1D – That One Friend

05-02-15_10-25 PM

Work was an outstanding experience! I walked in and my boss welcomed me while giving me a comforting hug, which was my first hint that my job would be awesome. My second hint was that everyone there got to do whatever they wanted, as our job is to literally write. So, I decided to practice my writing a bit more before it was time for lunch.

At lunch, I decided to sit with some person whose name I can’t recall. We managed to mingle during lunchtime and we’ve become acquainted with each other! I think we can invite him around and see if we can form a long lasting friendship with each other.

I walked through my living room and into my hallway, and began to call the guy!

05-02-15_10-26 PM

 “Hello? Tim? It’s Joel! Yes, the one that works with you. No, not the one that spilt coffee on you this morning.” I was lying, “Do you want to come over? You do? That’s great! Twenty minutes is completely fine with me.”

Twenty minutes was not fine with me at all! I have so much to do to prepare. I have to tidy up the house a bit to make it look a bit presentable, I also have to try and see if there’s any nice music to put on and maybe if there’s anything nice on the tv. Wait a second…

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no.


You need to learn to live without my amazing helpful skills.

They’re not helpful unless you use them to help someone.

Excuse me?

Nothing. I’ll get tidying u-

Just get ready, he’ll be here any second now. I’ll get everything else sorted.


And in less than no time at all, Tim had arrived at my back door. (I wonder if it had something to do with the door arrangements.)

05-02-15_10-28 PM

 “Joel, woah man! You scared me there.” Tim remarked, but he saw me come out of the front door.

“Hi Tim!” I smiled, and Tim stood upright and swung his arms around.

“You know, I hear that our boss is an alien. You know, she always kind of looked strange, and her being an alien adds everything up!” That’s a bit rude, but I laughed anyway because it sounded a tad funny.

“Maybe, but I’m not one to judge.” I scratched my head, the tension between the two of us was growing as the silences were becoming longer and longer. Waiting for Tim to say something felt like an eternity and I couldn’t wait an eternity for a conversation to erupt.

05-02-15_10-28 PM-2

“You know, Game of Gro-” I was about to say before Tim completely stole the conversation away from me.

“Game of Groans seems to be an interesting book and I hear they’re adapting it into a television show? How extastic!” Tim announced. What is ‘extastic’?

I believe it’s a combination between exciting and fantastic.


No, he can only hear you speaking and...

“Who are you talking to?” Tim questioned, both of his eyes fixated on me with curiosity as he was dying to know the answer.

“Let’s go inside. I hear that something might be on tv.” I suggested as I pushed Tim inside.

“How supazing!” He has to stop now with this mash-ups. I’m going to infer that ‘supazing’ is a combination of super and amazing. Just before we sat down, I pointed my finger over at Tim and made a questioning face.

05-02-15_10-30 PM

“Hm… there’s something strange. I can’t put my finger on it.” I then made my way over and sat down on the sofa next to Tim.

05-02-15_10-31 PM

However, the longer we talked, the more weirder Tim got. He started to talk about the Maker and how he can whisper into our minds and tell us to do things, he had this giant conspiracy theory that us Sims were part of a game… funny right?


If everyone found out about SummerFalls in this world, then SummerFalls would probably delete this world which would result in all my new friendships here being lost. I can’t let that happen!

I ushered Tim up quickly and walked him over to the TV.

05-02-15_10-31 PM-3

“Listen Tim. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, and to stop the risk of getting you ill as well, you should leave.” I sighed, and Tim smiled.

“It’s okay! I’ll just come over tomorrow!” I had to stop Tim before he got ahead of himself.

“We should wait until the illness goes, I’ll call you when I feel better.” I then showed Tim to the door and he walked out, waving along the way.

We all have that friend, the one who is slightly crazy. They can be fun and amazing, and they can also be really creepy. BUT WHEN THEY THREATEN EVERYTHING YOU LIVE FOR. THAT’S WHEN I DRAW THE LINE.


It’s time for bed!

05-02-15_10-35 PM

Tomorrow I need to get some more writing done, it’s time that I start to buck up my ideas and get this first quest done. ALSO, I should try and meet some more people and maybe throw a housewarming party soon!

P.S This cologne is the bomb.

05-02-15_10-35 PM-2


4 thoughts on “1D – That One Friend

  1. cathytea says:

    That was craztastic! (oh, no! I’m like the guy! Help! I’d better go… before you start coughing or something… ok… see you tomorrow… no? Ok… next week then? No? Well, hope your cough goes away soon!)

    Liked by 2 people

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