S-GAS Simselves Session 3: Becoming Your Own Person

Following the unfortunate deletion of the screenshots of the third session (thank you little sister.) , the participants & Joel met up on the backyard balcony to recap what had happened in that session which includes the unfortunate death of a townie, Kendall Pruett.

(We have not notified Debbie VanHigh as there is a relationship bar between the two. She’s leaving soon, so let her leave on a positive note!)

04-25-15_5-08 PM

 “Earlier on today we all partook in a the third and FINAL session of the Simself Simposium, ‘Becoming your own person!’. I think we all learnt things from this last session and I think it would be great if we shared everything we did with each other. As you know, this session was all about trying new skills that our players wouldn’t really try by themselves or ones that you’ve always wanted to try. So, who would like to share first?” Joel briefed the participants, he smiled at each one as they looked at each other with cautious eyes.

“Don’t be shy!” Jessica said from the back, and slowly they all turned to face Joel, and there was a brief silence until Joel continued to talk.

04-25-15_5-08 PM-2

“Hm… I guess I’ll go first! This session, I decided to take up the Athletic & Violin skill. Since my player did try to learn the violin once, but after high school started he got so busy that he couldn’t play it anymore. Also, I took up the athletic skill because my player isn’t really athletic but he’s really good with the Javalin.” Joel explained, and then Jamie began to also say what she had experienced during this session.

04-25-15_5-09 PM
“I decided to take up the Gardening skill because ARoseInBloom can’t really do it since she lives in an apartment so she doesn’t have a space to garden at all! Although, I can’t stand getting my everyday clothes dirty so I wore my athletic clothes to the session since those clothes are made to get dirty. I managed to find some seeds around and about the park and I planted them in a planter box. After that, Gardening became really easy to learn and take up! I hope that ARoseInBloom takes it up when she gets a house!” Jamie also explained about what she did in the session.

“I hope so too! Even though Gardening in the player’s world is a bit more complicated that sim gardening.” Joel smiled. Jamie gave a slight nod where Karen coughed many times, and then stretched her hands out.

04-25-15_5-10 PM
“I played the Piano on the state and did a duet with Joel during the session. My player was in a band during her school years and she LOVED it, but she doesn’t want to bust out a boring old flute. I guessed that the Piano would be a much more interesting instrument to learn. And it was! I loved playing all the different melodies that popes into my head and I also liked the way that my playing style changed as I levelled up in the skill. I really hope that I can play you all something at the farewell party.” Karen giggled, she was excited to share her new found hobby with everyone. Before she could talk more about notes and bars, Jessica interrupted her with her own version of her S-GAS session.

04-25-15_5-10 PM-2
“I took up Handiness because I like being able to do things myself. Knowing how to fix or make things on my own is something I aim to achieve and I enjoy things I can do with my hands. It makes me appreciate things more in life and when I created sculptures on the woodworking table, I really was loving all the processes that was going on and the way that my hands worked into the wood and carved such amazing shapes.” Jessica said, and everyone made a sort of realisation face.

04-25-15_5-11 PM
“So it’s like when we all work with our own hands, we appreciate it much more in the end.” Jamie stated and Manda nodded.

“I agree with you there, I definitely like it more when I do something with my own hands.” Manda agreed, Mark then looked around and watched everyone before speaking.

“Meanwhile, I-“ Mark tried to say what he got up to in the session but he was interrupted by–

04-25-15_5-11 PM-2
“I think it’s important that we show our dedication to our players to show that we can try and become different but also similar to them. I believe that we can be our own person, but we still need our player’s guidance to stop us from doing something really stupid, like setting a kitchen on fire.” Jamie finished and everyone gave a slight round of applause.

“I really like that.” Joel complimented while Jamie thanked him. Mark had been waving his hand around for a while, and Joel only then just noticed it.

“Ok Mark, you can go next if you wish.” Joel acknowledged before Mark began his little recap.

04-25-15_5-11 PM-3
“Right! I decided to use the Rocket Science skill and build up a giant rocket ship! Even though I have mastered the skill, I think it’s a really fun skill to learn and do, although it did lead to the death of a townie and that’s something that I’ll regret for a long time.” Mark sighed, while slight sniggers from Jessica could be heard from the other side of the table.

“Is something funny, Jessica?” Jamie inquired before Jessica burst out into a fit of laugher before stopping herself and returning back to normal.

04-25-15_5-12 PM-2
“Nothing is the matter, but there can only be ONE Pruett Family. I must protect the Pruett Family name and purge all Pruetts who are not part of my player’s Pruett Family tree! Mwhahahaha!” Jessica plotted. Who invited Jes2Godfather to this Simposium? (yes, weird interjection by SummerFalls 🙂 )

“Oh! Oh! Meanwhile, I learnt the Charisma skill in front of this huge mirror wall outside. I think it was especially built for me! But still, I learnt a brand new joke!” Manda coughed before telling everyone this hit joke that she had taught herself, “What does a nosey pepper do?” 

“I don’t know…” Everyone else said in unison.

04-25-15_5-13 PM
“Gets jalapeño business! HAHAHAHAHA!” Manda laughed before she was joined in by everyone else.

“That was good! But do you know what else is funny? When Karen pulls unexpected faces like this!” Joel them tried to imitate one of Karen’s faces.

04-25-15_5-14 PM-2
“Excuse me?” Karen was clearly not amused.

04-25-15_5-15 PM
“It was a joke! I love your face.” Joel worryingly said.

“It better be a joke.” Karen stared at Joel for a good minute while Joel was clearly a bit scared.

04-25-15_5-15 PM-2

“So! I hope you all enjoyed doing the third and final session which unfortunately brings all of the formal events of S-GAS to a close.” Joel said, everyone looked at each other with a sad expression before Joel returned the attention back to him.

04-25-15_5-18 PM
“Don’t worry! You still have tomorrow as your last day here before leaving for either my own story, or just leaving SummerFalls’ game for good! Either way, I hope to see you all at the farewell party along with the other participants!” Joel smiled before the camera zoomed away from the session.

(In actual fact, when I press 9 it zooms me away and when I returned everyone had autonomously got up and walked away!)

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