The Wonder Child – Chapter Twenty-Six – Confession

Orion’s Point of View


I invited Matt over for a quick chess game after everyone had returned to sleep. After a long time living, I knew that my time to leave this world would be coming soon and, it’d be great if I could play one last chess game with my old friend.

He still looks great as he told me he found a Potion of Youth, which helped retain his good looks, but the cost was deadly expensive and I don’t have that kind of money since I paid for the renovations to be done.

Matthew arrived soon after and we started to play the game together.

04-05-15_3-46 PM

“Interesting.” I said as I looked around the board. Matt had smirked like he usually did, he thought that he had won already? Think again, it takes a lot to beat a man like me. I moved my chess piece forward and the smirk from his face disappeared.

“So, how’s the family?” Matt asked as he looked down at the chess board. I never thought about how I would tell Leliana or Athena how I’m near death but I vowed to never tell the boys about me leaving. It’s too much pain to put on a child.

04-05-15_3-46 PM-2

“They’re doing fine. I opened up the front door to let a breeze in as Alistair said he was feeling a bit hot.” I remarked and Matt rested his head onto his palm, he seemed to be thinking about something deeply. I’ve had those moments myself, where I couldn’t help but think about the past or something I’ve been wanting to tell someone. It’s hard to get rid of that feeling.

“Ah… right.” Matt finally came out after moving his chess piece. I picked up the piece I wanted to move and contemplated on the board where I would want to move it. At times like these, Leliana would be a great help to my matches.

04-05-15_3-46 PM-3

“Hm…” I thought and Matt started to laugh a little.

“You could always forfeit, and let me have the win.” Matt suggested but I looked up to him in my usual competitive glare.

“Never.” I stated, and I slammed down my chess piece onto the board. Things just became a bit more serious. We both decided to have no time limit as to how long it took us to decide our moves, as with my memory and all, it’d be hard for me to have one minute to decide my move.

04-05-15_3-47 PM

“Before you make your move, there’s something that I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while now, and when you hear it, I’m not sure if you’ll ever want to be near me again.” Matt gulped and I looked up at him again. If he’s saying something like this, it’s either pretty serious or something that he just wants to get off of his chest.

“What is it? Do you love me or something?” I laughed but what Matt said next immediately changed my expression.

“Well… I used to be an ex-Government Agent who worked with the Wonder Child Project. Orion… I know your daughter is a Wonder Child. Now before you say something I need to explai–“ However, before Matt could explain himself, my head already popped with anger.

What? Government Agent?! How could he do something like this? Is our whole friendship a lie? These were all questions that I had thought about to ask him, but, I wasn’t that kind of person who would show a weakness. But still, he’s an ex-government agent so there must’ve been a reason why he left. So, still full of anger, I replied to him.

04-05-15_3-51 PM

“YOU’RE AN EX-GOVERNMENT AGENT? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME WHEN WE FIRST MET? WHY DID YOU LEAVE IT UNTIL JUST BEFORE I HAVE TO LEAVE?” I shouted at him, and I have to say for storytelling sake, Matt was a bit taken aback by what I had said. Deep down inside, I wanted to stop but the betrayal that had just occurred fueled the fire that blazed like hell.

“YOU BETRAYED ME AND THIS FAMILY. I’M NOT EVEN SURE WHAT YOU COULD HAVE SAID TO THEM BEFORE YOU LEFT, BUT I DON’T WANT TO HEAR.” I continued. How could someone, who I thought I could trust, do this to me? It’s like he kept his friends close but his enemies closer. Am I really his enemy?

04-05-15_3-51 PM-3

However, after shouting a bunch of words, I had finally calmed down to my natural self. Inside, I vowed to never ever do that again as it would put too much strain on my heart and I could have an earlier death than expected.

“So, why did you quit the Government? Not enough pay? So you thought you would spy on us for even more pay? Or did something happen there that made you quit?” I was intrigued as if something were to happen to Leliana, I could never forgive myself and more than that, Matt would be dead.

04-05-15_3-51 PM-4

“You better tell me… or else!” I couldn’t help but laugh after that, I had to brighten up the dark mood that overcame us both. Matt remained silent for a while, but soon he finally started to speak to me.

