S-GAS Simselves: Honorary Simself Club

Jamie, Manda, Jessica and Loves all met on the top floor terrace where they had decided earlier to meet and have a ‘girl talk’ about things surrounding the session. Since Loves couldn’t come to the second session, the other women decided to catch her up on what the session about, and they didn’t want to leave one single detail out.

04-14-15_9-02 PM

“And then, one by one, we all went down to the side of Rabbit’s to have our private conversations with Joel.” Jessica said.

“Yeah, he asked us two questions but once we got through the answers we found out more about ourselves and our player than we have originally intended!” Jamie continued, and Loves nodded.

“Woah, that sounds awesome!” Loves exclaimed, she found that session so fascinating even though she wasn’t there.

“Oh, and we also concluded with a group conversation which was really cool.” Manda finished off and Loves nodded again.

“That’s really cool.” Loves smiled, looking at the other three women. In that moment, Jamie looked like she had a ‘EUREKA!’ moment because as soon after, she spoke an idea that she had come up with.

“Honorary Simselves…” Jamie muttered before explaining it to the other women.

04-14-15_9-02 PM-2

“You know, a club where Simselves can always stay in touch. But, it’s honorary because we needed an adjective so… what do you think?” Jamie asked. The other women thought about it for a couple of minutes, and silence seeped into the air. However, before it could take residence, Jessica broke the silence.

“That sounds brilliant.” Jessica liked the idea a lot, with the other two women agreeing with her soon after.

“So, how would these simselves stay in touch?” Manda asked, not sure where how they could stay in touch due to friendships being lost due to being in different worlds.

04-14-15_9-02 PM-3

“Weirdly enough, the emails in the Sims world seem to be able to use the Gallery to travel and send emails to other Sims. So, if everyone was given all the participants’ email addresses, we can just use email.” Loves explained and Manda nodded understandingly.

“I see.” Manda said afterwards.

“Exactly, and then since we all keep in touch, our friendships will never have to break. Of course, if you don’t want to join the club you don’t have to.” Jamie stated afterwards and everyone agreed, they didn’t want to force anyone into joining something that they don’t like or don’t want to do.

04-14-15_9-03 PM-2

“Our next step is actually trying to get someone to join our club.” Jamie explained and everyone thought about who the best person would be to be the first invited person.

“How about Karen?” Manda asked, but Jessica dismissed the idea right away.

“Not yet, otherwise she might make a face like this!” Jessica pulled a face at Manda.

04-14-15_9-06 PM

“Oh, best leave Karen then until later.” Manda subtly said before turning back to face Loves and Jamie. The four of them were at a standstill until Jessica suddenly realized.

“How about Joel? He did organize this Simself Simposium.” Jessica noted and everyone looked at each other.

“OF COURSE!” The other three women shouted in unison, they hadn’t even thought about asking the person who brought them all together to see if he’d like to help them.

04-14-15_9-04 PM

“So, who’s going to ask him?” Loves asked, and everyone looked at each other.

“I’ll do it, I need to talk to him anyways.” Manda smiled, and everyone agreed again. These four women were setting things up with a stable foundation and now they can have all the materials they need to build their idea up and up.

 Jamie interrupted before she started to say what was relevant to the topic, “OK! So, once we decide to see if Joel wants to join, we should try to schedule something during the farewell party to see if anyone else would like to join. How does that sound?”

“I like that. But, I also think we should see beforehand and not open sign ups until the farewell party.” Loves answered, Jessica nodded at Lo.

“That’s a great idea. So, all for one?” Manda said joyfully.

04-14-15_9-07 PM

“One for All!”


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