Meeting Yourself Pt.2

02-22-15_2-06 AM

In the rare occurrence that I happen to be angry, it is advised that you avoid me at all costs. But today, someone couldn’t avoid me at all, and I had a bone to pick with them. All this time, I’ve been nothing but a replica of a real person. Even though it’s amazing, I just feel that I’m nothing that makes me… me!

02-22-15_2-07 AM

Although, I’m not really sure where I can find them… since they just pop into my head at times. As well as the thoughts of cupcakes, they’re really the only other thoughts I get. So, I stumbled myself across the road, and I decided to shout to him in the middle of the street.


Hi Joel! Is there anything you want me to help you with today?

“Yes actually. I have something to say.”

Ooh, what is it?

I took a deep breath before replying.

02-22-15_2-08 AM

“Now, I do not know who you think you are. Well I do know, you’re me. BUT, am I just a copy of you? Are we exactly alike?”

I think we are, although you are up to make your own choices.

“Wait, so I can make my own choices as a copy of you?”


02-22-15_2-10 AM

“But, people are always going to know me as ‘Joel’s Simself’. We may have different last names, but we’re still the same!”

Exactly! We have different last names, which means that you can be your own person if you want to be. I’ll be here for you and I hope you’ll be here for me.

02-22-15_2-10 AM-3

“So, what I’m hearing is that the only difference between us is our last names?”


“Yeah, that’s not really what I’m aiming for. How are you me?”

Uh… I haven’t had coffee today so I might not be top notch.

02-22-15_2-10 AM-2

“So humans need coffee to function!”

Not exactly…

“But you said-!”

I said I haven’t had coffee! I’ll tell you all about how humans live later on. But tell me, what do you even want to do now?

02-22-15_2-11 AM

“I’m not sure. I’m still a bit mad at you for not explaining to me fully about this entire simself thing.”

Listen, I’m sorry. Hey! How about I have you teach other simmer’s simselves about simselves! I can help you with the information gathering and you can help present it! What do you think?

“Sure. It sounds like an awesome idea. BUT! I need to be able to contact someone to talk to…”

I’m sure there’ll be someone on the other end you can talk to!

“Good. But see my face-“

02-22-15_2-11 AM-3

“This is the face of someone who is not done with you! And with all of this. And when this is all over, we need to seriously talk.”

Okay okay. Maybe when I start your story, we can talk then.

“I’m getting my own story?!” 

SPOILERS… as said by River Song.



And with that, Joel from the other side of the screen had left to eat his dinner probably, but he had left me in play mode. Awesome! I wandered back to my ‘lot’.

02-22-15_2-12 AM

Joel had managed to give me some new things to play with while I was gone. It included a Bonsai Tree and an Easel. Honestly, I didn’t know what to do with the Bonsai Tree because my gardening skill wasn’t high enough but also, I didn’t have any ideas as to what to do with it. So… it ended up looking like this.

02-22-15_2-14 AM

Untouched and Uncut. Bam!

Eh, maybe Gardening is something that I might not want to do. I moved onto painting and tried to paint myself a really nice picture.

02-22-15_2-15 AM-3

No… just no.

“Why can’t you cheat me in skills?!” I complained adamantly to Joel.

Because I don’t believe in cheating. OOH Dessert is done! Also, call Jamie Rosenbloom! She’s ARoseInBloom‘s Simself who is obviously an amazing woman who will help you get into S-GAS.

“Thanks.” I don’t want to talk to him, but I have to.

02-22-15_2-16 AM

Derp. The phone rang soon after I got changed.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hello! I’m Jamie and I’m here to talk to you. Of course you know that, right? You know that?” Jamie spoke though the phone.

“Yep, I know it.” 

02-22-15_2-17 AM

“Awesome! So, ARoseInBloom told me that SummerFalls, who is your player, told her that you want to host a S-GAS event on Simselves. I think that is a grand idea!” Jamie complimented and I smiled.

“Well, I do try my best.” I blushed.

“So, will this event be exclusive to simselves?” 

“It doesn’t have to be, anyone and everyone can come who is interested.”

02-22-15_2-17 AM-2

“How long do I have to get ready?” I asked Jamie soon after we went through the details.

“Well, it’s good that you have your sessions starting from March 11th. But be sure to share evidence of the sessions on your player’s blog!” Jamie explained further.



“Alright then! Goodbye, Jamie! See you soon!”

And I put the phone down, and I looked directly at the camera. Or at least, where I thought the camera was.

02-22-15_2-18 AM


Today is March 16th, and we’re finally ready to begin.


10 thoughts on “Meeting Yourself Pt.2

  1. Jordan says:

    Hahhaha, derp face.. I LOVED when my Simself would make derpy faces. It’s like, “YES…I’m not the only derp anymore…”

    I actually like that you haven’t started yet. As cathytea said on teh forums, it’s like a real conference — when some sessions end, others start. I was so bummed when I realized she’s pretty much done with her S-GAS sessions… I don’t want S-GAS to end yet! So feel free to drag out your sessions for weeks or years or whatever… ;D

    Liked by 2 people

    • SummerFalls says:

      Yeah! I can totally see this looking more like a conference now 😀 Hopefully I can make a lot of posts so I can queue them all up for next week, since I really won’t have enough time next week for Simming at all!


      • Jordan says:

        I totally get that… I was uncharacteristically social over Spring Break and didn’t get hardly any writing done… Now I’m regretting that because I have school again. I’m feeling pretty motivated right now though, so hopefully I can get the rest of the Support Group sessions up tonight!

        Shouldn’t we be getting extra credit or something for all of this creative writing we’re doing in our free time? :/

        Liked by 1 person

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