S-GAS Simselves Session 2: Learning about Yourself & Your Player Part 1

Everyone gathered at the Rabbit’s Teahouse after having cupcakes for breakfast thanks to Joel’s cupcake machine. They sat down on the sofas after they were re-arranged for this special session thanks to Joel’s player on the other side of the screen.

04-10-15_8-09 PM

Joel took a few breaths before starting to speak, he also had thought about what he was going to say.

“Hello everyone! Welcome to the second session of the Simself Simposium For Game Aware Sims where we will be… Learning About Ourselves and Our Player! Now, before we begin I’d like to tell you all how this session will be run.” He managed to say before pulling out a piece of paper full of notes on it. Everyone else looked at each other with watchful eyes.

“I’m excited!” Debbie shouted, and everyone laughed at the randomness of that comment. Joel then returned to speaking about this session.

04-10-15_8-12 PM

“This session will start out with an introduction, which we’re doing now, followed by individual conversations about the relationship, similarities and differences between you and your player. We’ll then come back together for a final conclusion about this and see what you guys have to say about what you’ve learnt!” Joel finished, and everyone nodded.

“Ooh, this sounds interesting. I wonder what we’ll be asked.” Karen said to Jamie. Jamie shrugged her shoulders at Karen before returning to look at Joel.

04-10-15_8-12 PM-2

“How about if we’re not sure what to say?” Mark asked Joel from the other side, and Joel held out one finger to him. Joel knew the exact answer to this question as he had been preparing for it all day.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Manda were having a small conversation by themselves about what they were going to discuss with Joel during their private conversation to him.

04-10-15_8-13 PM-2

“To start off with, we should talk about us, you, me, simselves! We know what simselves are, and why they’re created, but do we have stuff in common with our players?” Joel asked, and Sunny raised her hand, “We’re not in class Sunny, you can just speak.”

04-10-15_8-13 PM

Joel laughed, but Sunny started to answer Joel’s question, “Well, mostly we would have stuff in common with our players since they choose traits that represent them, but in some cases we can develop interests in other things that our players don’t usually do in their lives.”

“Beautiful!” Joel complimented, and everyone clapped for Sunny in a melodic tone.

“So yes, that is the basic answer to our similarities or differences with our simselves. We can look the same, or look different but generally we look the same, we can inherit the same or different traits and we can act the same or differently. It all depends on how we’re played or how we act by ourselves.” Joel spoke, and everyone nodded in unison.

04-10-15_8-15 PM-2

“So, who wants to go first in their private conversation?” Joel asked, and everyone looked at each other blankly, like no one wanted to go first. Except, one girl looked right at Joel with eager eyes.

04-10-15_8-16 PM

“Me!” Debbie shouted.

“Okay, outside then Debbie.” Joel replied and they both then left to go and have their private conversation.

debbie vanhigh – private conversation

04-10-15_8-18 PM

Joel: Thank you for going first Debbie, can I call you Debs? I think everyone was scared that I’d pounce on them or ask them private questions.

Debbie: No problem! And yeah, you can call me Debs. I’m super eager to find out more about me and my player, as I think it’ll bring us closer than ever before.

Joel: That’s real nice, Debs. So, are you ready to begin?

Debbie: Ask away, Mr Questioner.

Joel: How alike would you say you and your player are?

04-10-15_8-19 PM-2

Debbie: Well…

Joel: You’re aloud to think it’s okay!

Debbie: Eerily so, we both love to eat and to laugh at our own bad jokes!

Joel: Hahaha! Can I get a ‘bad joke’?

Debbie: Say, how do you know Will Smith has been in the snow?

Joel: I’m not sure.

04-10-15_8-19 PM

Debbie: You look for the Fresh Prince!

Joel: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think I’m going to die of hysteria, oh my. That was too funny!

Debbie: Thank you! Although, I think everyone inside heard you laughing.

04-10-15_8-19 PM-4

Joel: Oh well. Still, do you think your player plays you like how she would play her life if she was in the Sims?

Debbie: I think she does, yeah. She usually plays me as a writer, with me writing and publishing books after stories she’s written in her life while living in her idea of a perfect home.

Joel: Oooh, that’s what I’m going to be doing soon. Is it fun?

04-10-15_8-20 PM-2

Debbie: I’d say it is. I think she’s just waiting for a Pets Expansion Pack or Game Pack now so she can just make a cat, and then her world will be complete.

Joel: That also sounds like a lot of fun. I wonder if my player will give me any pets.

Debbie: I’ll try and convince my player to tell him!

Joel: You do that Debs. You seem like a great simself, I don’t think there are many differences between you and your player though.

Debbie: If there’s not many differences, maybe they’ll arise in the future.

04-10-15_8-21 PM

Joel: It’s been fun talking with you Debs!

04-10-15_8-20 PM

Debbie: You too, Joel! Have a nice session, you have to sit through six more of these right?

Joel: Oh… yeah. Have a nice day!

You can check out everyone’s blogs HERE for those who participated in this session.


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