S-GAS Simselves Session 2: Learning about Yourself & Your Player Part 2

jessica brown – private conversation

04-10-15_9-24 PM

Joel: Hi Jessica! So you decided to come right after Debbie?

Jessica: Yeah, she said the conversation was very enlightening for her, so I thought I could go next to see what she meant.

Joel: Ah… well that’s awesome! So, did Debbie tell you how this conversation was going to work?

Jessica: Nope.

Joel: Well, I’ll basically ask you two questions, and you can decide how long or how short your answer will be.

Jessica: Ooo, ok. Hit me with the first question!

04-10-15_9-25 PM

Joel: So Jessica, how alike are you and Jes2G?

Jessica: That’s a good question.

Joel: Thanks! My player made them up but I helped him, of course.

Jessica: I’d say that we’re a lot alike, but when she plays with me I think she can tell that I’m a bit different.

Joel: Different how?

04-10-15_9-26 PM

Jessica: I’m a bit more adventurous than Jes2G but still, we’re basically the same person.

Joel: But with that little different, you both can experience new things together.

Jessica: Exactly!

Joel: So you were always made the way you were, with the same traits and same type of aspiration?

04-10-15_9-26 PM-2

Jessica: Not at all! Even though I’m the core simself of Jes2G, her short term goals change and her list of long term goals becomes bigger and bigger. So, as a result, my traits keep changing and I have many different aspirations.

Joel: So Jes2G might think it’s hard for you to be just three traits?

Jessica: Yeah. I think that since there’s so much personality, it’s hard to try and make it fit into three traits. However, just before I was sent off she decided on four things that describe who she consistently is and what she really wants. So, I present myself!

Joel: If I do say so myself, you are an awesome simself. I do wonder if SummerFalls ever actually managed to describe himself in just three traits or if it was hard for him as well. I’ll have to ask him before this session ends.

Jessica: Thanks bro. You know just what to say. And yeah, you should totally ask him, you could answer your own questions at the end of the session!

04-10-15_9-27 PM

Joel: Yeah that’s a great idea and bahaha, it’s all part of my personality.

Jessica: I think I’m ready for the next question, what is it?

Joel: Ah right, yes!

Jessica: I’m waiting, I’m not getting impatient or anything, I’m just waiting.

Joel: Ok, so do you think Jes2G plays you like how she would play her life if she was in the Sims?

04-10-15_9-27 PM-4

Jessica: I think Jes2G lets me do what I want really, so I guess she does.

Joel: That’s the same with my player too! Although, he sometimes wants me to do certain things so I guess I’m always working towards a certain goal.

Jessica: That’s nice.

Joel: It was real nice talking to you today Jessica!

Jessica: You too Joel! Oh I should do something before I go.

Joel: What is it?

04-10-15_9-27 PM-5

Jessica: My name is Jessica Brown and I approve of this Simself Simposium.



04-10-15_9-41 PM-2

Joel: Hey Mark! I saw you running out here faster than a galloping llama. Do you want to talk now?

Mark: Sure, although at first I thought it was Sunny’s conversation so that’s why I ran out here. That failed so, let’s get this over and done with.

Joel: No time like the present! I’ll just ask you a couple of questions, you answer them and we’ll discuss in between? Cool?

Mark: Yeah, that’s cool like ice.

Joel: (mutters) People today are being totally weird.

Mark: What was that?

04-10-15_9-42 PM

Joel: Nothing! First question, would you say that you and AkramA are alike? In what way?

Mark: First, that’s two questions.

Joel: Oh, sorry.

04-10-15_9-45 PM

Mark: But still, the Create-A-Sim feature in this game makes it very easy for me to look like AkramA so I guess we’re almost similar in that way.

Joel: That’s true, I think I look close to what SummerFalls’ looks like.

Mark: Also, the traits that AkramA picked for me are ones that mostly represent himself, so we’re the same in that sense but we would’ve been different otherwise.

Joel: Yeah, I can see how traits can greatly affect how a simself acts and behaves for their player.

Mark: Exactly, I mean imagine me with the… squeamish trait? Impossible right?

