1A – A Whole New World

I felt like I have been travelling through the Gallery and Create-A-Sim ever since S-GAS ended. It’s more or so SummerFalls editing me since the Get to Work expansion pack came out, and it’s pretty exciting for me too since I get new things! Oh? You don’t know who’s talking… or maybe you do? Nevertheless, I should introduce myself.

02-21-15_1-50 AM-2

Hello! My name is Joel Rochdale and I’m the official Simself of SummerFalls. What you’re reading now is the official record of our adventures together and how we talk and collide. It’s going to be a bit weird at first, but hopefully you’ll be able to get used to it!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

It seemed that I had landed on an empty lot when I finally materialized into the world. I was not impressed as I thought there would be some kind of house waiting for me to fully explore and enjoy it’s secrets!

01-04-30-15_5-49 PM

“Home Sweet Home.” I muttered to myself before walking down the sidewalk. Then came the booming voice inside of my head.

Okay, you can stop being sarcastic now. I’m going into build mode soon enough so hold your horses! I’m just giving myself some building money!

So, you’re cheating?

It’s not cheating. I’m getting my payment for hosting S-GAS.

Ah! Okay. I was wondering what they were giving you.

Really? Moving on, what kind of house would you like? I’m leaning towards mediterranean or even mid-century modern.

He really needs to shut up, he’s going to go on for ages if he’s like me.

02-04-30-15_5-49 PM-2

Just get building.

Oh. Right. Okay. I’ll do that.

And then I entered the Pause Mode. It feels weird at first but then I slowly get used to it over time. I can’t watch SummerFalls build the house but it does suddenly appear when I come out of Pause Mode. Also, items sometime disappear and materialize into thin air. Build & Buy Mode is truly magical.

And then suddenly, I could feel myself being able to move again. And the lovely beauty of the house was before my eyes.

03-05-01-15_10-11 PM

There you go! But two things. One, it’s not completely finished as I still have to do your bedroom and the living room. Two, the back garden still hasn’t been designed yet either and I’m unsure about window placements around the house.

It was still beautiful.

It’s okay, I guess. So, how did you even come up with the idea for this house?

Well, I had been stuck on house ideas for you for the past 24 hours. So yes, you have been stuck in pause mode for 24 hours my time.

04-05-01-15_10-12 PM

I looked right at the camera with a tiny bit of worry on my face. I was a block of ice for 24 hours?!

But then I saw a design like this house but it had a garage and not enough foliage so I mixed and matched it up.

Nice. So… can I head in?

You can walk to the door, but then I’ll teleport you up to prevent spoilers!


And off I went! I walked right down the little isle right up to the front door.

05-05-01-15_10-13 PM

Let me tell you! Teleportation is one of the weirdest experiences that I’ve ever had in my life! One minute you’re in one place and the next second you’re completely staring at a new environment that’s different to you. I seemed to be in the study area of the house due to the computer and bookshelf being present.

I found the sofa quite easily where I then threw myself at it and sat down on it as quickly as I could.

06-05-01-15_10-17 PM

The room just tied itself in nicely together… there was no way SummerFalls could have made something like this.

You got this from the Gallery didn’t you?

How did you know?

It has that Gallery Pixel smell all around this room.

There’s a smell to go along with the Gallery?

Yes. Of course there is!

Dumb plumbob. I did take a chance to fully take in my surroundings though and get used to all the locations of the many new things that were in this room.

07-05-01-15_10-18 PM

I love the little display case full of boxes, it looks like that I’ve just recently moved in and haven’t put away anything yet which is always cool. Also, the oil lamp brings together the natural furniture elements around it and turns the entire area into an eccentric vibe! The PC could use a couple of upgrades but later on, and finally the noticeboard which is already full. I should probably take some of that stuff down.

08-05-01-15_10-18 PM-2

Moving on, the bookcase in an alcove was a nice touch by whoever made this room. Various Simlish books were on the shelf followed by other Miscellaneous items which makes my heart twinkle. I love collecting Miscellaneous items for no apparent reason!

Now, there was a more urgent matter that I needed to attend to.

09-05-01-15_10-19 PM

So, why exactly am I having my own story?

Easy! You’re my simself and you’re going to be set a mission.

A Mission?

This wasn’t in the contract!

Yeah! I’ll be giving you a mission and once you complete it you can earn a reward. It might be a bigger lot, or more money or even… another mission!

So, I’m not just living life?

You can live life… just while doing these!

I looked up to the sky hopelessly. I wonder what the first mission SummerFalls has for me, will I be able to complete it or will it be something so extreme that I don’t even know how I would begin it.

10-05-01-15_10-19 PM-2

What would you require me to do?

Your first mission is simple. Reach the top of the Writer’s Career, Skill, Complete the Writer’s Aspiration and write a total of 10 bestsellers! Easy right?

Easy for you to say! I guess I’ll be here for a while.

Don’t worry, you also have friends in this world! You just have to find them. You can spend some time away from the main goal and go meet some people. That would be cool!


What’re you doing?

Applying for the writer’s job. Excuse me.

11-05-01-15_10-20 PM

I talked to someone named Doris over the phone about the Writer’s job. I just have to read books and get a good writing skill to be able to increase job performance and get a promotion. I should save a day where I can go meet new people this week.

Well, I’ll be leaving you to it then!

Wait, you’re not going to be controlling me?

I am, but I want you to write the story from your point of view. It gets annoying when I talk all the time so you go ahead and write! I’ll pop in from time to time.

Okay bye! Ew, Frozen moment.

And that’s how Book One of Part of Me began.

writer quest accepted 

12-05-01-15_10-21 PM


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