S-GAS Simselves: An Email to Free-Jon

Joel Rochdale sat down at the S-GAS guest lodge’s desk, while he uploaded a picture onto his email account. He wanted to write an email to Free-Jon about his experiences so far in the Simself Simposium. Ever since Joel went to see Free-Jon, was interviewed by him and they had a talk about a secret cupcake recipe where Joel also gave advice, Joel feels like he needs to be a helping hand to Free-Jon.

04-04-15_12-58 AM

The email read;

“Hey there Free-Jon!

I know you’re not really expecting me to email you so soon, but I wanted to tell you all about what’s happened so far in the Simself side of the Simposium. It’s going along awesomely! Cathy Tea (the motherlode version) is getting along with everyone really well and she even was seen cutting at a bonsai! Can you tell what she cut the bonsai into? Do you have your guess ready? It’s a…

04-04-15_12-54 AM

Freezer Bunny!

No silly, it’s not you but the actual Freezer Bunny. It’s awesome right? I hope you can come and visit me or I can come and visit you soon once S-GAS is over and my player transfers me into my own story world! (Because he has promised me that.)

Hopefully you are growing into a fine young man, and I am eagerly awaiting your school report card grades! If you do really well, I will treat you to something special 🙂

Yours Sincerely,
Mr Cupcake / Joel Rochdale”

After Joel had finished the email, he stretched his arms outwards and into the air above him. He thought for a second what would be good for him to do next, since he had finished everything he had wanted to do for the day.

04-04-15_12-58 AM-2

“Hm…” Joel thought, he looked around the house to see that no one was in the living area. Most of them were probably on the top floor dancing to the music that would never turn off because the stereo’s off button stopped working.

“Let’s go make some cupcakes.” Mr Cupcake smiled, as he walked upstairs to find his cupcake machine.


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