1.1 – Starting From The Bottom

Before this legacy starts, I’d like to direct you to the Devine Legacy Challenge page where you’ll be able to find the succession laws for this challenge. Thank you and I hope that you’ll enjoy the start of this LONG journey!

01-05-24-15_2-48 PM

He totally looks constipated. Luckily, I think the GTW expansion pack comes with laxatives! Hold in there Nathan!

Nathan called it a calling, but others thought it was an excuse for his madness. He claimed that The Maker had beckoned for him to start and leave a Legacy of Devine people, to prove to the world that something called a ‘Legacy of 10 Generations’ was possible to achieve. Even though the wacky, mysterious and possibly melancholic events that could come in his family’s future, Nathan was determined to complete the vision The Maker had for him.

He arrived at a large 50×50 lot the next morning, with $10,000 in his pocket. However, due to legal reasons, he had to purchase a Knight of the Octagon Table for $8,200 to be able to be recognised as a prestigious legacy family. However, Nathan just thought it was because the Government wanted to inflate his bills and take away his money, but a corrupt government was another story.

Left with $1,200, Nathan could only purchase the necessities that he needed to live by, plus one wall blocking people from seeing it from the front of his house. He bought a bed, shower, toilet, fridge and a bin. He stared up into the sky after everything had been set into place.

02-05-24-15_3-21 PM

“Dear Maker, help this legacy be successful.” Nathan smiled before setting foot on the lot. To him, it felt like he was stepping foot into an inescapable destiny that he needed in his life, it gave it purpose. He breathed deeply before staring around the lot, he was scoping the area for any expensive looking rocks that he could excavate or if there was any plants that he could pick.

Having the Freelance Botanist Aspiration, Nathan was determined to make his money via gardening, no matter how many forum posts The Maker had read about gardening only being worth while after a long time of gardening. However, it did help that he had the Loves the Outdoors trait as if he was not going to have an actual home for a while, at least he would be happy.

His tummy rumbled. Nathan went straight to the fridge.

03-05-24-15_3-23 PM

After he withdrew a bowl of chips from the infinite supply from the fridge, he sat down on the bed and ate them. One by one. Very slowly. Savouring the taste.

Yeah. Let's lie to myself and say this is tasty! WOO!

Yeah. Let’s lie to myself and say this is tasty! WOO!

Nathan placed the bowl on the floor after he finished the last chip. He rose from his seat and scoured the area once more, looking for something. HUZZAH! He discovered something FAR into the distance, Nathan guessed The Maker must have blessed his glasses with zooming vision. Yeah right.

Nathan ran straight for the rock that’s in the distance.

05-05-24-15_3-28 PM

He runs like this…?

Once he reached the rock, Nathan withdrew the excavating tools that happened to be on him as he reached the rock.

Always come prepared, Nathan thought before digging away at the rock. He chipped off bits of rock here and there carefully, being sure not to damage the fossil that he was extracting from the rock that he was excavating in.

"Diggy Diggy!"

He found a fossil! Huzzah! BUT WAIT, he found another rock SUPER far away! He ran to that one too and started to excavate as well.

"The Maker's light shines upon me. I AM THE CHOSEN ONE."

“The Maker’s light shines upon me. I AM THE CHOSEN ONE.”

Through sheer determination, Nathan managed to gather a lot of rocks and gems. Soon, the night creeped by and Nathan got even smellier. He decided to take a shower before heading out to find any more collectibles.

“My first day is going along extremely well!” Nathan sang while he was in the shower. He managed to find quite a lot of collectibles on his first day. Although, none of the plants near him seemed to want to give their produce to him.

Tomorrow, Nathan thought, They’ll give me their produce then and my garden will begin!

Nathan soon found a log which was rumoured to contain frogs inside. He rolled up his sleeve and stuck his arm in quickly, not caring about what else could be inside of that log. And…

"What's crawling up my arm?"

“What’s crawling up my arm?”

He soon discovered it was a snake, more specifically a Sixam Prevarti, a rare and almost extinct snake from Sixam, the alien planet. It was too bad that Nathan killed it. One more step to extinction.

The night grew on Nathan and he grew weary. He stumbled back to his “base camp” and fell asleep upon the camping bed that he bought to save money. Even though he hadn’t made any money at all on his first day, he felt that he could still earn a lot of money in the future. And thus, this ended the first day of Generation One.

He's a snorer! Watch out potential spouses!

He’s a snorer! Watch out potential spouses!


Nathan woke up at 5am the next morning, and ran to the fridge to quickly eat some cereal before his died of starvation. That would’ve been a quick end to what should be a slow legacy.

"These Cheerios aren't saying goodbye to me."

Like Nathan calculated, when he looked around at the plants after he finished eating his cereal, they were brimming with harvestables that he could use for his garden! He placed the bowl on the floor after he finished eating and he ran to every single one… in his underwear.

