet to see how babies are made.

Meanwhile, Mom was in the bathroom again. She had seemed very excited about something.

02-17-15_12-55 AM

“Time to check the test! Oh, I should move my head out of the way.” Mom then looked down at the test, I guess because she shouted.

“POSITIVE!” Mom’s pregnant? Of course she is, because the confetti was shot out of the test soon afterwards. And when I opened the door, Mom walked out with swagger.

02-17-15_12-55 AM-2

“I’m pregnant! Oh yeah!” Mom cheered, and when she walked out, she couldn’t wait to tell Dad the news. As usual, I had chores to do and cleaning was one of the ones I hated. But, I could still see Mom tell Dad the exciting news!

02-17-15_12-57 AM-2

“Honey! Baby number two is on it’s way!” Mom broke the news to Dad and he cheered, although he had something on his mind.

“But, what if it’s twins or even triplets?!” Dad exclaimed and Mom brushed her shoulder.

“The more the merrier.” Mom giggled, and then started to dance with Dad. I also went to the bathroom to wash the dishes since the sink in the kitchen was currently broken. There I thought about the brother or sister that I’ll soon have, but then it hit me.

02-17-15_12-59 AM

“Mom and Dad didn’t want to have me, they were ordered to have me. But this child is something they want, which will mean that they will love this child even more because this child is something that they’ve wanted. I’m just a product of a government experiment. They were forced to have me.” I soon came to the realisation that I’m only an extra in the household, I may be the Wonder Princess, but I am not worthy of being the queen.

But, maybe they did want to have me! I’m just so unsure. I wonder if Dad will tell me if I ask him.

02-17-15_1-00 AM

I started to walk upstairs when another message was given to me from that mysterious person.

“Leliana, they did want you. Even though this Government thing is all one big mess, the fact that you’re born will never change. Orion and Athena love you very much, and even if this Government thing didn’t exist, I bet they would’ve loved each other anyway. And you would’ve still been born. like my parents, they loved me and they never stopped loving me, even in their deaths. But still, you need to find me. 
Time. Is. Running. Out.”

Ok, mysterious person reassured me! But, it’s sad that their parent’s died. I headed to my dollhouse afterwards, and recorded the message the voice told me and placed it in my Red Room.

And then I watched my parents dance. I’m glad that I’m their daughter, I don’t want to let them down. I need to take care of my new sibling, I’m their protector.

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10 thoughts on “The Wonder Child – Chapter Eighteen – Positive

  1. Jes2G says:

    So many different thoughts on this one! At first I laughed because both of our kids had similar experiences today. Then I snorted at Leliana because she’s so freakin’ nosey, but then again she has to be…she’s the narrator! lol, and then I felt sorry for her because she felt unwanted for a second. And THEN…then I felt confident because this latest note made my hypothesis about the mysterious voice stronger. So, I will tell you who I think it is. [ahem] I think the voice is that dead girl from the news! Forgot her name. Who else can write notes quickly and speak to her without being seen but a ghost? Amirite? lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jordan says:

    Ooo, now that Jes2G brought that up, it makes me wonder if Danielle was suppose to be the government’s Wonder Child but ended up rebelling, and the government killed her to keep her quite about the project. Maybe she’s back in ghost form to help Leliana. (I’d say the government is at least somewhat corrupt if they force partnerships and births for their own personal gain.)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. carewren123 says:

    I had similar thoughts about this chapter too!!!

    Man, I’d fallen pretty far behind in reading over the last week. I’m catching up now. Love all the updates I missed, even though I didn’t stop to comment as I was reading though until now 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • SummerFalls says:

      Hehe, thanks! I can’t wait to play my gamesave this week, because I’ll be playing the last part of the wonder child challenge 😀


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