S-GAS Simselves: Happy Cupcakes for All

04-09-15_5-58 PM

After his early morning workout, Joel Rochdale thought it would be best to cook up some cupcakes for breakfast this morning. He looked at the various recipes on the machine, trying to find the perfect ones to make.

“Caramel Glaze… Vanilla Frosting… Oreo Chocolate… AH! RED VELVET!” Joel shouted as he slammed down the red button on the red velvet option. He pulled various levers and mechanisms while the machine was working, he managed to get the genetic material of each ingredient ready.

04-09-15_5-58 PM-2

“Right, that’s step one done.” Joel said briefly before turning the dial on the bottom of the machine. The various clinks and clanks were heard from the machine as the yellow light flashed and steam blew out from the top. It was probably working on it’s full capacity right about now and Joel was looking forward to it’s yummy cupcakes.

Next, Joel jiggled the handle of one of the top levers as the cupcake mixture was ready to be mixed. As he continued to pull and press various levers and buttons, the cupcake mixture begun to smoothly mix together and form a firm consistency, as Joel guessed from hearing the movements of the machine. By now, he could easily tell each stage of the cupcake formation.

04-09-15_5-59 PM

“Almost there! Just need to have the icing form and place them on top now.” Joel muttered before activating the icing part of the cupcake machine. Sparklers sputtered from the top and the machine moved the cupcakes onto a plate where the icing guns then fired icing onto the cupcakes.

After decorating the final touches upon the cupcakes, the conveyor belt started to function and the plate was slowly brought out for everyone to see, revealing the final product to Joel. He smiled and clapped as soon as he saw the cupcakes roll down the conveyor belt.

04-09-15_5-59 PM-2

“They’re perfect. Exactly how I wanted them to be.” Joel smiled, before picking up the plate and transferring them to the dining room table along with another batch of red velvet cupcakes he made just before these ones. However, before he could even bite one of them, he had an email notification on his phone.

Joel walked over to the computer, and logged onto his email where he found an email from Free-Jon! Joel giggled with glee as he opened up the email and read it from beginning to end and he at least repeated the recipe ten times to ensure that he remembered it thoroughly.

04-09-15_6-32 PM

“Hm… how would I reply to Free-Jon? I’ll come back to this later.” Joel left the computer for a couple of hours before turning back soon after. He spun on the seat after having the best day since the start of the Simself Simposium, he had taken a lot of photos and he was ready to share his experiences with Free-Jon.

After finishing his email, he read it aloud to himself.

“Hey Free-Jon!
 I’m so glad you replied to my email so soon, and I do need to smile more often so I followed your recipe for Happy Cupcakes! Now, this will be a bit lengthy so be prepared to read quite a bit more than you should. Don’t worry though, this will be great practice for your reading skills!

First of all, you said, ‘1. Start with music. Dad and me like electrickonica. Mom likes anything Bach. It’s ok either way. Just like something.’ , so I went up to the top floor and turned on some music. I liked New Politics’ song ‘Everywhere I go’ so I turned it onto Alternative to hear the song.
04-09-15_6-51 PM

After that, you said the next thing was, ‘2. Dance. Dance a lot. I like to dance like a robot. Mom likes to dance like a hippie. Dad dances like a geek who just jumped out of a video game. It’s ok any way. Just dance.’, and following your instructions I started to dance. But, soon enough more and more people started to join in the dancing of the song! Although, Sarafina Plumsin wasn’t feeling the music and quietly read downstairs which was a tad weird. However, it seemed everyone was having a good time as there was plenty of conversation and dancing amongst people!
04-09-15_6-52 PM

Cathy Tea (Motherlode Version) and Bill Monaghan were interacting nicely with each other about the mysteries of the wider sim world.

04-09-15_6-55 PM-2

While Jamie Rosenbloom was teaching everyone how to dougie. Although everyone seemed to be doing it out of time with her, so it never really caught on.

