S-GAS Simselves Session 1: Meet & Greet Part 1

Author’s Note: Everyone who appears in this session will have their blogs advertised HERE once I update the page. Also note that there will be a short summary about the session below the links on that page.

“Uh right. I should probably speak now.” Joel Rochdale muttered as he got up from his seat. He walked up to the stage and tapped the microphone numerous times. He took one of the microphones from the stand and coughed.

Everyone had arrived to Joel’s world days before this event started and after everyone had settled down into their homes, they were invited to Performance Park where the first session of the Simself portion of the Simposium for Game Aware Sims would begin.

04-01-15_7-26 PM

“Hello everyone! Welcome to the first session of the Simself Simposium for Game Aware Sims! Here you will be able to meet and greet other Simselves and talk about a variety of things that may interest you. You can get to know other Simselves and form friendships with them. Now, before we get the first session out of the way, let me introduce myself to you all.” Joel took a deep breath and walked around the stage before continuing.

04-01-15_7-26 PM-2

“My name is Joel Rochdale based upon the real life person Joel or SummerFalls. I like to read, write and play video games but I also love biking and cooking. I think one thing that is different between me and my player is that I like to play some sports while my player hates them. Plus, I am WAY more social than him.” Laughs could be heard from the audience while Joel Rochdale kept speaking.

04-01-15_7-26 PM-3

“I should also remind you all that we may be joined by people who are part of the town and are not game aware. So, for the sake of cupcakes, please do not tell them as they are not properly equipped with the right mindset to acknowledge such information.”

The audience nodded after Joel Rochdale finished his sentence. It seemed as if Joel felt proud that people were actually listening to his words unlike his player counterpart. Although, the player version of Joel was more focused on taking screenshots.

“Please don’t be afraid to act as you are, as you won’t know when you will enter a screenshot. I hope you all enjoy your first session!”

04-01-15_7-26 PM-4

“WAIT! Food shall be cooked up by Karen Wontothree and myself, so you should prepare yourself later on for some yummy food! It is also very terrible to tell you that there will be no cupcakes in this session as it was too tedious to transport the cupcake machine from my house to here. And my player refused to help as well. THANKS FOR THAT.” Various sad sighs are heard from the audience as Joel finishes with his speech and walks off the stage with a sad expression upon his face.

Karen Wontothree and Jamie Rosenberg had started to engage in a conversation  after everyone had dispersed to go meet other people.

04-01-15_7-27 PM

“Ah! You must be Jamie. Carewren123 always tells me about a smart and intellectual woman who writes amazing stories. That must be you.” Karen smiled as Jamie turned her head.

“You must be Karen then since ARoseInBloom told me that Carewren’s simself was coming to this event. OH, and thank you for that delightful chain letter. Tell your player that.” Jamie smiled back as Karen scratched her head.

“Hahahahahahahaha.” Karen tried to laugh it off, and Jamie just continued to smile while silently plotting revenge in her mind.

It also seems like Cathy Tea and Sunny Day has bonded together really well! Look how close they are to each other!

04-01-15_7-29 PM

“Oh, you’re cutting this plant Sunny Day? I guess I’ll have to cut the plant right next to yours.” Cathy Tea exclaimed as she moved herself over to the bonsai next to Sunny Day’s.

“That would be the best solution. But you like to cut plants?” Sunny Day asked Cathy Tea and she nodded.

“Yeah, it’s a great way to pass the time before the food comes. I love Hamburgers, although I don’t have my animal hat so I can’t enjoy them just as I should. Clearly, this player didn’t buy the Limited Edition Upgrade!” Cathy Tea complained, but also smiled while complaining.

“Exactly!” Sunny Day finished their conversation as they both cut at the plants very delicately! We’ll check back later to see how they turned out!

Meanwhile, Debbie VanHigh and Loves Storms were having a quiet game of chess. Although, nothing really ever stays quiet for long when it comes to these two.

04-01-15_7-30 PM

“My experiences at chess are… I have no experiences with chess. This is actually my first time playing.” Loves Storms said as she moved her white chess piece over a short distance. Debbie VanHigh smiled as she managed to get a strategy in her head.

“Oh, that’s fine. Just focus on the smell of hamburgers, they should be done soon.” Debbie giggled as she moved her black chess piece.

04-01-15_7-32 PM

“But, are you in any stories by your player?” Debbie asked while Loves was taking her turn. Loves looked up at Debbie moved her chess piece.

“Well, I made a cameo in Lovesstorms’ latest story, “There Goes The Neighborhood”, but that’s it so far. How about you?” Loves replied to Debbie.

“Well, I’m in a “My Simself” kind of story where VanityHigh just rambles at me and I ramble back at her. It’s a great way to get our thoughts back and forth to each other.” Debbie giggled again as she launched her chess piece in a conquesting style. “I believe this is checkmate.”

04-01-15_7-33 PM

“I refuse to accept that!” Loves finished off. She then looked to her left, where she saw a middle-aged man who didn’t seem like he knew what this event was. “But it also seems like someone has joined us.”

04-01-15_7-34 PM

Karen Wontothree clearly knows how to cook with her eyes closed because she’s looking away from the food as it cooks! If a fire erupts, I guess it will be because of a faulty barbecue and not because of her negligence to the burgers?

