1E – Strong Connections

01-05-02-15_10-47 PM


You know, it would be useful if you helped me to write.

How so?

I’ve been trying to think of what to write for quite a while and I’m getting nothin’!

Breathe, and think about what you want to write about. Then, just write and maybe something might come out! Not like vomit or anything, or big rainbow pony unicorn explosions. Just… an idea!

I followed what SummerFalls said. I took a deep breath and focused on the topic of people and their relationships, connections and bonds. I set my mind on what exactly I wanted to write about, and when I opened my eyes, I slammed my hands down on the keyboard and wrote with a fast speed like a cheetah.

02-05-02-15_10-48 PM-2

However, the more I wrote, the more drained I became and the more the ideas in my head slipped away or I thought were utterly useless. My mind ultimately travelled to a place where my creative ideas could not blossom nor be created, in the hell that all creative people hate. More specifically, in the hell that all WRITERS hate.

I had Writer’s Block.

Oh… you’re a bit tense. AH. Writer’s Block.

Yeah, it’s really bumming me out. I only tried to write about relationships between people and their connections and I can’t even think of a single thing to say.

03-05-02-15_11-13 PM

You must be feeling pretty down then?

Sorta, it’s more or so like I’ve been stripped of my very essence and that I can’t do anything. It feels like plum.

I’ll excuse the language. But, A U! You should be smiling! There’s nothing better than having a huge smile on your face!

04-05-02-15_11-13 PM-2

Like this?

I honestly tried to have a bright smile on my face, but the emotion of happiness wasn’t there. No matter how much I wanted to be happy, this writer’s block was disabling that.

Yeah, you need something to make you happy. Luckily, I have two gifts prepared for you!

Gifts? What are they?

One second…

In the next moment, I seemed to have entered a pause mode. The next thing I knew, I was standing in an infinite space of blue surrounded by silence. My clothes seemed to rapidly change and new outfits were appearing. I was back in Create-A-Sim or more specifically, Editing-A-Sim.

06-05-29-15_8-38 PM

This is outfit #1! How do you like it?

What… how did you even get these clothes?

I have to admit, half the things SummerFalls put on me were ghastly. They were terrible and I’m not sure why people would like to wear them.

They came with the new Luxury Party Stuff Pack.

Ah. That’s the reason. To showcase their wealth off to people.

I do like this outfit! It’s waistcoat is very comfortable and I love the red shirt that goes along with it. Luckily, you didn’t think of any make up options since you might have gone crazy for a second and decided to put some on me!

Never! Here’s outfit #2!

07-05-29-15_8-38 PM-2

When the second outfit was placed on me, it felt luxurious. When I looked at it, I was blinded. Even though all of the colours suited me pretty well, I was blinded by the light reflecting off the shiny bits of the suit. I do have to admit, that I sense a good sense of fashion here.

This is adequate.

Really? I thought you’d love it. Guess no–

I was only kidding! I do love it, really.

Awesome! When you get out of Create-A-Sim your second gift should be making their way to your house. Have fun!

Wait, you’re not going to be here?

I’ll be playing you, but I think I shouldn’t interrupt what might happen between the two of you.

Even though SummerFalls wanted to help me by dressing me in new clothes, it didn’t help at all. I still had Writer’s Block and it was stressing me out to far ends. Although, SummerFalls did say that the second gift should be making their way here soon.

09-05-29-15_8-42 PM

I’m wondering what it is, since I don’t think it’s a thing. I think it’s a who. I wonder who could be coming to my house. Did SummerFalls plop someone down into this world without me knowing? Have I seen them before? Have I met them before? All these questions were running through my mind as time trailed on.

10-05-29-15_8-42 PM-2

I could hear the person’s footsteps coming closer and closer to my front door. And, they barged in without knocking. I looked to see who the rude person was but, I knew when I looked at them that they were not rude. I knew that I told them to barge into my house whenever they wanted to. I knew that we had a close friendship because…

11-05-29-15_8-45 PM

It was Jamie Rose!

“OH. MY. PLUMBOB.” I shouted as she caught her breath after barging through the door.

“Sorry. Was running. I’m here now. Said you needed company. Here I am.” Jamie smiled as she stood up straight.

“Hi!” I smiled back as we both stared into each other’s eyes. The last time I saw her on SummerFalls’ game was at the S-GAS event but I got a chance to read her blog post with me on her player’s side of the screen so we both kind of know where our friendship is at.

“Come here you.” I dragged Jamie into a hug.

12-05-29-15_8-45 PM-2

“I’ve missed you on SummerFalls’ game!” I said.

“I’ve missed you too.” She replied. We both let go of each other’s hug soon enough and sat down on the sofas.

