S-GAS Simselves: Late Night Chat

04-04-15_2-15 AM


“These hamburgers sure do have an acquired taste.” Jessica whispered to herself while she spotted Karen looking out to the horizon of Willow Creek. Jessica and Karen hadn’t talked much since S-GAS began, but since they were the last two awake on the ending of this S-GAS day, Jessica took the opportunity to get to know Karen better.

Jessica sat down on the chairs, while placing the hamburger plate on the table. She attempted numerous times to get Karen’s attention, with the final time working like a charm. Karen turned her head slowly, looking at Jessica with innocent eyes.

“Hello there.” Karen smiled, Jessica put down her hamburger and coughed. It was finally time to get to know Karen.

04-04-15_2-18 AM-7

“Hey! So, I was wondering if you were participating in the second session tomorrow?” Jessica asked, and Karen breathed in deeply with her head held high. Her fist clenched as she finally breathed out the words.

“Why, yes I am. I mean, learning about myself IS learning about my player, right?” Karen said and Jessica nodded. Both of them would be seeing more of each other as the Simself Simposium went along, and tonight was the ice breaker to see if they’ll be friends or hate each other. Jessica smiled before starting to speak.

“That’s true, I wonder if we’re doing it as a group or individually.” Jessica wondered, she would feel much more comfortable if it was individual, but something inside of her told her that it wouldn’t be.

04-04-15_2-18 AM-6

“Well, Joel told me that it’ll start off with a group but then each person will have a small individual session with him before returning back to the group for a final feedback sort of conclusion. I think it’s an excellent idea, to be honest.” Karen explained and Jessica cheered inside her mind. She’d only have to speak for roughly twenty minutes, which was great.

“Sweeeet! I think this session will help us learn a lot about our player and help us strengthen our relationship with them which I believe will be beneficial in the long run.” Jessica theorized, and Karen could see where Jessica was coming from. If the simself-player relationship was strengthened, who knows what could happen?

“Excellent point.” Karen grinned, she finally found a place of friendship with Jessica.

04-04-15_2-18 AM-5

“So, how about taking over the world?” Karen’s smile turned evil and Jessica looked at Karen with slight worry.

“Uh…” Jessica didn’t know what to say at this point, she wondered what Karen was doing and it was sort of scaring her.

“Psyche! I totally tricked you! Hahaha!” Karen laughed, and Jessica managed to join in. It was great that they had the same sense of humor, sort of.

“You’re punny.” Jessica continued to laugh along with Karen, it soon wore off as they had both run out of jokes to tell each other.

04-04-15_2-18 AM-2

“All in all though, I do believe that you’re something special Karen. You seem to have the tendency to make anyone smile even in the saddest situations. That’s similar to your player Carewren123, even in her story Wren’s Nest, she can even make a happy situation arise from something that was devastating to the survivors. That talent is something that I treasure in people.” Jessica knew this about Karen ever since she was first introduced to everyone in the Meet & Greet.

“Thanks Jessica. I believe you’re an amazing person, you always seem to find the right thing to say to people to make them smile, and I love that. However, I wonder what people thought about my burgers too, they weren’t perfect but I was trying something out, you know?” Karen wondered. She had seen some people complain about their taste, but others actually enjoying it.

“I liked them, although you could use a bit less sugar and a bit more meat. I think that’d balance it out better.” Jessica suggested and Karen’s plumbob above her head lit up.

04-04-15_2-17 AM-2

“That’s it! Yes, that’ll be perfect. I’ll make them like you suggested for the next session. Thanks Jessica again, I really mean it!” Karen and Jessica both shared a hug, before they both went off to go to bed. Even though their conversation wasn’t that long, they both knew that they’d have many more filled with wondrous things.

Featuring Jes2G’s and Carewren123’s Simselves! You can check out their blogs HERE, among the other participants!

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