The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirty-Five – Cured

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Laying down on the ground made me feel one with nature. The ambience the gentle winds created made me feel quite at peace. It was the first time in my entire life that I had ever experienced such feeling before, and I also felt that I could just remain here and forget about everything.

But could I really? Could I just leave everyone and everything and depart from this place and find somewhere I could remain forever. I thought about it for a couple of minutes before the image of a peculiar animal ran past my eye. I poked my head up to glance at it running past.

04-06-15_6-09 PM

Is that a squirrel? Or is that some mutation of another creature? Did it come from another planet or even… dimension? It might just be me but… it looks like it’s skin is made of plastic. It looks like it’s a toy but… it’s alive? That’s a weird thought.

I couldn’t remain there any longer. I hopped up from the ground and started to run around a bit more. I managed to stumble upon a rock in the ground with some bones sticking out. It looked very interesting so I started to excavate around it.

04-06-15_6-11 PM

To my surprise, I was given a map with directions to somewhere with ‘X’ marking the spot. I decided to follow the treasure map of sorts because what Queen doesn’t like searching for treasure? This reminds me of the time when I played at the pirate ship in the park, and I kept looking for treasure around the park. That was some fun times.

Following the treasure map, I discovered what looked like an entrance. It was shrouded with leaves and had vines dangling down from it. It looked very intriguing and it dragged me in to have a look.

I moved closer to the entrance, and like I usually am, I went through with style.

04-06-15_6-14 PM

04-06-15_6-14 PM-2

04-06-15_6-16 PM

After I came out of that passageway, I fell off of a cliff and stumbled down! I was fortunately quick to act and I positioned myself for a rocky landing. When I fell down, I managed to land safely without any major damages to my body.

04-06-15_6-18 PM

“Aish! Plumbob.” I called out. I rose up from the ground once again and took in my surroundings. It seems that I can climb back up the cliff if I need to and it will be easy to get back home. That’s some good news to hear.

I also managed to see some interesting fruits and berries around, so I went over to a couple of the plants and took some of their produce away from them. They’ll grow back sooner or later so when someone else comes along they’ll be able to enjoy the fruits and berries as well!

In the distance was a peculiar shape. It looked like a house, but it was hard to tell from a distance. I went to go take a closer look at it.

04-06-15_6-21 PM

It was a house! And might I say so myself, it was a pretty darn nice looking house. I ran as fast as I could to it and ended up at the front door. I knocked on it numerous times to see if anyone was there.

04-06-15_6-47 PM

“Hello? Bonjour? Hola? Is there anyone in there?” I called as I knocked on the door. There was no reply so I walked up to the door and turned the knob… it opened. I wonder if this is a trap or something. Nevertheless, I walked into the house and inspected every element of it.

It was a vintage old-age house. Although, it also had that nature ambience I felt earlier, but also a friendly atmosphere. It almost seemed like I knew the person that lived there. I took a seat at the nearest front door and waited an hour to see if someone would walk in.

04-06-15_7-15 PM

And someone did walk in. I tried to see who it was beforehand, but I could only tell who it was when they sat down. And when they did, my face froze. This person who sat in front of me was once not a person, or anything. I thought they were only a figment of my imagination and that I was imagining everything they were saying. I thought the things I was feeding them was not doing a thing to them, but maybe it did? Maybe there’s something I have that gives me this kind of power.

Because, the person I’m now talking to isn’t just a person. He’s my bestest friend in the entire world.

04-06-15_7-16 PM-2

“Hello my Princess.” Blarffy smiled at me. The way he’s moving and talking almost seems so lifelike.

“I’m a Queen now. And hello Blarffy.” I smiled back. Blarffy relaxed into his chair as we caught up with each other about where he went after he disappeared.

“Slowly, I started to be able to move again. And there was something in that potion that made the potion not activate for a while. When I figured it out, I managed to bring a couple of other toys to life as well.” Blarffy giggled.

“So the Squirrel I saw earlier…?”

“Yeah, it was one that I brought to life!” Blarffy giggled. To think, I did all of this just from one idea in my little mind.

04-06-15_7-16 PM-3

“But this whole world, you can’t prepare them for what the Government are doing.” Blarffy said. Does he know?

“You know? How?” I asked eagerly.

“Who do you think helped me get this house? I’ve met Danielle, my Queen.” Blarffy explained and I turned my head to the side.

“Oh, the liar.” I remarked.

“She lied because she knew that you wouldn’t have believed her until you gained her trust! And I knew it too.” Blarffy commented, and I had to admit defeat.

“I know.”

04-06-15_7-16 PM-4

“But still, this wormhole isn’t something that you can easily make. Because you have that inner power inside of you to know how make things come to life, they’re going to use that to make you know how to build the perfect wormhole teleporter.” Blarffy explained further. So that’s what the Government have been looking for this entire time. Someone that can make a complicated thingy!

“I’m guessing you’re not finished?” I asked as Blarffy looked at me when I thought about his previous statement.

“No. They’re going to use everything they’ve got to convince you to work for them. Even if it means killing those you love the most. The Government are emotionless people that you can’t convince. In the end, you’ll be the one to make the sacrifice, never them.” Blarffy sighed. He took a sip of the water that I brought to him before moving the glass back over to the sink.

04-06-15_7-16 PM-5

“I know you have a lot of questions. But you can talk to me after you stop the Government’s plans. We can be proper best friends then.” Blarffy smiled.

I know that the Government is bad and all that but… why exactly do I need to stop this wormhole from being built? What is the actual purpose of this wormhole? No one even knows that yet they’re already saying that it’s a bad idea!

I rose up from my seat and left, saying bye to Blarffy in the process.

04-06-15_7-20 PM

I returned to my cabin hours later and it was just about time for us to leave.

Before I left, I took one last look at the cabin we stayed at, and thought about everything that I learnt.

“When we return home. I will be determined to become the most intelligent kid possible. Dad would have wanted that from me. I will not work for the Government but I will look for the reason why they’re building this wormhole. I also want to know about WHY the Government needs this wormhole.” I breathed out before whispering to myself.

“This is my final mission as queen. And I only have Ten days to complete it.”

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  1. Jes2G says:

    Ok…so this was great and all, but I have a confession. I saw the bear, and I figured it must have been someone dressed up…maybe even Orion lol. But when I read “Blarffy,” I seriously LOL’ed. “I’m a real bear now,” he said in his best Pinocchio voice LOL. Sorry. [ahem] Carry on.

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