1B – Settling In

To get started with my first ‘quest’ and to also settle into this environment, I decided that I should try and look for some inspiration to help me decide on what my first book should be. Although, just before I was about to go and get a book from the study room bookshelf, I felt like I had just been through another pause mode.


I built all of the other rooms, plus your house is finally completed! There may be a few changes though. Go and check it out, there’s a bookcase in the living room!

Yay! Thanks SummerFalls… where is the living room?

After he directed me to the Living Room, I picked out a book from the bookshelf. It was titled something along the lines of, ‘A Legend of Maesters.’.

05-02-15_8-16 PM

I only picked it up because it looked like the longest one out of the ones that were available. I should try and buy more interesting books when I have the chance. I made my way over to the sofa where I opened the book and began to read it.

05-02-15_8-21 PM

Why were my eyes closed for that screenshot? Was it the flash? I’m usually bad with the flash, like SummerFalls. The book honestly did seem interesting at first, but as I read on the book kept dragging and dragging plot point after plot point. And then there was a random fight in the ballroom when no one did anything to agitate anyone?!

Logic was definitely not used in the writing of this novel.

However, joy was soon brought to my face when the death of the character I hated the most, Markerlarth died! He was killed in a really gruesome way, but he deserved it since he killed the main character’s true love, and also ruined their chance at a happy ending. I felt so happy, but my eyes were still closed slightly in the screenshot!

05-02-15_8-22 PM

I would rate this novel probably a 4/10 just because it’s plot was really confusing to get my head around but the death of Markerlarth just made the book more enjoyable for me to read. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone to read though.

My stomach soon grumbled as my plumbob slowly turned yellow.

You’re hungry.

Oh really? I never knew.

Was that sarcasm? Did you just use sarcasm on me?

No! I wouldn’t dare.

Oh shush Rochdale. I’ll starve you!

No you wouldn’t, you enjoy my company too much!

True, now let’s go feed you.

My stomach grumbled again while I held the book in my hand.

05-02-15_9-25 PM

“Food!” I muttered to myself before I placed the book down and walked right into the kitchen through the archway. The kitchen took a little while to get used to, since I had to find out where everything was.

I also noted the absence of the Cupcake Machine which made me a little upset, but maybe I’ll be doing something in the future which will be cupcake related? Hopefully so! I wonder what I’ll be able to do… moving on.

I decided that I wanted Macaroni and Cheese for dinner so I walked over to the fridge and took out the ingredients.

05-02-15_9-27 PM

“Cheese, Pasta, Flour and Eggs.” I kept repeating to myself. As soon as the fridge door shut, I made my way over to the counter where I began to sort out the ingredients into a saucepan.

I made sure to use a non-stick all slick saucepan since it’d be easier to clean when I’m finished with it. As soon as I finished with the chopping board, it disappeared once all the ingredients were in the saucepan. That’s one of the useful things about being a sim, most things disappear after you use it and reappear when you need it.

05-02-15_9-27 PM-2

So, do you usually cook your own food?

Keep your eyes on the pot!

Answer the question!

Sometimes, it depends on what I feel like having. I can’t cook everything but I can cook some stuff.

Nice! I guess when you become a Young Adult like me, you’ll be able to cook like how I’m cooking now.

The Mac & Cheese soon became cooked and I dished it right into a bowl before the saucepan disappeared from my grasp. I took the fork which appeared into my hand and ate the food without a problem. It tasted so good!

05-02-15_9-29 PM

You should try this! This is so tasty and it has sparkles coming off of it!

Wait, you made an excellent meal and you’re level 1 in the cooking skill. Is that possible?

Maybe… you did give me an amazing stove.

Oh yeah, I did.

I continued to eat the Mac & Cheese, and after I finished I washed the plate. The bubbles that form while I wash plates always seem so interesting to me, they like to move around the sink and it’s mesmerising to watch.