04-09-15_6-55 PM

Karen tried to re-educate people in the proper way to dance, I’d say it was pretty successful since the look she was giving everyone was very… “helpful.”

04-09-15_6-54 PM 04-09-15_6-53 PM

At least I didn’t have to worry! Poor Manda and Jessica.

Thirdly, you said the next ingredient was ‘3. Have a friend. it’s best if you’ve got a friend who’s from someplace where they use words different, like jumper for sweater and chips for fries and stuff like that. Then it’s really neat. And it’s best if your friend is there to give you all kinds of advice and write you emails. But even if your friend is a little guy like me, it’s still ok. Because it’s still a friend.’, and so I went out to swim with everyone since it was a hot day. And we did get up to quite a lot together! First, I splashed Jamie in the face, although we laughed about it afterwards.
04-09-15_7-02 PM

I shouted “SPLASH!” as I threw the water in Jamie’s face. Although it seemed she was affected quite a bit at first, my endearing charm made her laugh about it afterwards.04-09-15_7-03 PM

04-09-15_7-04 PM

However, in my sights I had settled on my next victim. Karen Wontothree. I maneuvered my way over to her before splashing her in the face as well! It seemed she laughed it off as well like Jamie did.
04-09-15_7-04 PM-2 04-09-15_7-04 PM-3

Don’t tell them Free-Jon, I’m only telling you but… I secretly love all of these people so much. They’re the greatest friends you could ask for within a sim world. However, you’re probably the greatest friend I’ve met so far! I miss you and I promise I will visit you soon.

Moving on, you mentioned that I also need to have a mission as said on stage four of Happy Cupcakes! ‘4. Have a mission. Like right now, I’ve got this big mission that involves looking for where all the holes went that are supposed to be on the moon. But you can do anything. As long as it’s fun. And as long as it’s something that is important in your mind. And right here: in the middle of your chest or something.’ And so, I stared at myself in the mirror before actually deciding on my first ever mission!
04-09-15_7-16 PM

I said and I quote, “I vow to give all these simselves the best simself simposium ever! It’ll be so great that no one will ever be able to forget it and they’ll want to come back and see me… or we could even have a reunion sometime.” I also vowed to try and visit you once S-GAS is over before starting my story

04-09-15_7-17 PM-2

I also managed to get a cheesy smile in it for you!

Finally, you said that sleep is the vital last ingredient! As quoted by you, ‘5. Go to sleep. This is the most important part of the happiness cupcake because when you wake up, you will feel like you’ve been eating chocolate icing all night! You’ll feel a hundred million twelve billion mixipilipion smiles inside of you. That’s what happens when you sleep and then wake up. Happiness finds you while your eyes are closed.’ Now that, is so cute! I’ve always stayed up late but just for you I will sleep for a long time, so I went to sleep and I slept for a really long time!
04-09-15_8-00 PM

And when I woke up, I totally felt really refreshed and glad that I finally got to try my happy cupcakes along with everyone else. I sincerely thank you Free-Jon for the lovely recipe and I will be sure to use it again in the future!
Now, again I promise to meet you soon!

From your favorite Welsh Woolly Sweater Cupcake Man,

And send! Joel then exhaled deeply before leaning back onto the chair. He knew that Free-Jon was a very special boy with the capability to do wonders to the world around him.

04-09-15_8-01 PM

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18 thoughts on “S-GAS Simselves: Happy Cupcakes for All

  1. Jes2G says:

    Don’t tell me you’re a Red Velvet fan too! You just might be my brother lol. Don’t worry about Jessica and Karen. Jessica can use all the dance lessons she can get if she really is just like me LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ARoseInBloom says:

    Aw…see, I knew JRose wouldn’t be too upset that you splashed her in the face. She’s easy going for the most part.

    And yum on the cupcakes. I wonder if JRose and I have the same favorite flavor…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. cathytea says:

    I’m so glad you tried the happiness cupcakes–and that they worked! I’m trying the recipe myself on this side of the screen, and I’m quite happy with the results… although it means I need to go to bed pretty soon! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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