S-GAS Simselves Session 2: Learning about Yourself & Your Player Part 3


04-10-15_10-11 PM

 Karen: Hey Joel, I guess it’s my turn now right?

Joel: Yeah! I hope you don’t mind but some people didn’t want to go next.

Karen: It’s fine, I’m kind of excited about what this is all about, I heard from Jamie Rose that this was both refreshing and eye-opening.

Joel: Well, I’m only here to help.

Karen: I think I’m ready to begin, so you can give me the first question.

Joel: Ah, right. So, do you think Carewren123 and you are alike at all?

04-10-15_10-12 PM-2

Karen: We’re very similar in personality. Since my assigned traits were Creative, Perfectionist and Bookworm, I think Carewren wanted me to be like her, but also more kind and caring than her.

Joel: Caring? Kind?

Karen: Yeah. Do you have a problem with that?

Joel: Not at all! It’s just har-… continue with what you were saying.

Karen: I also have the tendency to say y’all which could imply that me and Carewren both have a southern accent. But the fact is also, we’re both massive science fiction nerds.

04-10-15_10-11 PM-3

Joel: Ooh, I think the only science fiction show I watch is Doctor Who.

Karen: You need to see more, I’ll have to send you and your player a list.

Joel: Okay! I’d like that.

Karen: Although, I’m a little more outgoing than Carewren even though I’m not an extrovert. However, I think our appearances are a little different as well.

Joel: I also know something that’s different.

Karen: What?

Joel: That!

04-10-15_10-12 PM-3

Karen: Ah… this is just the face I pull when my favourite science-fiction shows come on! I dreamed about being in a sci-fi show once.

Joel: You dreamt it?

Karen: Dreamed

Joel: Dreamt.

Karen: Next question.

04-10-15_10-20 PM-3

Joel: Fiesty! Right, would you say that Carewren plays you how she would be if she lived in the World of the Sims?

Karen: I wouldn’t really know the answer to that, sorry.

Joel: Why not?

Karen: Well, other than S-GAS, Carewren hasn’t played with me much but I’ve always been stuck inside Create-A-Sim for as long as I can remember.

Joel: That must’ve been terrible!

04-10-15_10-20 PM-5

Karen: Create-A-Sim is like my second home now, so it’s not as terrible as what it used to be.

Joel: That’s nice. I feel that even though you and your player have your similarities and differences, I feel that you will soon embark on an adventure outside of Create-A-Sim together.

Karen: Really? I wonder if that’ll come true!

Joel: Well, there’s nothing else I have to ask. Is there anything you wanted to ask?

Karen: Not really, but I think any remaining questions will be answered at the concluding group talk.

04-10-15_10-21 PM

Joel: Nice! It was real nice talking to you Karen.

Karen: And you too!

04-10-15_10-21 PM-2


04-10-15_10-57 PM

Joel: Hey Manda! How’re you feeling this afternoon?

Manda: I’m feeling good, I’ve just been a bit nervous about this.

Joel: There’s nothing to be afraid of! I’ll just ask you two questions and then you’ll be on your way. Of course, I’ll be discussing stuff with you along the way.

Manda: Ah, ok.

Joel: How alike are you and your player, dougsbaby12?

04-10-15_10-59 PM

Manda: Well, I would say that we’re very much alike.

Joel: In what way?

Manda: The traits that I have, which are good, cheerful and foodie are the ones that my player has deep inside. I mean, don’t you love food? This morning, those cupcakes you made were to die for!

Joel: Thanks, you didn’t have to go that far.

04-10-15_10-59 PM-2

Manda: But I did! Also, my player’s friends always say to her that she’s too nice for her own good because she’ll go out of her way to help someone in need. I think I’m like that sometimes as well, I hid an alien in my house for three months.

Joel: Oh my, was it exciting having an alien living within your house or did you find it scary?

Manda: Not at all. The alien was very nice to me and we both respected each other since we both like to look on the bright side of things, like my player does. Also, I think like my player, we both love cooking food as it’s one of my player’s favourite things to do beside going on The Sims.

Joel: Nice! I think you and your player are similar, and you seem perfectly okay with that.

Manda: Why wouldn’t I be?

04-10-15_11-00 PM

Joel: Right. Do you think your player plays you like how she would behave if she were in the World of Sims?

Manda: Well, I haven’t really had a chance to be played by dougsbaby12, but we both would love to give it a try sometime.

Joel: How do you think she would play you like then?

04-10-15_11-01 PM-2

Manda: Well, I think she’d try and create a better life than what she had. Although she doesn’t regret the mistakes she made growing up, she wants to see what mistakes I make by myself and see how it goes!

Joel: Wow, you’re both brave and cheerful people. You really do like to put on a brave face. I like that about you.

Manda: Thank you!

04-10-15_11-01 PM-3

Joel: I’ve liked talking to you today Manda! We should definitely talk more back at the guest lodge.

Manda: I’d like that.


04-10-15_11-12 PM

Joel: Mark was looking for you earlier, he thought your private conversation was earlier.

Sunny: Aw, poor man. He must’ve waited a long time.

Joel: Yeah, let’s get started before this turns into a Romeo & Juliet love story.

Sunny: Excus-

04-10-15_11-17 PM-2

Joel: How alike would you say you and sunnyshay are?

Sunny: Hmph.

04-10-15_11-18 PM

Sunny: Well, I would say that we’re similar in ways such as personality and traits but the way we react to some things is different.

Joel: Like?

Sunny: Sunnyshay is probably vomiting over the fact that I have a relationship bar with Mark Archy but I find it quite sweet.

Joel: Oh, right. I find it quite, well you don’t want my opinion.

Sunny: Oh, I do!

Joel: I just don’t think convention relationships work out, they’re always short term and they end by the time the convention ends.

04-10-15_11-18 PM-2

Sunny: Ah… but still, me and sunnyshay, although we may have the same face, we can act a little differently from each other.

Joel: Next question?

Sunny: Sure, go ahead!

04-10-15_11-19 PM-2

Joel: Do you think sunnyshay would play you like if she were in the World of Sims?

Sunny: Of course!

Joel: You’re certain?

Sunny: Yeah, I mean we both could have the same ideas about how to live. I’m just not sure at the moment.

Joel: Ah…

Sunny: But, you know, I would love it if–

04-10-15_11-20 PM

Joel: I think the game’s frozen, I can’t move.

Sunny: Your moving your mouth.

Joel: No, I think I’m stuck, I can’t answer your question sorry.

Sunny: I guess I’ll have to leave you and go find Mark.

Joel: Yeah, SummerFalls should be doing a resetsim right about now.

04-10-15_11-19 PM-3

Sunny: Bye!

Joel: Byeeeeeee!

And soon afterwards, everyone gathered back into the main lounge where they conducted the conclusion of the session.


9 thoughts on “S-GAS Simselves Session 2: Learning about Yourself & Your Player Part 3

  1. carewren123 says:

    Hehe! Would you believe with my slight southern accent that I actually say dreamt too? I’m sure they don’t sound exactly the same, but I thought you might be amused by that tid bit. I just don’t ever write out my accent. (well, not usually 🙂 )

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