04-05-15_3-52 PM

“First of all, I’m sorry for not telling you for so long. I wanted to tell you but it wasn’t right to tell you at that moment, plus it needed to be after Leliana was born and grown into a teenager, as it was the right time for her to know everything. You cannot tell her directly what I’ve said as the Government does have camera’s installed in your house and after Leliana becomes a Young Adult, they will come and collect all of the tapes that have been recorded. And don’t think about trying to fake them because they will know.” Matt had started to say, the thought had never occurred to me that Leliana could be in greater danger that I had ever realized.

Luckily, Matt said that the chess table is the only blind spot of the cameras, but when the next renovation comes along, they’ll make sure to get EVERY spot.

04-05-15_3-52 PM-2

“So, what do you want to know?” Matt asked, and I thought about it for a second. The perfect question came to mind.

“Why did you leave the Government?” I questioned, and Matt gulped. I knew that this was going to be something that would both scare me, and introduce me to a world I’ve never experienced.

“The Government wanted me to kill someone, and I almost did.” Matt turned away for a second, but I managed to get his attention back afterwards.

“Who?” I wanted, no. I needed to know.

“Danielle Lakewater.” Matthew stated and my jaw dropped. The girl who supposedly died and the Government were taking the case… they killed her? No, they think they killed her but she’s alive… right?

04-05-15_3-53 PM

“She’s alive?” I asked, and Matt’s expression lowered to a saddened one. However, he slowly nodded his head.

“Yes, she’s alive but I wish I could say the same for her parents. They sacrificed themselves to keep her safe and… she came with me.” Matt explained and this time, I was the one who looked to the side. Wow, her parents showed Agape, Unconditional Love. I’m proud of them, even though I don’t know who they are.

“Do I get to meet Danielle?” I asked, it would be crucial that I get to meet this girl. This time, Matt smiled.

“There’s no time for that. But your daughter has already met her, through the voice in her head.” Matt explained. What? My daughter has had a voice in her head and she never cared to tell me that?

“Voice in her head?” I was literally on the edge of my seat.

04-05-15_3-53 PM-2

“Yes, there’s been a voice in Leliana’s head for several years now and the person behind that is Danielle. But, Leliana doesn’t know this and you shouldn’t tell her until Danielle is ready to tell her everything.” Matt led onto say. I completely understood why I had to keep this away from Leliana, but there was another question that was on my mind.

“Wait a second. Why did the Government want you to kill Danielle?” It wouldn’t have made sense unless she did something to make them angry.

“Danielle is another Wonder Child, one of the hundreds of Wonder Children in the world. You think that you’re all contributing to society but you really aren’t, you’re all in a competition with one another. The best raised Wonder Child is then taken to the Government to work right? Wrong. The Wonder Child will be used for another purpose, something more sinister than me or you could ever imagine. Danielle seemed to have found out that reason, and before she could tell anyone, I was ordered to kill her. However, she won’t tell me what the reason is because she says it will make me too angry.” Matt literally blew my mind, this was something beyond my control and I’m not even sure if I could do anything to stop it. But as a father, and a citizen of this town, I will try to do everything I can.

04-05-15_3-53 PM-3

“What can I do to help?” I wondered, but moved slightly backwards while shaking his head momentarily.

“Nothing. Only Leliana will be able to stop the Government.” Matt had stated. Why? Why can only my daughter be the one to save everyone from this… monstrous project?

“Only Leliana?” I repeated and Matt nodded.

“Only Leliana can stop it because she’s going to be the top Wonder Child.”

“How do you know?”

“The Government are going to make sure of it. There’s something they want to find out by making her the top Wonder Child.” Matt said and I looked to him straight away.

“What’s that?” I continued.

“They want to see if she’s capable of travelling to another dimension, because apparently they’ve found one but they can’t open the wormhole to get to it.” Matt explained, however before I could ask anymore questions he gestured his palm over to me.

04-05-15_3-53 PM-4

“You still need to make your turn.” He said.


10 thoughts on “The Wonder Child – Chapter Twenty-Six – Confession

    • SummerFalls says:

      It’s exciting on my end as well! Watching everyone react! I wonder… When you meet Danielle, how you will all react then.


  1. Jordan says:

    YES, I WAS SORT OF RIGHT. I knew Danielle was involved. And I knew the government was corrupt! It always is! Plum the evil power-hungry government. Anarchy! Woo! *hides from NSA*


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