“The burgers need a little spice though.” Karen wondered, she always wanted to spice things up for the meet and greet and now was her chance.

04-01-15_7-34 PM-2

“But what could I add? Pepper? Salt? NO! Let’s add a bit of sugar!” And so, Karen seasoned the burgers with a pinch of sugar on each of them.

Soon, the burgers had finished cooking and Karen had placed plates down on the table full of delicious burgers with Joel placing plain plates down so people could collect burgers.

04-01-15_8-01 PM

Soon after, people began to come to the table to eat the burgers that the pair of them had prepared. And then, everyone including some townies were eating at the bench table!

04-01-15_8-16 PM

Jessica Brown noticed the sweetness of the burgers and was not enjoying the taste of Karen’s burgers, while the people who had Joel’s burgers lovingly ate them to their hearts content. Mark Archy was trying his best not to puke at the taste of his burger while Karen was inspecting everyone’s plates.

“So how do the burgers taste?” Karen asked and everyone looked at each other, glaring.

04-01-15_8-14 PM

A random townie who had tasted Karen’s burgers spoke out to her.

“Well, they were a bit on the sweet side, but I liked them!” Everyone stared at the little boy who at first looked like a snob, but revealed that he had a warm heart. Karen giggled as she patted the boy on the head.

“Thank you!” Karen smiled and the boy giggled.

“But still, I hear that we’ve got a hospital, police station and science labs now!” The boy smiled and Karen’s face turned pale.

“That means… ALIENS.” Karen thought to herself. She was scared that she was going to be sent away to that Alien Breeding Program.

04-01-15_8-17 PM

Meanwhile, it seems Loves had just discovered the fact that the burger she’s tasting has sugar in it while the one on her plate does not. And, it also looks like Sunny Day and Cathy Tea had a bit of a disagreement on something. According to thought bubbles, it was something to do with none other than Mark Archy!

“But you two look great together.” Cathy Tea muttered to Sunny Day.

“I won’t have any relationship with him!” Sunny shouted back.

04-01-15_8-18 PM

“But why?” Mark Archy questioned, but the conversation seemed to have stopped at that as Sunny Day started talking to MsPhy.

However, Bill Monaghan seemed to be not enjoying the burger as his must’ve contained sugar while Sarafina Plumsin’s must’ve been one of the normal ones. Mark Archy tried to start a conversation with one of the townies about stories and television shows but the townie wouldn’t listen as she kept pointing over at Manda Illseeya!

04-01-15_8-18 PM-2

“You have no style!” The townie shouted over at her. “You’re just there in your bathing suit trying to get men to look at you!”

“That’s not true! I do have style. I just wanted to wear this today. Have a problem?!” Manda replied and the townie sighed loudly.

“We’ll settle this later. Me v You!” The townie aggressively exclaimed and Manda nodded. However, Karen couldn’t have given a monkey’s butt in the world about what just went down as she was too focused on looking up at the clouds.

04-01-15_8-19 PM

“Oh look! It’s a Freezer Bunny. And that one looks like… an atomic bomb! Oh, is that how Carewren’s Apocalypse Story happened? Maybe! She won’t tell me how it happened though… maybe I should try and get myself a cameo role in her story.”

Soon Karen rose up from the ground where she saw Sunny Day partake in a conversation about the importance of independence in today’s society.

04-01-15_8-20 PM

“You must learn to fend for yourselves!”  Sunny argued to everyone.

04-01-15_8-23 PM

Meanwhile, Joel and Jamie diverted away from the rest of the crowd to engage in a conversation together about each other.

“We haven’t really talked yet! Jamie Rosenbloom, right?” Joel asked and Jamie nodded. The both of them decided to look under the clouds together while beginning to get to know each other.

04-01-15_8-24 PM

Although, it seemed as if the townie elder thought that it was an inappropriate place for them to cloudgaze, but they didn’t care.

“So, you know about me. What should I know about you?” Joel asked Jamie and Jamie looked over at Joel.

“Well, like you I do like to read and write, but I also think I have an inborn talent for art. My player, ARoseInBloom used to paint alot, but she doesn’t really do it anymore. I think that’s one of the reasons why I was created, to be honest. I like that ARoseInBloom has me when she wants to share a secret to somebody or if she wants to let all her feelings out. Is that how your relationship is with your player as well?” Jamie answered but Joel shook his head.

04-01-15_8-25 PM-2

“Not at all. I hate my player. He only created me just to be like him and I don’t like that at all!” Joel explained but Jamie shook her head.

“Is there a problem with that? You’re a smart kid but you need to learn that it’s okay to be a simself! You may not like your player for the way they control you, but I bet he allows you to have your own free will.” Jamie smiled and looked up at the sky.

“It’s a plumbob!” She exclaimed.

04-01-15_8-25 PM

Author’s Note: Longest Post Ever.


7 thoughts on “S-GAS Simselves Session 1: Meet & Greet Part 1

  1. carewren123 says:

    “Karen couldn’t have given a monkey’s butt in the world about what just went down as she was too focused on looking up at the clouds.”

    That’s me. Always with my head in the clouds.LOLOLOL

    Funny start to your sessions, Joel!

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