The Wonder Child – Chapter Twenty-Two – My Best Friend

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After ageing up, Demetri had disappeared. It was one of those strange occurrences where the one twin disappears when they age up and then you find them inside of your bedroom with one of your favourite dolls in hand. I told Demetri that Galatica Girl isn’t someone you should mess around with as her cute looks and swurvy hips can make any guy swoon.

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“Here’s where you’re supposed to be.” I introduced the entire room to Demetri, and he seemed pretty excited by it.

“Eeee! When’s Dad coming home?” Demetri said excitedly, and as soon as he said that, Alistair walked over to me with his brand new phone that he got as a birthday present.

“Want to take a selfie?” Alistair asked. He already knew that dreadful world, what was next? Him memorising all the words to the song? But still, I couldn’t pass the offer up.

02-17-15_9-02 AM-2

“3…2…1! Snap!” I held the camera as I snapped a very good selfie with Alistair. I can tell that he will soon be addicted to taking these selfies. Dad soon came home from work and was greeted by the twins, which Dad didn’t know about at all. He had been away in Granite Falls for a couple of days on a business trip and had not even seen the twins yet.

02-17-15_9-05 AM

“T-t-twins?!” Dad shouted as he walked in and saw Demetri and Alistair. Mom grinned slightly and allowed Dad to sit on the sofa with her.

“Yeah. I’m sorry for not telling you until you got home.” Mom smiled and gestured her hands towards Demetri who had joined them on the sofa.

“I’m not exactly sure what happened, but here’s your first son! His name is Demetri.” Mom moved her hands to her head and held it. Age, I guess.

02-17-15_9-06 AM

Demetri awkwardly smiled towards Dad as he garnered his attention. Although he was his son, I bet Dad had no clue as to what he should say.

02-17-15_9-10 AM-3

“Hello there, son.” Dad smiled towards Demetri and he smiled back. They talked about television shows and some video games on the computer. Dad was looking forward to the new Plumbob Age game while Demetri was wanting to buy The Elder Sims V: SkyWarriors.

Of course, Dad started to get a tad defensive about how much Plumbob Age is better than The Elder Sims.

02-17-15_9-10 AM-2

“How can YOU even think that The Elder Sims is better than Plumbob Age?!” Dad shouted.

“I never said that…” Demetri muttered, and he scratched his shoulder.

“I mean, Plumbob Age has a more intriguing storyline! Also, it helps you with schoolwork as well, like it did with me!” Dad continued on. I don’t think he’s listening to anything that Demetri is saying at all.

“Uh, Plumbob Age is better than The Elder Sims?” Demetri shrugged. But, Dad just got even more explosive.

02-17-15_9-10 AM

“NO! You’re supposed to say what is good about The Elder Sims! You do not admit defeat. This is not what a Frenlore does! Look at your sister, she’s a Wonder Princess and conquering the surrounding kingdoms. How? She never backs down!” Dad continued on. Of course, we decided not to tell the twins about The Wonder Child project until they were old enough. I was only told so I could start on my skills straight away.

So, we made up to the twins that I’m part of this Gaming Crew called The Wonder Kingdom and that I’m the leader called the Wonder Princess. It’s turning out well so far.

Oh. And Alistair took it upon himself to use my alchemy table.

02-17-15_9-29 AM

“You don’t know what you’re doing Alistair.” I moaned at him. It was seriously annoying how he was just mindlessly mixing chemicals together without knowing what serious implications they could have on MY KINGDOM!

Luckily, he managed not to blow anything up. But I warned him that if he touched any of my things again, he would seriously die by the edge of my Wonder Sword which was gifted to me by the Wonder Magi of the Seven Wonderful Seas.

I soon joined Demetri outside where we went to play on the spaceship. I wouldn’t say that his facial expressions were great. But I would certainly say that he made an excellent actor.

02-17-15_9-50 AM

I’m having so much fun…? I mean, I was smiling!

02-17-15_9-50 AM-2

Meh, we had a good time I guess. Mom tried to play Alien and failed so we pretended we were crash landing on a deserted planet and that Demetri was praying to The Maker for help and guidance.

OH, before I forget to write it down. Still no word on trying to contact The Maker, it hasn’t been successful. Although, that voice in my head hasn’t said anything for a while either… I’m getting kind of worried.

Nevertheless, I had to go talk to Blarffy. It was my birthday tomorrow, Mom’s too. (Authors Note: Pregnancy stopped Athena from ageing until she gave birth!) And it will probably be the hardest conversation I will ever have.

02-17-15_10-15 AM

I began to play the violin to the stars, while looking at Blarffy and Gem. I hadn’t really talked to Gem since finding her when my room was redecorated. Then the notes of the song began to run out and I took a deep breath before speaking to Blarffy.

02-17-15_10-21 AM-4

“Listen. You know my birthday is tomorrow right?” I asked Blarffy, and he nodded his head slowly.

“And you know I won’t be able to make you potions anymore?” And he nodded again.

“It doesn’t matter, I can live like this.” Blarffy smiled, but even then, I couldn’t help but get really angry.


02-17-15_10-21 AM-3

“You are my best friend. You’re my closest friend! How could I let you suffer like this? I won’t even be able to understand you anymore.” I muttered and Blarffy placed his paw on my shoulder. Since when could he do that?

“Listen to me now. You are the most smartest girl I’ve ever known. You can do wonders to the world and you don’t even know it yet, but I can see it inside of you. Leliana, I love you. And there’s nothing that could ever change that. Even if you will never be able to understand me again, I will always be here supporting you.” Blarffy said, and I couldn’t help but kiss him on the forehead.

“Thank you so much.” I said to him, and I reached out to hug him.

02-17-15_10-21 AM

“I will always love you too, Blarffy.” And I smiled as a single tear dropped onto his bow.






8 thoughts on “The Wonder Child – Chapter Twenty-Two – My Best Friend

      • cathytea says:

        I hope! (That chapter made me sad–I had so many stuffed friends when I was a child, and when I turned 13, I felt so sad that I’d have to give them up! The good news is that I must have rolled childish for an adult trait because all my stuffed friends are still with me on shelves and roaming around the house, and my boyfriend and I BOTH still talk with them! 🙂 )

        Liked by 1 person

      • SummerFalls says:

        Awh! That’s amazing 😀
        I still talk to some of my old toys sometimes, because they still know things from my childhood. It’s nice to have some memories from my childhood 🙂


      • cathytea says:

        🙂 I like that about you! You’ve kept the magic of childhood while at the same time moving into the maturity and wisdom of young adulthood (well… almost… give or take a few years!).

        Liked by 1 person

      • SummerFalls says:

        Hehe thanks! I think Leliana as a teen will definitely still cling onto the idea of her being a Wonder Princess, but at the same time, she’ll be unraveling the adult world around her to find out all its secrets!


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