S-GAS Simselves: Advice from Cathy Tea

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Cathy Tea had been feeling slightly down since she had to part with her animal hat because the Player didn’t own the Limited Edition Content of the game, but he sincerely apologizes and says that he will try to get it soon. Anyways, Cathy Tea was playing on the computer before she was joined by Manda and Karen for a quick conversation.

“What brings you to my humble surroundings?” Cathy smiled as she eyed Manda. Manda tried to stare Cathy down, but she found that she had to look away.

“Well, I wanted to see if you were okay… you seem depressed without your animal hat.” Manda always seemed to express deep concern for anyone who hinted a slight negative aura. It was probably one of her greatest qualities.

“Yeah, I’m coping. It just doesn’t feel the same, and my head feels a little cold.” Cathy admitted and Manda patted her head which allowed some of the warmth to come back to it.

04-04-15_2-03 AM-2

“Thank you. But, you see, it’s not that I miss the hat… the hat misses me.” Cathy explained and Karen and Manda looked at each other.

“Right.” Karen briefly said, before smelling the air, “Oh… something’s burning. OH NO, THE TOFFEE-DOGS.”

Karen soon ran out of the conversation to go and save her burning toffee-dogs. Which then left Manda and Cathy by themselves, and at this point, there was something on Manda’s mind that she wanted to ask Cathy about.

04-04-15_2-04 AM

“So, Cathy. I learnt from other simselves that you’re not actually the only simself that CathyTea has. There’s four of you! Does it ever feel like you’re in a competition with each other to become CathyTea’s favorite simself?” Manda blew out, and Cathy giggled with glee as if the question was really easy to answer.

“I don’t know! But, if I know CathyTea, the answer would be pointless because she loves us all equally.” Cathy smiled. Manda kind of knew that this wasn’t going to be the only question she wanted to ask, and so she asked further.

04-04-15_2-05 AM

“How do you know what skill is your favorite? I mean, I do like working with certain skills but I haven’t found the one I love… and one that I feel I could do forever. You know?” Manda scratched her head and Cathy, at this point turned off the computer and turned to face Manda.

“I’m glad you came to me for advice. It’s nice when I can forget about the Player’s mishap with my hat and help other people. Well, when you feel like you love the skill, you’ll know when it’s something you really love and enjoy doing. I don’t really have to worry about that since I live in a motherload world— let’s not start singing.” Cathy remarked to herself and Manda nodded, taking mental notes in her head.

“Ooh, that does make sense. Also, how about potential death? I’m kind of scared of dying… it’s scary.” Manda admitted, and Cathy shook it off quickly.

04-04-15_2-05 AM-3

“Well, since I live in an aging off world, it doesn’t affect me but, if you do get to live in an aging on world, I can see how it would be scary. However, you can easily be resurrected with ambrosia or a book of life, so it’s fine! There are many ways around death.” Cathy explained and Manda again, took down some mental notes. She really did value all the advice she was gaining from Cathy Tea, it seemed that she valued the experience Cathy Tea and her player had earned.

“Finally, what’s it like to have cheats?” Manda wanted to know this the most, since she wanted to see if she could convince her player to give her some… power ups.

“It’s the most amazing thing in the world! You really don’t have to worry about much. But, sometimes I wish I could play normally, but at the same time, I wouldn’t have as much as I would now. So, I enjoy life as it is.” Cathy finished off, and Manda thanked her for all the advice she gave her, “It’s no problem, really.”

Manda had then left Cathy to her own devices, and Cathy had finally pulled a smile upon her face.

“Such a sweet girl.” Cathy thought, before returning to think about Freezer Bunnies.

04-04-15_2-06 AM

Starring CathyTea’s, Carewren123’s and Dougsbaby12’s Simselves! You can view their blogs on this page HERE!


7 thoughts on “S-GAS Simselves: Advice from Cathy Tea

  1. cathytea says:

    Aw… I had to leave my animal hat in the closet when I came in to the office this afternoon… and now, I’m remembering that it misses me! It’s ok, Little Bunny (I have a Freezer Bunny animal hat at home)–I’ll be home in 75 point two-four minutes! 😉

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