The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirty-One – 1×1 Pool of Death

As the morning came round, Dad had invited me to play a chess game against him. We both knew that this would probably be our last chess game together, so as equal opponents, we’d have to give it our all for one last time. Although, when I tried to convince Dad to change into something other than his swimwear, he decided against it.

04-05-15_7-25 PM

“Dad, it’s your turn.” I told him before I rested back in my chair. Dad seemed mesmerized by all the chess pieces that were on the board, but he also seemed like he was planning a huge attack against me which was something I would not allow to happen. Dad slowly moved his chess piece over to a crucial spot where I could hit him.

“There. What do you do now?” Dad smirked. It was obviously a trap since if I take out that piece, I’d be giving Dad the win. However, if I move down a space, there’s nothing that can happen. So, I moved my chess piece down a space, “Plumnugget! You really know how to foil my plans.” 

“I’m never giving you the win, Orion.” I said with a certainty. Dad looked up and realized what I had just said, and because of that he looked down at the chess board just before he made his move.

04-05-15_7-25 PM-2

“Leliana, there is no possibility in the world that you’ll be able to beat m-“ Dad stopped speaking once he noticed that he had fallen for my death trap. Unseen by most players and very deadly if you stumble into it.

“Checkmate.” I smiled as I rose up from my seat, “You’ve been a great logic teacher Dad, now that I’ve mastered Logical Thinking, I think it’s time I make use of my handiness around the house. Maybe I can make and fix some objects.”

“That’s my daughter. You go do that, I’m going to go swim for a bit in that pool you made me buy.” Dad chuckled before walking off. I hope that he doesn’t use that pool TOO much.

Meanwhile, I walked into the house and tried to repair many of the broken objects that were in the house. For example the sink.

04-05-15_7-36 PM

The wrench wouldn’t budge at first, although I soon learnt that I was turning the wrench around the wrong way. So, when I started to turn it the right way, it became fixed straight away! As a Wonder Queen, I must be able to combat the potential dangers of broken items.

However, an old friend came to speak to me again.

“Hello Leliana. You’ll finally learn who I am tomorrow, and Once you know who I am, you’ll hate me But, I am a french, BEAUTIFUL LIAR as it’s in my name so of course I had to lie. It would be dangerous if I told you my Actual Name. But, you can trust me as you need to know everything.”

I’m meeting her, him, it tomorrow? At this point, it’s scary but also very exciting since I’ll finally be able to know who they are and I’ll also be able to hear their voice due to the fact that when they speak in my head, it’s always my voice. And… they’re a French, Beautiful Liar? What could that possibly mean?

Instead of dwelling on things, I decided to head out to the woodworking post where I threw down a piece of wood upon the table.

04-05-15_7-49 PM

“Now, what do I possibly make out of you?” I said wondrously as I stared. I remember Belle Menteur (or Belly) say that she did want a new dragon statue for her bedroom. Yes! I’ll make that gift for Belle.

I began to sand down the wood so that it would become smoother and easier for me to saw into. After placing my saw onto the wood, I cut it roughly ten centimeters in before doing the same to the other side. Even though the block had become smaller, I resumed sanding down the wood that was left.

04-05-15_7-49 PM-2

“Sand, sand, sand.” I repeatedly chanted as the shape of the wood changed as I cut and cut at the wood with my sim-a-so-sharp knife.

04-05-15_7-49 PM-3

Look right here! This is where the head of the dragon is going to be.

04-05-15_7-49 PM-5

“Time to measure the body of this dragon.” I muttered as I pulled out my magic tape measure. Yes, it’s magic as it can change it’s measurements at will!

04-05-15_7-49 PM-4

“5 inches.” I figured out. However, I soon learnt that as I was building this for Belle, a more dramatic event was taking place right to the side of the house. This is how it went down, or at least according to Dad and Demetri.

Dad had begun to die of Old Age, however since he was in the pool at the time it seemed as if he began to sink down to the bottom of the pool.

04-05-15_7-55 PM

“Goodbye… world.” Dad muttered before hitting the bottom of the pool, however his body seemed to have broken though the walls since when Demetri looked down later on, his body was not fully there where the pool could be seen.

04-05-15_7-55 PM-2

The Grim Reaper soon appeared and brought out his tablet of death with all of the reapings he had to commit today.

“Right… this is funny. Oh sweet Maker, how did you make him glitch through the walls? Also, in a 1×1 pool? You should have cancelled the whim you stupid player!” Demetri said he wasn’t sure what gibberish Grim was speaking, however he kept going on about how funny it was that Dad had glitched through the pool walls.

04-05-15_7-56 PM

“But still, it’s time to get this show on the road. Now, let me find you.” Grim had begun to scroll down the long list of death victims for today, and it seemed that he had skipped Dad at least three times as I did hear someone shout “Plumbob!” at least thrice.

“Ah, here you are! Orion Frenlore, Elder, and death by Old Age. Now, let me get my scythe ou–“ Grim said to himself before someone ran onto the scene.

“WAIT!!” Demetri shouted before he ran and tackled the Grim Reaper over.

“HEY, I HAVE NO NERVES BUT I STILL FELT THAT.” Grim shouted to Demetri, who then began to say sorry three hundred times, “It’s okay, you were made to be active.”

“Huh?” Demetri said to me that he had began to speak in his gibberish again.

“Nothing, nothing at all.” Grim’s bones clacked together as he begun to send Dad’s spirit to it’s urn, but Demetri then got onto his knees.

04-05-15_8-04 PM

“DON’T TAKE HIM AWAY FROM US PLEASE! HE NEEDS TO AT LEAST LIVE UNTIL TOMORROW. HE NEEDS TO SEE US IN AN AMAZING FASHION.” Demetri had begged the Grim Reaper. I feel so proud of Demetri in this moment as it shows him becoming more independent and being able to tackle problems on his own.

However, before he could give it any consideration the Grim Reaper had already swung his scythe BUT, Dad flew up from the water and out before returning to the pool swimming normally.

04-05-15_8-03 PM

“I’m alive! I thought I died.” Dad shouted, and that’s when I finally realized something had happened and so I peered my head over to find Grim standing there with Demetri.

“You did.” The pair of them said in unison before Grim looked at Orion with stern eyesockets.

“I’ll return to take your soul tomorrow, and after that you’ll disappear from this household so you’ll be unplayable. I wonder how the Maker feels about you dying, he’s probably really upset.” Grim blabbered on and Demetri looked up at Grim.

“You know the Maker?” Demetri asked and Grim nodded.

“Of course! He used CAS to create you and I was genera- Let’s not get into that.” Grim said before he shouted.

04-05-15_8-05 PM

“Don’t tell Athena, you know how she’s like.” And then Grim disappeared in a puff of smoke.

That was a really close call. None of us knew Dad was dying until it was too late, and it just reminded us that at least one of us needs to be near Dad at all times tomorrow, because we don’t know when he’ll die.

On a brighter note…

04-05-15_8-07 PM

We got rid of that blasted pool, although Dad wasn’t happy about it.


18 thoughts on “The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirty-One – 1×1 Pool of Death

  1. markarchy says:

    I’m glad he’s save but I still stand that 1×1 pool is still the best whim, hehe. I never actually worry much about wonderchild’s parents because by the time he’s adult I think she/he’d already be able to make ambrosia to save his/her parents.

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