The Wonder Child – Chapter Twenty-One – Arrival

02-17-15_7-43 AM

WOAH MOMMA GREW! Mom’s stomach grew so much over the past couple of days, I believe it’s a fast growth. At least, that’s what the doctor said. Apparently, Mom will give birth soon which is really encouraging, and hopefully I’ll be able to get a new brother or sister soon!

Dad also seemed to notice as he was right beside Mom when he walked out of the bathroom.

02-17-15_7-44 AM

“Hey Honey! The baby should be arriving soon!” Dad cheered to Mom, but she just smiled and continued to walk outside.

“Yeah…” Came the delayed reply from Mom, where she then went outside to the garden. Dad scratched his head and followed her outside where he caught her tending to the plants again. She has grown a serious addiction to tending those plants, hopefully it doesn’t become obsessive when I have to take care of that garden.


02-17-15_7-58 AM

Dad walked down the steps where he wandered over to Mom. She was so focused in tending to the plants.

“Stupid Herbs, don’t you know you’re not supposed to be harvestable yet?” Mom cried out, but Dad picked her up and stood her up. Dad caressed her cheek and smiled.

“I’m going to feel the baby.” He muttered and he placed his hands on her stomach, and giggled up towards her.

02-17-15_7-59 AM

“Hello bundle of joy!” Dad smiled towards the stomach as he felt it. He must’ve felt the warmth that the baby was being kept in because his smile was so warm towards Mom. He finally let go after ten minutes of just feeling the stomach where he then looked up at Mom.

“So, what’s up?” Dad asked. Of course, we both knew it was something.

02-17-15_8-00 AM

“Well, you know, those hormones make me all emosh and stuff. I just haven’t been feeling good lately. I mean, what are we going to do about spacing issues? There’s only two bedrooms and one is ours. And the other one is Leliana’s. We can’t really have both of them share one room!” Athena confessed. Even if she was all hormonal at the moment, she had a point.

“We can renovate the house once Leliana becomes a teenager. Does that sound good to you?” Dad said and Athena nodded. They spent the next couple of hours talking while I spent my time on the monkey bars.

02-17-15_8-02 AM

“I can do this! Nearly there!” I shouted out and I turned to find Mom looking at me and then Dad slowly approaching her. Although, hanging upside down wasn’t the best idea as I’m probably going to vomit afterwards.


02-17-15_8-04 AM 02-17-15_8-04 AM-2 02-17-15_8-05 AM

“Hey.” Dad said to Mom as he came up to her in the night. They both looked up at the night sky before Mom continued the conversation.

“Hey Orion!” Mom smiled as she watched me rock against the monkey bars.

“So… Leliana having fun?” At this point, I knew the conversation was dying down so I had to liven it up a bit.

02-17-15_8-05 AM-2

“HEY DAD. WONDER PRINCESS ORDERS YOU TO KISS MOM.” And that’s what they did. And luckily, we all spent the night together doing family things that made us all very happy!

The next day, I walked downstairs to find Mom sitting there by all of my drawings. She seemed content in staring at them, but at the same time she was also feeling both sad and excited about them.

02-17-15_8-07 AM

“These drawings bring me so much of Leliana’s childhood. And now, I get another set of drawings from my new child. This feels wonderful but, I don’t know what I’d do without these drawings. They make me feel like I’ve accomplished something as a mother, which is all I’ve ever wanted since giving birth to Leliana. And also make the best baby food in the world.
I believe that when this new child comes along, it’s going to be both smart and wonderful. But let’s hope the Government doesn’t try and take this one away either. I don’t think they can though… hopefully.” After finishing her little monologue, Mom felt completely reassured of herself that she was going to be the best mother to children… again.

02-17-15_8-07 AM-2

“I. CAN. DO. THIS!!!!!” Ok, Mom. She later resumed her duties as she walked over to the sofa to engage in a conversation with me. This was totally out of the blue and I don’t even know why.

“So Leliana. I hear you’ve been surfing the interwebs.” Mom said to me, and I looked back at her.

02-17-15_8-08 AM

“Mom, in a middle of a grammar game here.” I bluntly replied back and Mom giggled.

“Tell me when you find a penpal.” Mom notified and she walked off. Suddenly, the thought to get a penpal came to my mind, it’s brilliant!

“MOM MOM, where do I find a penpal?!” I jumped out of my seat to ask her but…


“What is Mom?” I asked her, tilting my head to the side. We never expected any guests or Government visits. Not that they do ever visit anyway.

“THE BABY.” Mom shouted while she dropped the mop onto the floor.

02-17-15_8-21 AM


“AHHHH, LELIANA HELP ME.” Mom cried out. Ok Leliana, time to earn your ‘Helping Pregnancy’ Wonder Badge! (sold in 15 countries including Shang Simla, Al Simhara and Simgland!)

I helped Mom upstairs to the bassinet in her bedroom, where she peered over it and told me to leave her alone but bring back some towels and hot water. I did as she instructed and she was pushing with all of her might.

02-17-15_8-23 AM

“PUUUUSH!!!!” Mom breathed heavily and made sure to control her breathing as her heart was pounding so hard. Mom decided to give it another try and push. So she readied herself up and;

02-17-15_8-24 AM-2

“PUUSH!” Mom gave a final push and a baby popped into the bassinet! That was so magical! Mom looked down towards the baby and smiled.

02-17-15_8-29 AM

“Hello there! I’m going to name you…”


Unfortunately, it was not over for Mom as…

02-17-15_8-29 AM-2

TWINS?! Yes, Mom gave birth to a pair of twin baby brothers. This one shall be known as by royal decree…


They look so cute as babies! But three days later, they aged up.

02-17-15_8-33 AM

No. Ew. Ugly. Luckily, we took them for a makeover.

02-17-15_8-53 AM

Alistair was made over very well! I like his clothes, ooh.

02-17-15_8-54 AM

And Demetri looks more of the sporty, surfer type. I hope that I can be an amazing big sister to them, and that I’ll be able to take care of them before I get taken away.

I think I’m getting too attached to everyone.


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