The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirty-Eight – Twin Birthdays

01-04-11-15_2-04 PM

I’m used to sleepless nights for skilling, but party planning was not on my list of things to do before leaving. The boys’ birthday was almost here (tomorrow!) and honestly, I feel like plum. I’m seeing everyone around me grow older and with that, I become more attached to them and then I won’t be able to say goodbye…

No no. Let’s not focus on the bad things. We must have great moments leading up to my saddest day… my birthday.

Tending the garden, my Cowplant had finally sprouted from the ground and has grown into a fully fledged cowplant! It’s name is Blarffy 2.0, since Blarffy should be present at the boys’ birthday party. Blarffy 2.0 has a really cute face as well.

02-04-11-15_2-11 PM

After tending to the plants, night took it’s toll and I became tired. After managing to find my bedroom again, I walked in to find someone unexpected on my bed. He laid there so peacefully and quietly and he obviously forgot to take off his glasses.


05-04-11-15_2-22 PM

I tucked him into my bed soon after and walked downstairs to the living room. After making the sofa comfortable enough, I managed to fall asleep on it… after a few hours.


06-04-11-15_2-30 PM

“IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!” Alistair shouted so loud that everyone in the neighbourhood woke up from their beds. Great alarm clock! As Mom managed to be helped down the stairs by the other birthday boy, we gathered in the living room where Alistair and Demetri opened up their presents from me, Mom and some things that Dad got before he passed away.

Alistair was given some cash, a collection of books and artworks, clothes, a couple of dvds and a photograph of him and Dad. Of course, Alistair treasured the picture deeply, but he seemed to value the cash even more.

“Eek! Thank you Mom, Leliana and Dad!” Alistair’s smile beamed up to the sky… cute kid.

When Demetri opened up his presents, he was only given two things. A charcoal black stellar telescope and a poster that was a map of space.

“That was all you wanted bro? How silly!” Alistair seemed to laugh, and I admit I’m a bit perplexed as to why Demetri only wanted those things.

“I can find Dad now.” Demetri smiled as me, Mom and Alistair stared at Demetri. How…? He pulled out the poster of the map of the universe and pointed to the one labelled Orion. “Hopefully I can get a map of Orion’s Nebula.”

Demetri is special. There’s no doubting that. Another Wonder Child? Luckily, I was the first born so he wouldn’t have to go through all the things I have. Speaking of which, Belle– Danielle arrived at the house soon enough as Mom invited her to the boys’ birthday party. Although, we both knew it would be some time until I felt ready to talk to her again.

07-04-11-15_2-33 PM

She could’ve cleaned the grill after she used it though. Soon after, everyone began to arrive one by one to the party and one by one, they became infatuated by Blarffy 2.0. This time, everyone could see him move and this time, he didn’t have CMS. Although, everyone certainly did become… how do most people put it? All in one and one in all?

09-04-11-15_2-57 PM

HOWEVER. The pinnacle of this event has arrived. I might be mean, trying to steal the attention away from my brothers but come on, I am the Queen of the Wonder-verse! Maybe even Queen of all the Wonder Children, and I do have to dress up for the occasion.

Now, I did spend at least three hours finding the perfect dress and such, but hopefully, this will be the one that can take his breath away when I send a picture to him.

Voilá! (I’m not sure what happened in the background)

10-04-11-15_3-01 PM

When I walked outside, it did seem that everyone’s attention was on me. Perfect! When the music began to play, I danced with many people, including Danielle.

“Hey Danielle.” I smiled at her, and she smiled back.

“Hello my Queen.” She whispered back in a mocking tone. Heeey!

“I am a Queen.” I insisted and we both laughed. I think that even though she lied to me about who she was, she did it to try and protect me from the Government. And, that must’ve taken a lot of courage, so I thank her for saving me.

Meanwhile, the boys were playing on the monkey bars. Great birthday party for them, no kids came!

11-04-11-15_3-02 PM

However, it soon became time for the boys to age up! First came Demetri.

13-04-11-15_3-28 PM

I’m still not sure where the Ginger-ish hair came from. Afterwards, Alistair stood up to the candles and blew them out.

14-04-11-15_3-29 PM

They’re both so handsome, I bet they’ll get a lot of girlfriends when they start high school! Lucky! I did get the attention of some boys, but I was distracted by another man.

Me and Demetri stood near each other as the night arrived once more. We both smiled at each other and hugged. We both knew that the end of the Wonder Child program was coming soon and the way that he hugged me, it felt tight and constricting but it also was a message. One to tell me not to go.

15-04-11-15_3-36 PM

“Big boy now, ey?” I laughed, Demetri never really had a sense of maturity in him and the way that he was going about being a fresh teenager amused me.

“Yep! I can’t wait to join the Rocket Science club! I’m going to go to space and see Dad! WOOO!” Again, that boy is going to go places!

Meanwhile, Alistair came out of the house where he threw a tennis ball and it hit Demetri across the head.

17-04-11-15_3-39 PM

“OW!” Demetri cried. He ran after Alistair where they engaged in what looked like to be a cat chasing a mouse. Funny. I also saw Mom in the distance, who seemed to be looking up to the sky. I didn’t hear what she said but… it made her cry.


18-04-11-15_3-39 PM-2

We raised them well, didn’t we Orion? Soon it shall by my time to leave this world and join you up there. However, I believe that in all of the years I’ve lived, I couldn’t be more prouder of our children. They’ve lived through countless events and struggles but they’ve somehow managed to stick together and keep their sibling bond strong.

Orion, I think that’s what makes a Wonder Child… wonderful. It’s not intelligence nor skills. It’s love, and the way they love people. And, the Government doesn’t see that which is why they will ultimately fail in what they want to achieve. They can never get what they want because they rely too much on intelligence and not on emotions.

Leliana will win, and I swear on my grave that she will succeed.

6 thoughts on “The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirty-Eight – Twin Birthdays

  1. cathytea says:

    I sure like those twins a lot! I hope they get their own spin-off!

    I love this part: “I think that’s what makes a Wonder Child… wonderful. It’s not intelligence nor skills. It’s love, and the way they love people.”

    You write Athena’s voice beautifully. This was a lovely chapter. Leaves me feeling sweet inside. (And afraid to read the next one!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • SummerFalls says:

      It was my first time properly giving Athena a large portion to say. She’s developed so much from the first chapter to now, and reading back the entire story will probably make me miss her and Orion so much!

      Spin-Off you say? 😉 I do have plans for one, but it can only be for one twin! The other… I’m not sure what I’ll do with them!

      Liked by 1 person

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