S-GAS Simselves: Recruiting Joel

Manda and Joel were talking on the couch after Joel suggested that they talk more back at the house in the second session of S-GAS, they were discussing cupcake and ice cream flavors and debating which one is truly the best flavor and what is the best combination for cupcake and ice cream.

04-14-15_9-33 PM

“Red Velvet has to be the best flavor, especially when it’s mixed with vanilla or even cookie dough ice cream!” Joel said and Manda shook her head.

“No, it has to be chocolate with vanilla or even chocolate fudge brownie. That is the best combination.” Manda debated, and they both thought about it for a second.

“How about red velvet & chocolate cake with Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream?” Joel suggested and Manda’s eyebrow raised.

“Half Baked? That doesn’t sound nice.” Manda said with a disgusted look, but Joel shook his head this time.

“No, it’s very nice! Half of it is Cookie Dough while the other half is Chocolate Fudge Brownie. It technically suits both of our needs!” Joel told Manda with a smile.

04-14-15_9-33 PM-3

“Ah, I see now! That sounds awesome! So, when are we ordering it?” Manda asked and Joel took out his phone.

“Right now!” Joel said before he to order both items, he made sure to order enough for everyone to enjoy and enough for everyone to come back and have seconds. Manda also made sure that Joel ordered some other cake flavors and ice cream flavors just in case someone at the farewell party didn’t like the flavors they like.

“That’s all done now.” Joel cheered once he put his phone back into his pocket.

04-14-15_9-34 PM-2

“Oh right! Do you want to join the Honorary Simself Club?” Manda asked, and Joel looked at her.

“The what?” He replied.

“Honorary. Simself. Club.” Manda repeated.

“What’s that?” Joel asked, he was surprised to find out that the participants had formed their own club.

“It’s where we simselves can share our contact information and keep in touch by using the Gallery’s system to send emails in between games. It’s seemed to work for most stories and we’re going to use it for those who want to keep in touch. So, we’ve chosen you as our first guest!” Manda explained, Joel thought about it for a second before replying.

04-14-15_9-34 PM-5

“We?” He wondered.

“Me, Loves, Jamie and Jessica.” Manda smiled.

“Ooh, okay.”

“So are you going to join?” Manda asked, Joel thought about it while stroking his ‘beard’ (like what some people do when they’re thinking).

“Well, I’ve considered it and… I’d love to join!” Joel smiled and Manda cheered.

04-14-15_9-35 PM

“YAY!” Manda smiled as well.

“Also, we can say it at the farewell party and have some people sign up if they wish.” Joel suggested and Manda nodded.

“We had that planned already. But, that just shows that great minds think alike.” Manda giggled and Joel joined in on the laughter.

“You’re really something.” Joel said and Manda’s smile grew larger.

“Thanks.” Manda grinned.

04-14-15_9-35 PM-5

“Now, I need to get prepared for the third session, so if you’ll excuse me…” Joel said before he left Manda to her own devices. And, that’s how Joel got recruited into the Honorary Simself Club.

Featuring dougsbaby12’s simself! You can check out her blog among the other participants of the Simself Simposium HERE!


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