S-GAS Simselves: A Reflection of Karen

04-04-15_1-12 AM-2

It had been a while since Jamie painted a portrait of someone. For the longest time, she had been busy with preparations for other things, and even then it was hard for her to make time to paint. However today, Karen offered to Jamie that she could paint her as Karen needed a new piece of artwork to hang up in her halls.

“So, you’re painting from reference right?” Karen asked and Jamie nodded. They both knew that the player completely understood what they both needed and that he helped them overcome a little step. Karen looked over at Jamie while she painted.

“I just need a little bit of this and… yes that’s the perfect colour.” Jamie smiled as Karen continued to watch. It had never occurred to Karen that the strokes of the brush Jamie is using are so important to the painting. The hardest stroke could ruin it while the lightest stroke could have no effect at all. You have to get it just right.

04-04-15_1-12 AM

“The way you paint is so amazingly done.” Karen complimented while Jamie thanked her. Jamie had placed down her brush for a second to let the paint dry before she could add any extra details to it.

“Well you see, there’s many different things that go into painting like the size of the brush, the colour complexions and even gradients and shades! Even though it seems like a lot to think about, you do things that you don’t even notice when you’re painting, like a lot of things.” Jamie explained and Karen nodded her head. It opened Karen’s mind quite a bit and she felt more inspired to try new things later on.


“So, can I look yet?” Karen asked and Jamie shot her a deadly glare.

“NOT YET!” Jamie shouted and Karen turned around quickly, it would be best to heed Jamie’s words.

“So, your player… did she ever paint?” Karen questioned and Jamie remained silent for a minute before the question was answered.

“Yes, she did used to paint. Quite a lot actually, but she doesn’t anymore. Although, I’m not sure why. However, I believe that she will paint again one day, because I’m a part of her that she can’t get rid of! Like you’re a part of Carewren123 that she can’t get rid of.” Jamie answered, and again Karen nodded her head.

04-04-15_1-12 AM-4

“You’re pretty intelligent and swift, Jamie!” Karen complimented, and Jamie returned to the painting. They resumed talking for quite a while, mainly about who they like from the first session so far. And slowly, the painting became more and more complete.

“I think I enjoyed your violin and guitar partnership with Joel the most, along with the chess game with Debbie.” Karen smiled, and Jamie smiled back. Jamie hadn’t really thought about her favourite part of the first session, let alone what she actually thought about the session.

“I enjoyed it the most when we all sat down for lunch together like one big happy family. That was probably one of the greatest pleasures I’ve had since the whole Simposium began.” As Jamie gave her opinion, Karen looked outside the window, and then looked back in.

04-04-15_1-12 AM-5

“You know, I’ve never really thought about it but… I haven’t given you my email address! We need to stay in touch in case anything happens, or you want to try any of my latest recipes!” Karen suggested and suddenly a cold breeze blew past Jamie like Winter had come for her already.

“Oh no… not the new recipes.” Jamie thought to herself, but what she said was completely different, “Yeah! I’ll write it down before I leave so I can give it to you.”

Karen smiled, and Jamie slammed down her brush a few minutes afterwards.

04-04-15_1-14 AM

“It’s done.” Jamie celebrated and Karen rose up from her seat in a flash.

“LET  ME SEE!” Karen shouted and Jamie stepped out of the way to let Karen see Jamie’s masterpiece.

04-04-15_1-16 AM

“Is this a mirror because I think I’m looking at a reflection.” Karen stood and stared at the painting, speechless at the perfect work that Jamie had put into the painting.

“Why aren’t you saying anything… it makes me scared.” Jamie muttered but Karen threw herself at Jamie and hugged her so tight.

04-04-15_1-18 AM

“Thank you. Thank you so much.” Karen laughed, and Jamie laughed too.

“No problem, and thank you too for letting me paint you today.” Jamie said, and the painting remained there for a while. Maybe Karen might take it with her later?

Featuring ARoseInBloom & Carewren123’s Simselves! You can find their links on the main S-GAS page HERE!


10 thoughts on “S-GAS Simselves: A Reflection of Karen

  1. ARoseInBloom says:

    So awesome. My Simself is a much better painter than me. I stick to lots of color splashed on a canvas. Doesn’t look like much….but it feels like a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

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