S-GAS Simselves Session 1: Meet & Greet Part 2

Author’s Note: Everyone who appears in this session will have their blogs advertised HERE once I update the page. Also note that there will be a short summary about the session below the links on that page.

04-01-15_8-26 PM

 “Please Player! I know it’s awkward for me to plead with you through this plant. But I don’t want to go to this Alien Breeding Program at all! Do you know how… uh, what’s the word? OH right! Do you know how strange that will be? So please!” Karen tried to plead to the plant, and to the player. However, it will be of no use as her departure details to the program had already been confirmed way before she had known about it.

Meanwhile, Mark and Manda were talking about what happened after Manda and the townie girl went to ‘sort things out’.

04-01-15_8-26 PM-2

“And then she was all, ‘I’ll get you someday!’, but she can’t really because she’s now scared of me.” Manda calmly explained and Mark looked to the side and stared at the townie girl for a second but then smiled at Manda.

“You really know how to impress a guy.” Mark giggled and Manda laughed while slapping his arm.

“Ow!” Mark thought to himself. But, keeping up the tough guy image, Mark didn’t say a thing. Bill had then decided to leave the pair of them alone, and find entertainment elsewhere.

“Boring people being boring.” Bill muttered before walking off.

04-01-15_8-27 PM

“You seem like a fun gal to talk to.” Mark complimented and Manda blushed.

“You are mighty fine yourself!” Replied Manda. However, just a minute away from the couple was Sunny Day, who couldn’t help but laugh away her jealousy at the pair of them.

04-01-15_8-27 PM-2

“He said he liked ME! And now he’s over there with some other chick trying to impress her? Oh, I’ll show him a great gal. Now… where did I keep my Voodoo dolls?” Sunny pledged to herself before continuing her walk over to the bonsai plants once more.

Back at the Chess Tables, it seems there is a heated game going on. While Jessica enjoys the most popular hobby today, cloudgazing!

04-01-15_8-31 PM

Is Loves trying to cheat? Or is she trying to move her chess piece? Although, knowing Loves, it seems she’s innocently playing the game. On the other table, Debbie is setting up the game so that she can play against Karen.

What Debbie doesn’t know is that Karen is secretly a chess fiend. Back at the guest lodge, Karen beat everyone in the house! However, since Debbie and Karen are both in different lodges, Debbie never got the chance to find out! And then the game begun!

04-01-15_8-31 PM-2

With MsPhy and Sunny as spectators, they watched the heated match between Debbie and Karen. Debbie moved chess pieces and so did Karen, both eliminating the other’s chess pieces one by one.

“Are you sure you’re up for this?” Debbie smirked, while launching a game changing move. However, Karen laughed as she moved her piece, reversing the game.

“Oh, I’m more than ready.” Karen continued to laugh as they played. The sweat gathered on their foreheads as the game progressed onwards. However, one move from Karen and…


Karen smiled as she shook Debbie’s hand and gave her a hug.

“You’re a real good chess player! You should totally let me mentor you sometime.” Karen suggested and Debbie agreed to the deal.

Now returning back to the bonsai plants, we saw that Sunny had cut a lovely tree out of the bonsai plant. But, the one that caught everyone’s eye was Cathy’s Freezer Bunny Bonsai! Who knew that she would cut such a thing? (I did!) 

04-01-15_8-33 PM

“Woah! I love this Freezer Bunny Plant.” Sunny complimented and she looked upon it in awe. She wondered where Cathy found the inspiration to cut such an inspiring piece.

The inspirational Bonsai also seemed to have brightened Bill’s mood as a smile popped upon his face after taking once glance at it.

04-01-15_8-33 PM-2

“I think I might go and converse with some people now. I need to mingle.” Bill said before walking off in a cheery mood.

Soon enough, Joel came around and picked up the cuttings of Bonsai that were on the ground. But before he could venture near the bin, he was stopped by Sunny.

04-01-15_8-34 PM

“Hey you, red shirt cupcake man!” Sunny called out, and Joel turned towards her.

“Hello, blue capped woman!” Joel replied and they both laughed with each other. After getting to know each other a bit, Sunny wanted to tell Joel something.

04-01-15_8-34 PM-2

“Listen, I want you to keep tabs on Mark for me. Make sure he talks to no other women and that he only keeps his eyes on me!” Sunny requested and Joel gave a quiet nod to her.

