The Wonder Child – Chapter Twenty-Three – Goodbye Childhood

02-17-15_10-33 AM

Today is my birthday, and I’m so excited! I mean, I’m just so excited to become a teenager and carry on my rulings as a Wonder Princess! I stared into the mirror while Mom and Alistair started to sing happy birthday to me.

“Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Leliana and Mommy,
Happy Birthday to you!”

Oh, it was also Mom’s birthday, but clearly mine is more important. I later sat at the table with Alistair, who had a very interesting conversation with me.

02-17-15_10-36 AM

“Leliana, what’s those drawings on the wall?” Alistair giggled at them, “They look weird.”

I was insulted! How dare he undermine my works of art.

“They’re masterpieces! They represent members of our family, and you’re the monster.” I started giggling then, but I guess Alistair wasn’t having any of it.

“DAAAD!” Alistair shouted, and Dad perked his head up.

“Leliana, play nice.” Dad grunted, and then resumed on with his work.

“BUT DAD.” I screamed at him, but Dad ignored me. So, I continued on my conversation with Alistair, while trying to be a nice, Wonder Princess. I guess Wonder Princesses shouldn’t act mean to annoying little brothers.

02-17-15_10-36 AM-2

“So… any girls catch your eye?” I smiled at Alistair, if this was a way to embarrass him, I had to find out. Alistair blushed and smiled, but quickly hid it away from me.

“There’s no one really.” Alistair muttered solemnly and I nodded my head. I didn’t believe a word that he said, I’ll have to find out who it is… maybe I’ll go undercover to find out! Undercover Princess, that’s a new one. 😉

Although, soon afterwards, it suddenly occurred to me that I had never tried a certain skill. The party didn’t start for a couple of hours, so it was the perfect time for me to get out and try this skill. Dad says it’s boring, but hopefully I’ll find it interesting.

So, I rose up from my seat, got my best smug face on and left for the location!

02-17-15_10-36 AM-3

What skill? What place? You have 3 seconds to guess…




It was…


02-17-15_10-40 AM

I ‘borrowed’ this fishing rod from a random man at the park, it had the ‘4Salez’ sign on it! But… there was no price-tag so I thought it was free. Oh well.

I practiced fishing for a bit, following the instructions that the guidebook provided. And, sooner or later, I caught my first fish!

02-17-15_10-42 AM

Well, this was my last childhood photo. Dad decided to take it of me to preserve memories, and so I stuck a copy of it in this journal. And then it was time for me and Dad, followed by Alistair, Mom and Demetri to go to the party. We decided to have it as a bar, since it was very teenage appropriate. Plus, we invited a ton of people as well, so it became very crowded in the bar too.

02-17-15_11-26 AM

Oh no. Mom must’ve cleaned that dress thoroughly after giving birth to me, she’s wearing it to the party! Demetri certainly couldn’t get his head around the idea that I’m going to grow into a taller and more refined woman, while holding onto my childlike youth. Hehe.

I was so excited that the time for me to become a teenager was so near, and that I’m one step closer to accomplishing my dream of being a Wonder Princess! Although, I hope I’m able to meet that mysterious voice person, who has disappeared on me, which is sort of a good thing I suppose, but I’m starting to get a bit worried.

While I was talking to Demetri, that man from Dad’s party appeared again and started dancing.

02-17-15_11-31 AM

This time, I learnt not to fall for it! And instead, I continued on with my conversation with Demetri about plastic. It may seem boring, but it’s actually pretty awesome when you create a gas powered plastic bottle rocket!

Also, there was a blue dress lady dancing, apparently she’s a friend of Nina Caliente! Hopefully, I’ll be able to get closer to that popular girl once I become a pretty teenager. There’s no question about it. I WILL BE PRETTY! 😀

Dad and Jasmine Cho decided to have a couple of drinks at the bar.

02-17-15_11-31 AM-2

Dad then offered his glass up for a toast, and Jasmine joined him as they both cheered;

“To Leliana and Athena, two of the most amazing ladies in the world!”

The timing of those two is impeccable.

02-17-15_11-37 AM

Nina Caliente later decided to do some sit-ups on the floor, with her skirt right in front of Alistair! I’m just really glad that he didn’t look down, otherwise it would’ve been a big mess to try and handle.

Nina managed to get done one hundred and fifty sit-ups before giving up and moving onto something else.

02-17-15_11-38 AM

The party became more wild once Zoe Patel had arrived however. Everyone started to party more and it became more alive.

02-17-15_11-40 AM

Me, Dad and the twins played a game of poker, where the betting chips were biscuits! I betted seven cookies, while Demetri put forward fourteen custard creams and two cookies. Alistair followed up that with twenty bourbon biscuits and then Dad ended it with ten rich tea biscuits. And…

I WIN! Birthday Magic you see! 😉

Speaking of Birthday Magic, I had to blow out my candles, and so did Mom! But ew, my clothes had no blue in it apart from the hat! I need a makeover.

02-17-15_11-45 AM

Then came Mom…

02-17-15_11-46 AM

It seems as if Mom maintained her youthful glow, as her radiance still sparkled in the light.

02-17-15_11-48 AM

Parting words of Child Leliana: Goodbye Blarffy.

Opening words of Teenage Leliana: This is the beginning of the end, I must protect the Wonder Kingdom at all costs. But first of all, I need to take a selfie with Mom.

02-17-15_11-51 AM


8 thoughts on “The Wonder Child – Chapter Twenty-Three – Goodbye Childhood

    • SummerFalls says:

      Thank you! She doesn’t look like this anymore for me, but genetics played out really well. I think we can thank Athena for that one 🙂


  1. Mastress Alita says:

    That scene with them playing cards for biscuits reminds me of one of my own fond childhood memories! I actually learned how to play poker from my cousins, using… Jelly Bellies! And everyone just ranked the worth of their Jelly Bellies based on their own preferences (I always used the gross buttered popcorn and jalepeno ones to ante up, hahaha! You knew I was serious when I used Dr. Pepper or Tuti-Fruitie!) The only way to play cards, really! Sweets are serious business.


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