04-10-15_9-46 PM

Joel: If you say so.

Mark: HEY! That’s rude.

Joel: Sorry… not sorry. Next question is, do you think AkramA plays you like he would live himself if he were in the world of the Sims?

Mark: I don’t think he would.

Joel: Why not?

04-10-15_9-46 PM-5

Mark: He’d let me be more free because in the world he comes from, nothing is really free there except for a few exceptions.

Joel: Wow, that’s actually pretty true. You’re a clever simself Mark.

Mark: Thanks, I’ll relay it to AkramA that you think he’s smart!

04-10-15_9-47 PM-2

Joel: Your time will be up soon, is there anything else you want to say before you leave?

Mark: Thank you for making this Simself Simposium, I’m really having a lot of fun so far and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.

Joel: Hehe, thanks Mark! Now, may the cupcakes guide you.

04-10-15_9-49 PM

Mark: Bye!


04-10-15_9-56 PM

Joel: I’m now with Jamie Rose. How are you on this fine morning?

Jamie: I’m feeling refreshed and ready to answer a lot of questions and discuss whatever needs discussing!

Joel: That’s the spirit I’m looking for! Now, there will only be two questions but we might have a little discussion in between. Okay?

Jamie: I’m fully prepared!

04-10-15_9-56 PM-2

Joel: Okay, question one! How alike would you say you and ARoseInBloom are?

Jamie: Wow… where do I begin?

Joel: We’re–

04-10-15_9-57 PM-2

Jamie: We’re pretty similar, well I think we all have to admit I’m a bit cooler than her. That’s because I say what I think but I also get the feeling that we’re alike.

Joel: Ooh, when I say what I think, my player almost tried to kill me once!

Jamie: You poor thing! What did you say?

Joel: Apparently, I’m not allowed to be a Slytherin in the Sims version of Harry Potter.

04-10-15_9-57 PM-3

Jamie: Oh. Right. I suppose ARoseInBloom left out some traits that could potentially sabotage my life in this world, like the romantic trait. Romance with sims usually gets over the top and my player has experienced some of that but we’d both like to think we’ve grown out of it and we can express our romantic advances in other ways.

Joel: Yeah, romance can sometimes get out of control.

Jamie: Agreed. All in all, she’s sassy, I’m sassy and I’m well put together. I think I’m the person ARoseInBloom dreams of becoming.

04-10-15_9-59 PM-2

Joel: Riiiiiiight.

Jamie: You don’t believe me?

Joel: No I do believe you, it’s just that you’re sassy? I’ve never seen you sa-

04-10-15_10-00 PM-2

Jamie: Hmph.

Joel: Sorry! I’m sorry.

Jamie: Forgiven, now I want this next question. My speaking muscles are itching to speak.

Joel: Would you think that ARoseInBloom controls you the way she would live her life if she were to live in the world of Sims?

04-10-15_10-02 PM

Jamie: So far in this game, not at all but in the last game… The Sims 3? Oh my word, she created guys that she wanted to marry and then married me to them! I was happy with them for the time being.

Joel: Hahahaha! That’s funny! So it was like an arranged marriage of sorts?

Jamie: Yes! But, there was no protest from me, I was all for those men, they were hot.

Joel: Okaaaay.

Jamie: Although, I think in this game I’d probably go out way more than ARoseInBloom even though I’m a loner. It’s one of my traits. However, I want a few close friends that come to visit me from time to time, you know?

04-10-15_10-03 PM

Joel: I know, and you have one right here!

Jamie: It’s great to know that Joel, thanks.

Joel: No problemo, and I think your time is up! Thank you for our lovely conversation, and I hope you have a nice day and I will see you at the end of the session.

04-10-15_10-03 PM-2

Jamie: No, thank YOU!


11 thoughts on “S-GAS Simselves Session 2: Learning about Yourself & Your Player Part 2

  1. ARoseInBloom says:

    This was cool. Poor JRose, though. Forever with the guys and the sassy. I need to give her some more depth.

    Great job! It was fun getting to know some more Sims.

    Liked by 1 person

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