You're lucky it's early in the morning or you'd be getting a ton of complaints.

You’re lucky it’s early in the morning or you’d be getting a ton of complaints.

“Snapdragons and Lillies! Perfect, I think I can make Orchids in the future if I somehow figure out how Grafting works.” Nathan said to himself before taking the flowers back to his home. He placed two of each flower on the ground and started to plant them one by one. This would be the start of a fortune.

"Grow my pretties! Earn me some Simoleans!"

“Grow my pretties! Earn me some moo-lah!”

"That means YOU, Mr. Snapdragon." Oh, this is where the madness starts. We have to find someone for Nathan to talk to instantly.

“That means YOU, Mr. Snapdragon.” Oh, this is where the madness starts. We have to find someone for Nathan to talk to instantly.

Nathan rose from the ground after planting the last flower in the ground and finally managed change his clothes into his everyday wear. The children can finally come out of their houses and rejoice!

Nathan cranked out that watering can soon after and almost drowned the flowers with water. He was determined to have the plants grow as fast as possible so that he could reap in the money that he would be rewarded with by his hard labour.

"Grow soon, I need to sell your babies!" Ladies and Gentlemen, our Legacy Founder!

“Grow soon, I need to sell your babies!”
Ladies and Gentlemen, our Legacy Founder!

Nathan’s senses tingled as he finished watering the plants. He swore he saw someone in the distance. When he looked closer, he found that his thoughts were completely correct! A man, roughly in his Young Adult stage was walking along the path on the opposite side of Nathan’s humble abode.

Although he didn’t look like much, Nathan didn’t care. He just wanted to socialize with someone, anyone!

"Why is there a man running over to me at lightning speed?"

“Why is there a man running over to me at lightning speed?”

Nathan stopped himself before he crashed into the poor man and exhaled heavily. He never felt the urge to talk to someone so much before.

“HELLO.” Nathan managed to say before taking another deep breath. The man looked down at Nathan as he panted and helped him regain his stance.

“Hi.” The man patted Nathan on the back before introducing himself, “I’m Chuck.”

Nathan's totally not judging you right now.

Nathan’s totally not judging you right now.

“Hi Chuck! I’m Nathan. I live in that plot of land you see over there.” Nathan pointed to the plot of land with quick speed. Chuck looked over and his eyes widened.

“Ah… so you’re the one the neighbourhood’s been talking about.” Chuck realised and Nathan stared at Chuck, with a blazing fire in his eyes.

“What have they said about me? I only moved in today! No rumors right?” Nathan tried to laugh it off before Chuck explained.

“They said you’re the one that claims The Maker beckoned you to start a legacy back in Bridgeport, so you moved all the way here to start it.” Chuck explained and Nathan smiled.

"That's completely true!"

“That’s completely true!”

Chuck became increasingly interested in the idea of a legacy as Nathan began to explain what the foundations of it were. However, Chuck decided to himself that it wouldn’t be best if he started a legacy because he doesn’t want to seem like a copy-cat.

“Well, good luck to you Nathan!” Chuck said before they both smiled in awkward directions.

I guess they can become friends.


While Nathan was taking out the rubbish, he suddenly engaged in a small monologue in his head.

These two days have been both weird, scary but also enlightening. I feel like that this is a great start to what will be a dynasty that everyone will remember. This is the start of the Devine Family Legacy. Now…




29 thoughts on “1.1 – Starting From The Bottom

  1. ARoseInBloom says:

    I love Nathan…he’s really cute! Or whatever that other word was that I used when we were chatting.

    Anyways…funny start to your legacy! I’m so excited you joined in the club 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • SummerFalls says:

      Hehe thanks CathyTea! Although, the genetics in the future generations will certainly be interesting. And thank you for the compliments about my photographs! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. vanityhigh says:

    Awww Nathan is such a cutie and I absolutely adore his trousers, very cool! Great start to your legacy, looking forward to seeing what happens next 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lovesstorms says:

    Nathan is a cutie patootie! I love his whole geeky look. 😉 The picture with how he runs makes me think that’s how you run. I don’t know why. lol Weird mood.

    Anywho, his underwear blinded me. So, a negative right there. At least he has a wall, though, we don’t want to see him going to the bathroom. Positive right there. lol I loved your humor throughout it all! Fantastic start! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. silverdaybreak1 says:

    Great storyline, Summer Falls! Good luck to Nathan as he gets settled into his new life. At least he doesn’t have to worry about zombies or deer eating his plants. I didn’t know there were snakes to be found in hollow logs, too. Guess that’s why they are ‘rare’ in the game.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. raerei says:

    I know I read a lot of this before… But somehow I failed to like or comment? Hopefully just in this chapter. Anyway my initial thoughts still stand, this is a hoot to read.


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