The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirty-Four – Healing

It didn’t take long for the contractors to arrive early next morning and kick us out. We decided to comply with the renovation since it was something that a Dad wanted… before he left us.

I would by lying if I told you that we all sang songs along the way and we arrived happily at the campsite. The Officer didn’t dare come near us as our negative atmosphere was putting a downer on even the animals. However, Alistair always seems to put on a performance in any situation.

04-06-15_5-29 PM

“It’s too tragic!” Alistair shouted to the sky, and I dragged him in along with Demetri and Mom. Mom hadn’t said a word to any one since she saw the Urn when she walked into the house… I’m getting worried.

Nevertheless, I decided to upgrade the local applicances just to upgrade my skills with using my hands. Dad used to call it, “Handiness.” He was always the joker.

04-06-15_5-33 PM

Demetri gave Mom an emotion potion, something that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I was wondering what affect it would have on Mom since she is really grieving right now, plus she hasn’t got long left herself but she’s fighting. She wants to live long enough so that we can all cope on our own.

Mom held the potion in her hands.

04-06-15_5-34 PM

She gulped it down and while I upgraded the oven, I kept looking over at her to notice any changes and…

04-06-15_5-35 PM

Nothing. At this point, I think I was fed up with Mom moping around and as a result, I threw her my phone and told her to call 0800-SAD-NESS, apparently it’s supposed to help sad people get over their worries and become happy again. Mom rang the number as quickly as she could.

04-06-15_5-36 PM

“Hello?” I heard Mom speak. It seemed that the person on the other side was also saying some stuff.

“Athena Frenlore… my husband recently passed away.” 

“No, I can’t bring his ghost back. He wanted to be released to the netherworld.” Did he really? Why didn’t Dad tell me?

“I do! I need to be stronger don’t I?” Apparently this conversation was making some progress or something since Mom actually started speaking in her normal tone again!

“Yes! I’ll do that! Thank you so much!” And from the corner of my eye, I saw a smile appear on Mom’s face.

04-06-15_5-36 PM-2

Mission Successful! 

“Thanks for giving me that opportunity Leliana.” Mom hugged me tightly, it was the longing warmth that I had been desiring since the cold breeze of Dad’s death. I was finally at peace once again.

Mom marched herself out soon after and I watched her through the window. She walked over to Demetri and patted his head.

“Hey little man. I want to tell you that Mommy’s going to be here from now on. Mommy will now be Daddy too, or Leliana can be Daddy sometimes. I’m trying to say that if you need someone to talk to… Me and Leliana are here for you.” Mom lunged down and hugged Demetri like she hugged me.

04-06-15_5-37 PM

It seemed that Mom’s hugs were a supernatural force of happiness. But, it also showed that Mom is actually starting to try and adjust this family to a life without Dad.

Alistair decided to distract himself by playing a game of horseshoes. I would say that his game face could use some work, but it has the great makings of a fine horseshoe player, even if he couldn’t get any of the horseshoes where they’re supposed to be.

04-06-15_5-38 PM

“This picture?” Mom asked Demetri. They had taken some selfies to put on Simstagram and they were trying to find the right one to put on there.

“Yeah! I really like that one, put that one on there.” Demetri said, as he pointed to it.

04-06-15_5-38 PM-2

I thought it originally was a selfie of the two of them, but when I checked Demetri’s Simstagram page, it was a picture of him, mom and dad followed by a profoundly moving paragraph which almost brought tears to my eyes. That boy has talent.

The two of them were soon joined by Alistair, who still was acting like a Drama King as per usual, but he has that as his special talent too!

04-06-15_5-39 PM

“I SEE BIRDS. I SEE THREE EYED RAVENS.” Alistair shouted into the air. What’s this? Game of Groa–. Oh Alistair, you sweet boy.

After I upgraded everything, I wanted to make dinner for everyone to celebrate our first day here but also the memories of Dad. And so I made his favourite meal… Scrambled Eggs!

I even prepared it the way he did it!

04-06-15_5-42 PM

04-06-15_5-42 PM-2

When everyone gathered at the dinner table, we all began to eat. Alistair was the first one to finish which was unusual, so he cleaned up his plate before returning back to the table. We all began to talk about our favourite memories of Dad, with Alistair starting. His face created a sad expression before he spoke.

04-06-15_5-45 PM

“I remember when me and Dad were in the living room when he first met me and he was so shocked to find two new boys in his living room. The expression on his face was the funniest!” Alistair smiled after finishing. Demetri continued soon after.

“Yeah, that day me and Dad had an argument about The Elder Sims and Plumbob Age. It was frightening at first but then I knew what Dad was trying to teach me. I need to be able to stand up on my own to be able to fight for what I believe in.” Demetri breathed out, Mom had decided to go next after Demetri.

“Well, your father and I didn’t meet naturally. We are actually part of a Government Program that creates a Wonder Child.” Mom confessed to Demetri and Alistair. It was about time that we told them anyways, “Your father and I met in the funniest way possible. I believe I said something along the lines of… Or he said it… ‘Hi, I guess we’re supposed to make a baby?’” 

We all couldn’t help but burst out laughing at that. Oh, Mom and Dad are so funny! And then it became my turn to talk.

“My fondest memory of Dad would probably be the last chess game that we ever played. We both talked so much, and I feel that is when I really felt Dad’s emotions and thoughts touch my inner self. What’s important is that we all have learnt something from being with Dad and that we use that to change for the better.” I smiled, and Mom smiled back at me.

“To My Dearest Daughter.” She muttered under her breath, but it was loud enough for me to purposely hear. I wonder what she means by that…

However, it was too late to dwindle on it as soon after the sun set and we all head off to bed. But the next morning, I was off on a hike.

04-06-15_5-55 PM


10 thoughts on “The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirty-Four – Healing

  1. Jes2G says:

    Man…, “… it was the longing warmth that I had been desiring since the cold breeze of Dad’s death.” That was MONEY! <– that's American street slang for really really awesome lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • SummerFalls says:

      Thank you once again 😀
      I think it’s important to battle the grief because you can eventually lead to a development of a character and/or plot!

      Liked by 1 person

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