1.2 – First Encounter

It was his last resort. He didn’t think that he would have to go there to be able to fill up his need for fun. Nathan stared behind him at the building before looking back and sighing.

“I hate the library.” He complained to himself before scratching his head. As a child, Nathan hated anything to do with English or reading as it bored him to no end. (In my opinion, Nathan has been reading the wrong type of books then.) However, it soon seemed that a thought had popped into Nathan’s head, which made him grin with pleasure.

"Maybe my potential wife is in this library!" Nathan don't get your hopes up.

“Maybe my potential wife is in this library!” Nathan don’t get your hopes up.

Nathan managed to find the entrance to the Library and entered what seemed to him like an alien world. Bookcases aligned against the walls and people busily on computers. All computers. Nathan sighed deeply before he was told to–

“SH!” as instructed by various people in the Library. Nathan found that there was a girl at one of the computers. He sniggered as he walked over and stood behind her, making it seem like he was someone that you had to look at. That failed, she didn’t look at him at all!

"If I stand here, she'll look at me sooner or later." Oh Nathan... desperate Nathan.

“If I stand here, she’ll look at me sooner or later.” Oh Nathan… desperate Nathan.

The girl in question, was on a mysterious website. Before Nathan could take a look, the girl had taken the website off both the screen and the internet history. Thinking that the girl would soon turn to look at him, Nathan adjusted his posture and obviously coughed numerous times to make his presence known.

Did it work?


"Sit down and don't make it awkward."

“Sit down and don’t make it awkward. She clearly didn’t understand the signals you were giving her Nathan.”

The girl seemed to be walking to a wall that had no door nor bookcase. Before she walked into a wall she stopped and turned around. Walking past Nathan, she sneaked a glance at his face and nodded before walking and sitting at the table.

Meanwhile, Nathan was distracted. He was contemplating about what he could do for fun on the computer. Sims Forever? Bric-A-Block? Instead, Nathan decided to search the internet looking for some nice gardening tips.

Minutes later, he was staring at a black screen wondering if he should try and go over to the girl and see if she’ll talk to him, if he attempts to talk to her.

"What's the worst that happen?" Total rejection? Humiliation?

“What’s the worst that happen?” Total rejection? Humiliation? Being eaten by a huge freezer bunny in your underwear?

Nathan accumulated the courage to stand up and tuck in his chair. Walking over to the girl took an extra step of courage and sitting next to her took just enough that he had enough left to start a conversation with her.

“H-Hi! I’m N-Nathan. What’s your name?” Nathan awkwardly smiled at the girl, who didn’t seem to mind at all.

“I’m Vao-“ She stopped, seemingly shocked at what came out of her mouth. She quickly continued, “Marisa. My name is Marisa!”

Are they dancing? Or are they awkwardly trying to offer something up to The Maker? I'd like cupcakes please, not air.

Are they dancing? Or are they awkwardly trying to offer something up to The Maker? I’d like cupcakes please, not air.

“Where do you live? Oh, I hope I’m not being too upfront with you.” In all honesty, this was the first time Nathan had properly talked to a girl. When he was younger, he was too afraid of rejection and humiliation to actually try and talk to a girl. And, when he had to talk to a girl, he made it succinct.

“Not at all! I live on the planet… Earth.” Marisa giggled and he laughed along with her.

“Of course you do silly!” They both seemed delighted with the conversation that they were having. It was not long before Marisa had come up with her own questions to ask Nathan.

“Why do you live here?” She asked with a eager face.

I said eager Marisa, not a face that looks like you're about to eat Nathan for dinner.

I said eager Marisa, not a face that looks like you’re about to eat Nathan for dinner.

“Well, I’m starting a Legacy.”

“Why?” Marisa questioned.

“Because the Maker told me to, it was a calling.”

“Why?” She asked again.

“Because– I’m not sure.”

“Why?” Again.

“Let’s move onto something different.” Nathan suggested and Marisa agreed. Although her face… was a bit suggestive itself.



Nathan soon became quite flirty while talking to Marisa and started to pull a few hints of interest here and there.

“That cap brings out the large size of your head.” Smoooth.

“Awh! How sweet of you! Thank you Nathan.” Marisa seemed to appreciate the comment. Weird.

Soon enough, Marisa became flirty herself and started to wave flirtatiously towards Nathan. It was the type of wave that allowed the conversation to be carried on further, which was something Nathan was hoping for.

Nathan can actually flirt! The Maker must be real!

Nathan can actually flirt! The Maker must be real!

“So Marisa, is it possible for me to acquire your number? You know, just incase you ever want to talk or hang out.” Nathan handed his phone over to Marisa who inspected Nathan once again. She giggled as she typed her digits into the phone and pressed save. She even managed to take a selfie of herself so that Nathan could keep it for her Caller ID.

“I’ll call you later.” Marisa smiled as she also recorded Nathan’s digits into her phone.

Score! I wonder where this will end up! Nathan thought to himself. It occurred to him that if he managed to get Marisa’s attention and get her to become his girlfriend, she’ll be his first girlfriend. Ever.

It's not my fault! You're the one that wasn't flirty enough.

It’s not my fault! You’re the one that wasn’t flirty enough.

Finally, Nathan remembered that his garden needed tending too and so he rose up from his seat and looked over and Marisa.

“I have to go and I’ll see you lat–“

Nathan, I believe that is not the secret bookcase door that you unlock in Build & Buy.

Nathan, I believe that is not the secret bookcase door that you unlock in Build & Buy.

“Bye Nathan!” Marisa is something special indeed and Nathan hoped that this wasn’t the last time that he’d see her.


21 thoughts on “1.2 – First Encounter

    • SummerFalls says:

      I’m contemplating writing the next chapter tonight. I’m currently in an ecstatic mood because I FINALLY FOUND AN AMAZING PLACE TO START MY NOVEL!

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Shannon SimsFan says:

    so funny the way Nathan reframed going into the library– maybe I’ll meet my potential wife, 🙂

    The conversation between them was hilarious. His smooth comment about her big head, and then of course, him walking into the wall– it was just like real life, that flirty awkwardness.

    Liked by 1 person

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