S-GAS Simselves Session 2: Learning about Yourself & Your Player Part 4

Everyone later returned to the Rabbit’s Teahouse where they sat down in the seating area where they were at the beginning of the day. What was different now was that it was now later on in the evening and everyone was feeling a little bit tired but there was still things that had to be said.

04-10-15_11-23 PM

“Welcome back everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day today as we talked about what makes us similar and different from our players.” Joel began and everyone nodded in agreement.

“I enjoyed it a lot.” Jamie smiled as she continued on, “I feel like I’m closer now with my player than ever before.” 

“What about you?” Karen began, “I was going to ask this earlier, but I want to know. What makes you and SummerFalls’ similar and different?” 

Of course, Joel was a bit startled at this question, he never thought that he would be asked one of his own questions. Nevertheless, he began to answer in the most flawless manor.

04-10-15_11-23 PM-2

“Well, I believe that me and SummerFalls are similar in a variety of ways. We both love to write, bake, smile, cook, and obsess over Korean Dramas, we also both have the strange addiction to coffee. But, the reason why we’re different is that he’s real and I’m just… pixels.” Joel sighed but Manda looked over at Joel, questioning what he had just said.

“But, even if we are pixels, we’re still real right? We’ve been made by our players and we’re being made real by them.” Manda suggested and Jessica immediately thought of something to say.

“Yeah. I think it’s important that we realize that we’re also real as well. We’re Sims, but we’re also people who are capable of many emotions and feelings.” Jessica continued and Manda smiled at Jessica and then over at Joel.

04-10-15_11-24 PM

“Exactly.” Manda and Karen said. Joel looked at everyone and took what they had said into careful consideration.

“Wow, you guys. I’m supposed to be the one that’s helping you, but you’ve helped me in more ways than one today. I can’t thank you enough.” Joel giggled and everyone joined in a fit of laughter together. I guess this was the first time Joel considered that SummerFalls could potentially become his friend.

04-10-15_11-25 PM

“Moving on, I believe everyone has learnt something important today that they can take away with them from this session. May it be some advice, or some instruction or maybe some hidden truth that you uncovered, I think it’s important that we try our best to confront our obstacles and overcome them.” Joel continued, “If we face them with our player, sometimes we may be able to get some help but we also need to learn to take care of ourselves. Autonomously.”

“I know about Autonomous Actions!” Debbie waved and everyone looked at Debbie. She took a slight gulp since all the attention was now on her.

“Please, do tell.” Joel said to Debbie.

04-10-15_11-25 PM-2

“Well, Autonomous Actions are actions that are not enacted by our player, but by ourselves. We don’t even know sometimes if our action is autonomous or forced by the player.” Debbie smiled as Joel said that she was correct.

 “Yes! Although, we will know if what we’re doing is autonomous because we will be able to feel it.” Joel mentioned and everyone sort of knew what he meant by that.

04-10-15_11-25 PM-3

“I see.” Karen said while pulling one of her famous faces over at Jessica who was oblivious to the fact that Karen was looking right at her.

“Even so, we should be able to handle our own situations and that is truly when we can become like our player, and that what we learn about yourself from that moment could have something to do with your player.” Joel giggled as he muttered, “Happy Cupcakes are my autonomous actions.”

 Unfortunately, no one heard what he had said, but Jessica, Jamie and Mark were paying close attention to the speech that was being spoken out loud.

04-10-15_11-25 PM-4

“Wow, that’s amazing.” Jamie said while Mark looked and nodded at her before stealing a glance at Sunny.

“Now, I hope that you’ve all now got something to take away from here today and I also hope that you’ll have a safe trip back to the guest lodge. I need to pop out somewhere for an hour or two.” Joel smiled while he raised his hands in the air.

04-10-15_11-25 PM-5

“Oh, it looks like I’m praising a plumbob now doesn’t it.” Joel laughed, “Well, without this we wouldn’t be here today, so thank you plumbob!”

Everyone just laughed and laughed and it never seemed to stop until Joel silenced everyone so he could give the concluding sentence.

“I hope you’ve all had a lovely day and I’ll see some of you for Session 3: Becoming Your Own Person!” He smiled.

04-10-15_11-26 PM

And soon enough, everyone left with huge smiles on their faces.

04-10-15_11-27 PM

I hope you all enjoyed reading Session 2 as much as I enjoyed playing it! To view everyone who participates in this session and S-GAS as a whole, click HERE!


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