13-05-29-15_8-49 PM

“This house is awesome.” Jamie complimented as she looked around the various details of the house. I admitted to her that it took some time to get the house the way it was since the walls weren’t listening to my player.

“So, I read your latest blog post.” I started and Jamie took a deep breath. Her eyes continued to lay upon me as I carried on with what I was going to say, “And, I love you too! We both talk about so many things with each other and we both are so real to each other that our friendship is transcendent. Well, not exactly transcendent but nearly!”

Jamie laughed and stood up. While looking at my clothes she shook her head.

“Is that your everyday clothing?” She asked and I shook my head, “Then get changed and let’s take a picture!”

And that’s what happened!

14-05-29-15_8-50 PM

15-05-29-15_8-51 PM

16-05-29-15_8-54 PM

17-05-29-15_8-55 PM

We both stared at the wall that contained the photo. It didn’t really seem to fit in where it did. Even though the photo was super adorable and cute, it didn’t make the area around it liven up. For now, we had SummerFalls move it to a temporary spot where if I move in the future, I can have a huge photo wall full of photos along my journey.

Meanwhile, Jamie moved up to the easel and stared at it. She stroked the wood of the easel before looking at the photo again.

18-05-29-15_8-57 PM

“Joel… let me paint you.” Jamie asked before looking at me. Her eyes were filled with inspiration and happiness, something that I’ve been craving this entire day.

“I’m not sure, I’m not in the best of–“ SummerFalls had already assisted with the referencing for the portrait Jamie was about to do.

“Too late! Thanks SummerFalls!” Jamie smiled upwards.

No problem!

Wait, Jamie can talk to you too?

“Obviously.” Jamie grinned before she began to paint.

19-05-29-15_9-01 PM

After watching Jamie for hours, it finally clicked. How could I have been so stupid?

20-05-29-15_9-02 PM

I know why you sent Jamie.

Alright then. Enlighten me, my apprentice and simself.

I’ve been struggling to write about relationships and connections. So to help me, you gave me the person I have the strongest connection with in the sims-verse. You gave me the talisman needed to ignite inspiration. YOU made me experience my own story.

B-I-N-G-O! Well done, you win absolutely nothing! But you do win personal satisfaction. Let’s play this again some other time.

21-05-29-15_9-02 PM-2


Even though I now knew the purpose of why Jamie was sent, I still didn’t have any inspiration for my writing and it sucked.

“Hey, Jamie?” I wondered if she was too focused on her painting or if she was able to multi-task.

23-05-29-15_9-08 PM

“Yeah Joel?” Jamie answered.

“What is a relationship?” I asked and hopefully I didn’t just seem really dumb like I did inside of my head. Jamie set down her paintbrush as she had finished the portrait of myself. She came over and sat down at the sofas and pointed to the painting.

24-05-29-15_9-09 PM

“Let’s start with you.” Jamie said and I scratched my head. “Do you know the proper definition of a relationship?”

I shook my head, and Jamie continued onwards.

“A relationship is the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected. For example, me and you are in a friendly relationship or friendship while Bella and Mortimer Goth are in a loving relationship. Everyone has a specific relation to another person.” Jamie started onwards and I nodded my head, everything was starting to make some sense.

25-05-29-15_9-09 PM-2

“However, the way people see relationships is completely different. A relationship can be bad or good, full of hatred or full of love. But, I feel that a relationship is dependent on the people that are in it and if they truly treasure the relationship. You can’t have a friendship without talking to your friend once in a while, and you can’t have a loving relationship if you’re always arguing.” Jamie finished off, and I then completely understood what Jamie meant.

“Thank you so much.” I was so eager to write now, the creative energy was burning inside of me and I had so many ideas flowing through.

“I need to leave, since it is getting late!” Jamie said as we shared one last hug before she left.

27-05-29-15_9-11 PM

28-05-29-15_9-12 PM

And then I ran upstairs into my study where I turned on the computer and wrote like mad. I wrote for thirty minutes before finally realising I had actually written. What JRose said really helped me today and soon I hope I can finish this blasted chapter of this book and move onto the next one where it gets way better!

29-05-29-15_9-12 PM-2

This is the bit where I kind of sum up everything I’ve learnt right? Well, today I learnt that relationships are a connection, a strong bond between people. Although not all of them may be happy relationships, people are connected and weaved into a chain which connects everyone together. I feel that everyone is connected because of the relationships people have with each other.

I love the bonds that I have with people, and I love the people I have bonds with. And hopefully, I have many more strong connections in the future!

P.S I love all of you ❤

P.P.S I love all of you too ❤


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