Even so, I decided to give myself my first change of clothes since returning back to this world. SummerFalls gave me some brand new outfits since Get To Work came out and I think I know of one that I definitely want to wear. And so… here it is!

05-02-15_9-31 PM

I do look mighty fine, if I say so myself. I walked right into my study afterwards, but not before looking into the amazing wardrobe that SummerFalls always seems to like making for some reason.

05-02-15_9-32 PM

“I like that shirt, and I like those jeans and I also think those shoes would look so great on these feet!” I began talking to myself again before throwing myself back into the study.

I sat down on the chair and turned on my PC and while it booted up I began thinking about what my first story would be about. Would it be a crime novel? Or would it be a story about a deadly betrayal?

I propose that you practice writing first, since it seems that you won’t be able to write stuff like that until level 3. Where you’ll write short stories.

Oh really? What could I write now then?

Children’s books.

Oh, then I should practice writing then! Thanks for the tip!

05-02-15_9-32 PM-2

I began to just write about anything that came to mind. Stuff about a lost person, stuff about losing your memory and even stuff about a monster from hell coming back from the dead to hunt the living and steal their souls.

You can blame my extreme thinking on SummerFalls since I do think he has a hidden insane trait. But because of SummerFalls too, I remembered to email someone that he actually helped me meet along the way!

05-02-15_9-38 PM

“Hey Free-Jon! It’s Mr. Cupcake here and I wanted to first of all say that it’s been a while! Well, at least it has for me.
I’ve moved into a brand new world and my house is really awesome. If you decide to come here one day, we’d have so much fun! Although, my player hasn’t put in a cupcake machine into this room which makes me upset but he wouldn’t have done that without a reason to.
The story I’m in now, it’s sort of a quest / freestyle type story. I’m working towards certain goals but I can take however long I want to do them! It’s kind of nice since I’ll be able to meet people and maintain relationships with them while I do each of my quests.
Don’t tell SummerFalls this but, it’s really exciting that I’m part of this story.

Talk to you soon!
Joel Rochdale”

And then I pressed send! I hope he receives it soon so that I can receive a speedy reply, although I wouldn’t mind if he took longer. I closed down the tab to reveal my word processor on the screen.

05-02-15_9-50 PM

I continued writing afterwards, leading onto getting myself my very first story idea! It’s a collection of short stories about a detective who solves crimes by using cupcakes. It’d be called ‘Cupcake Crimes’. I like the sound of it already!

Suddenly, I feel a little tingly and I suddenly begin to type faster than usual. More and more ideas flow into my brain than before and it feels like I’ve been enlightened more in writing.

05-02-15_10-03 PM

You gained a skill point!

So that’s what that was just now?

Yeah! You felt tingly and you’re getting better at writing right?

Exactly! This feels so awesome, I want to gain more and more skill points! But…

Oops, I accidentally yawned in the middle of our conversation! How rude was that? But… I am talking to myself so I guess I would be able to understand.

Let’s put you to bed.

I turned off the computer monitor after he said that.

05-02-15_10-06 PM

I walked out of the study and into my bedroom, where I walked over to my bed and span around, changing into my sleepwear. I opened up the duvet and jumped inside!

05-02-15_10-07 PM

“This has been a successful first day.” I thought to myself before falling asleep. I kept dreaming about what it will be like to actually do this first quest and what amazing things await me in the future quests.

I couldn’t help but notice that my social need was growing more and more, which means that I need to talk to someone other than my player soon because it doesn’t count as filling up my social need. I guess I’ll go and meet some people at work tomorrow and then invite one over after work!

But for now, it’s time to sleep!

05-02-15_10-07 PM-2


6 thoughts on “1B – Settling In

  1. Jes2G says:

    Plumnuggets! This reminds me that I have Pruett chapters scheduled through the middle of June, but I forgot to respond to Leliana’s email! I’ll have to squeeze that in next week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • SummerFalls says:

      I really like him! He autonomously does stuff that I want him to do as well, so it’s actually pretty relaxing gameplay.


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