S-GAS Simselves: 50 Faces of Karen

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“I have an idea! Let’s play one sentence story, you know, the game where each person says a sentence to go along with the story, and it keeps going on and on.” Karen suggested. This would be Debbie’s first time playing One Sentence Story but she was all for trying it out.

“Okay! You should start though, so I get the gist of exactly what to do.” Debbie asked and Karen nodded, she took a deep breath.

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“There was once a Princess who was looking for a Prince.” Karen begun.

“Ah I see– Oh that’s not the story! It’s, No matter how far the Princess looked, there was no Prince in sight.” Debbie continued, Karen smiled as the game was slowly coming along.

“However, one day she came across a portal to another realm”

“And when she went through, she was entranced by the world around her.”

“Magical orbs flying around with crystals coming from the walls.”

“There, she met a blue man.”

“This blue man stared at the Princess, entranced by her looks and the clothing she was wearing and then he pulled out his freeze-ray.”

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“The blue man revealed himself to be an alien, and asked the Princess how she got here.” Debbie carried on.

“The Princess told the Alien that she stumbled upon a portal and had traveled through to find this place.”

“The Alien nodded and placed his freeze ray away.”

“He introduced himself as the Prince of the Realm, Xianthus.”

Debbie couldn’t help but laugh at the faces Karen was making while they were telling the story.

04-14-15_10-06 PM-4

04-14-15_10-06 PM-6

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“The Princess introduced herself as Madeline.” Debbie said, before Karen ended the story.

“And it was love at first sight, and they all ended happily ever after.” Karen finished and Debbie clapped.

“That’s such an amazing story!” Debbie smiled.

“How come you were laughing?” Karen asked and Debbie awkwardly scratched her head.

“Well, the faces that we made during the story were funny.” Debbie admitted and Karen laughed.

04-14-15_10-07 PM-2

“Well, I do have a funny side to me.” Karen said, and she continued to make faces at Debbie which caused her to laugh.

“You’re really funny. I like that.” Debbie laughed while Karen continued to make faces.

“That’s 49… and 50!” Karen stopped meanwhile, Debbie came over to Karen and gave her a big hug.

“What’s this for?” She asked.

“For entertaining me today and I’m giving you comfort. We’re always here for you.” Debbie smiled, and they then continued to talk about miscellaneous things.

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Featuring VanityHigh and Carewren123’s Simselves. You can check out their blog among the other participants HERE!



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