The Wonder Child – Chapter Twenty-Four – Wonder Queen

02-17-15_12-04 PM

Teenager! Teenage Years? I’m not sure. Since I kind of look different, I thought it would be wise if I introduce myself.

Hello! My name is Leliana Frenlore and I am a Wonder Princess. Wait, no. I am a Wonder QUEEN. Soon, it’ll be time for me to leave and join the Government Ranks as a smart Wonder Child which means I will be able to help change the world.

Do I believe that? I’m not sure.

I write about my experiences in an old and battered journal, and I gather things that happen in my household from my other family members. So, I’m here on a journey to discover who I am.

02-17-15_12-33 PM

I decided to take up the Mixology skill as soon I will be starting as a Bean Blender at “It’s Jes2Good!” Yeah, I never really thought how weird the name sounds, but it does sound awesome!

Still, I want to try and mix together my own type of Coffee and name it…


It’s the perfect blend of caramel, chocolate and cinnamon. It will be the sensation that sweeps the SimNation! AND THEN I WILL RULE THE SIMNATION AS THE WONDER KINGDOM! Maybe I am insane.. just a tad.

02-17-15_12-33 PM-2

However, nothing is really going right as whenever I try to mix different proportions together, it tastes really bad! I’ll have to see what works and what doesn’t so I can make this amazing drink.

I was going to go and head to bed, but then I remembered I had homework to do. I JUST BECAME A TEENAGER AND THEY’RE ALREADY DISHING ME HOMEWORK! That’s an outrage, I’m not Hermione Granger!

02-17-15_12-36 PM

Nevertheless, I did the homework anyways with top effort and amazing Wonder Queen finesse. I also had Belle help me! Belle Menteur is the new student at my high school and she’s exceptionally smart like me! I hope that we can soon become best friends, I mean she already helped me with homework.

I went to sleep afterwards, I had to get up earlier for about 4am since my Barista job starts at 5am. I dreamt about many things during my sleep, including some things about the Government. Every time I think about them, I get a cold shiver. Something isn’t right at all.


02-17-15_12-40 PM

I do look pretty sexy in my Barista Uniform, don’t I? Maybe I’ll attract all the boys to my  yard. Actually, no. Our yard is too small.

Dad and Mom woke up soon after and they were both like mindless zombies. I headed straight to School after work and I was joined by Demetri and Alistair soon enough.

02-17-15_12-45 PM

Dad told me that he had tried to see what he could do about the house renovations. He was on the phone to the contractor all Sunday night and Dad was both arguing and cheering at what he was saying. I’m not sure what was said though, because I was too busy dreaming about… Trigonometry.

The mail arrived soon after and Mom had decided herself that she was going to get the post. She knew that if Dad was to get it, it would take him ten times as long as the time it would take Mom to go out and get it.

03-19-15_4-56 PM

At the same time as Mom signed for the bills that were in the postbox, Dad came out of the house cheering and down towards Mom. But also, Rose Jones was jogging past the house AGAIN. Does anything stop this woman from spying on our house?

03-19-15_5-00 PM

Dad waited for Mom to finish sorting the mail before he began to speak to her. Mom turned and saw Dad, and she smiled.

“Hey Orion.” Mom smiled, and Dad waved.

“Hey Sweetheart.” Dad replied, and he hugged her. After letting go, he proceeded to talk about the main subject of their conversation.

03-19-15_5-01 PM-2

“So, I just got off the phone with the Contractor and he agrees to redo our house! The thing is, the only time he’ll be available do it is from the weekend, and it’ll take two days.” Dad explained to Mom.

“What?! That’s too soon! Where will we go?” Mom panicked, and Dad grinned and laughed, “What’s so funny?”

“I’ve planned it all already darling! We’re going to stay in Granite Falls for two days. It’ll be a good trip for the family, but it’ll also be good since Leliana needs to learn Herbalism. And she can only get the herbs in Granite Falls.” Dad carefully explained to Mom.

03-19-15_5-16 PM

“And this is why I married you.” Mom smiled.

“No, you married me because I knew how to give you a good time in bed!” Dad remarked and Mom laughed.

“True!” Mom replied. I came home from school soon afterwards, and Mom and Dad were still talking outside! I was about to say Hi but…

03-19-15_5-16 PM

It’s back.

“You became a teenager. That’s brilliant because you’ll finally understand what I’m talking about. Do not trust anyone but your family. You shouldn’t even trust me, but I’m asking for your trust. We have already met. And we will meet again soon. I promise you Leliana, you cannot fall into the Government’s hands!”

What? I’ve already met Creepy Voice? When? Where? How? There’s so many questions circling my mind, it’s making me insane. I’m not even sure what to believe anymore. Actually no, I do.

I need to conduct my own investigations from now on. I need to become a Wonder Detective and solve the crimes of the guilty party. I’m going to find whoever this Creepy Voice is, and ask them why me? Why am I so special to the Government apart from being a Wonder Child? And then I’ll investigate the Government, and find the true meaning to this project.

In times like these, I need to read my favorite detective novel.

“Gangnam Investigators”

03-19-15_6-07 PM


3 thoughts on “The Wonder Child – Chapter Twenty-Four – Wonder Queen

  1. Jordan says:

    “Maybe I’ll attract all the boys to my yard. Actually, no. Our yard is too small.” — I DIED. Lmao.

    Finally someone’s starting to question the government around here! Now that you mention that she’s already met the mysterious voice, I’m trying to think back to who it might be. I don’t recall her meeting Danielle (I think that’s the dead/actually alive chick who used to be a Wonder Child? Maybe I made that up…), and I was hoping she was the voice…(Though now that I think about it, that would require some kind of telekinetic power and a lot of sneaking into the house to leave notes and such…) Hmm.

    Liked by 1 person

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