“Well, alright. It does seem that you and Mark have chemistry so I’ll try. But I’ll make no promises.” Joel answered and Sunny cheered while giving Joel a friendly hug. However, it soon ended as both knew that Mark might have been watching.

As the first session drew to a close, Joel and Jamie thought it would be cool if they played some music to the participants of the session. And while everyone gathered, they began to play their music to everyone.

instrument duo power: activate!

04-01-15_8-37 PM

While the music was playing, Bill and Jessica had engaged in a conversation while sitting on the seats that are on the stage. Loves had also passed them while they were talking, but she was more interested in the musical performance than the conversation the pair of them were having.

04-01-15_8-37 PM-2

“So Bill, how does life treat you?” Jessica asked while Bill was waving to Loves, but he was ignored as she passed.

“Well, as I’ve heard many people say, Life is Good!” Bill replied and they both had a moment of laughter together.

04-01-15_8-38 PM

“So Bill, why do you think Simselves became a thing?” Jessica had been wondering this ever since she was told that she was a simself.

“Well, I believe that Humans wanted to see what it would be like if they were in the game, but since they cannot transfer their own consciousness into the game, they must create a simself. I’ve always found it intriguing how it all works. But, I guess Simselves became a thing because maybe Humans want to be Sims and live a simpler life.” Bill explained and Jessica’s jaw dropped. She tried to hide her jaw dropping but Sarafina saw the entire thing.

04-01-15_8-38 PM-2

“I guess I won’t say anything… for now.” Sarafina said before she walked over to the music playing.

Everyone soon watched Joel and Jamie play, and they cheered and clapped and even tipped them! They played a sweet melody together, it was very sweet and sincere.

04-01-15_8-38 PM-3

Even though there was no actual lyrics attached to them, everyone seemed to get the message from the melody that was playing. It was all about believing in your own power and your own strengths to get you where you want to be.

Although, Karen couldn’t pass up the offer as she took the microphone and began to sing along with the melody that they were playing. By that time, the guitar part of the song had finished and Joel placed down his guitar back onto the stage.

04-01-15_8-39 PM

“Woah! Believe in your dreams! And believe in who you areeee!” Karen kept singing the same line over and over for a good few minutes.

She was still singing when Joel decided to take the final cloudgaze for the day while Jamie played a serene melody with her violin.

04-01-15_8-41 PM

“Oh there’s Free–“ Joel’s hand dropped to the ground as he fell asleep.  Meanwhile, Karen continued with her singing solo while the sun slowly set down and the moon rose up high in the sky. It was finally time for the session to end.

04-01-15_8-44 PM

“Hey! You can’t steal the conclusion speech from me!” Joel shouted but Karen wasn’t having any of it.

“Yes I can! And I will, so let me do my thing!” Karen argued. I think it’s the dress that’s made her a tad crazy today. While Karen shoved Joel out of the way, everyone walked down to the benches at the front where Karen begun the concluding speech for the first session of the Simself Simposium for Game Aware Sims!

04-01-15_8-44 PM-2

“I’m sure everyone has had a lovely day today! I think we’ve all gotten to meet lovely people and have interesting conversations about Simselves, or just getting to know each other. To those who are going to the future sessions, we eagerly await your participation, but to those who are not in any of the future sessions, we will see you at the farewell party! Or, just around the town while you stay here.” Karen started off.

04-01-15_8-44 PM-3

“However, I think we all have to admit that the best part of today was lunch time, where everyone got to taste my yummy burgers! Don’t worry everyone, we’re able to bring the cupcake machine to the next sessions so it’s all good!” Karen continued and there was multiple cheers from the audience. “We bid you a good night, and sweet dreams, as the first session of the Simself Simposium comes to a close.”

04-01-15_8-44 PM-5

“GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY! AND THANK YOU!” Karen shouted before everyone returned to their houses, and the park became silent, as no one remained inside.


10 thoughts on “S-GAS Simselves Session 1: Meet & Greet Part 2

  1. cathytea says:

    Oh, this is so sweet and sooooo funny! I’m happy that my Simself’s contribution was the freezer bunny bonzai 🙂 and I’m so happy to read everyone’s words. I even feel like I heard the music that was playing. Well done, Joel! Thank you!

    Liked by 2 people

    • SummerFalls says:

      Thank you and No Problem! EverySim contributed to the session very well 😀 also, I love the Freezer Bunny Bonsai! I wonder if Joel might be able to take a picture of it to email to Free-Jon!

      Liked by 1 person

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