S-GAS Simselves: Romeo & Juliet

Mark and Sunny have gotten a lot closer recently. It’s to the point that they can both be in the same space at the same time.

04-04-15_1-01 AM

“Are you… okay?” Jamie asked the pair of them. However, Mark was too distracted dancing right by Sunny. Sunny doesn’t really mind it at all, since she did share the same space as CathyTea during the Meet & Greet for a brief moment.

“I’m fine.” Giggled Sunny as Rose had decided to go and get dinner started for the Simselves. Rose & Karen cooked for everyone, since they refused to have food made for them.

Meanwhile, Sunny and Mark were finally alone, and it was time for Sunny to lay down the business upon him. Of course, it was natural for Mark to get scared. Look at her face!

04-04-15_1-24 AM

“So. when you were with Manda, what did you talk about?” Sunny asked and Mark gulped loudly.

“It was nothing really, we just became really good-“ However, Mark didn’t have enough time to explain because Sunny was already powering up her argument against him.

“I don’t need to hear it! I thought you said that you’d only look at me and talk to me. But what is this? You are a good for nothing man.” Sunny sternly replied and she turned her head. However, she slowly turned back to see Mark’s hurt face. She had really done it this time, but it only made her more angry.

04-04-15_1-24 AM-2

“You’re crying? Suck it up and be a man! I don’t need a little boy who cries, I need a man who will be there for me!” Sunny explained, meanwhile, Jessica was trying her best not to eavesdrop on the conversation, she had only wanted to dance but had accidentally walked in on something she shouldn’t have.

Mark looked towards Sunny and he took a deep breath. He wanted to explain everything, but inside of him, he knew that he might not be able to. So, he decided to only say one thing to her.

04-04-15_1-25 AM-2

“Yes, I may show all of my emotions, but is that bad? I’m completely honest with everything I do and say, and I’m always smiling. However, sometimes it becomes too much and I tend to let it all go. But, I think that I am unique in that way, because I am able to be me. My player might have created me to be like him, but he could never have imagined me having emotions and my own thoughts and feelings.” Mark breathed out and Sunny stopped speaking for a second.

For a moment, Sunny had finally realized that she might have been too harsh, or even, too forceful on Mark. She should let him live the way he wants to live, because that’s what his player intended for him to do. Sunny gulped and looked back up at Mark.

04-04-15_1-25 AM-3

“Okay. If, by the end of this Simposium, you still want to talk with me. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give you my email address.” Sunny smiled and Mark sighed with relief, but soon after he ran downstairs and Sunny looked behind herself and said, “What’s with that?”

04-04-15_1-29 AM

“Someone’s taking a while in the bathroom…” Karen said as she knocked impatiently on the door.

“Just a minute!” The voice said inside, and it was none other than…

04-04-15_1-30 AM


“I held it in all the time that Sunny was talking to me… oops?” Mark admitted. Soon afterwards, Mark and Sunny saw each other again, and smiled.

Featuring sunnyshay’s, AkramA’s, Jes2G’s, ARoseInBloom’s and Carewren123’s Simselves! You can check out their blogs HERE!


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