1.4 – My Love From Another Star

This date was going to make or break their relationship. Nathan spent the next day getting ready, and trying not to mess up the opportunity that the Maker had given him.

“Please don’t let me mess this up.” Nathan prayed as he set out towards the Museum, where the date was going to take place. Nathan waited for ten minutes before Marisa arrived. Her arms outstretched, she waved over at Nathan before catching up to him with her iconic smile present on her face.

01-05-24-15_6-00 PM

“Hello Marisa!” Nathan swerved his body towards Marisa who laughed.

“Hey! I think you can at least give me a little space though. You’re hugging my body too tight.” Marisa suggested as Nathan suddenly realised that he was hugging Marisa, and almost squeezing her to death as well. Nathan immediately moved to the side.

“Sorry.” He apologized but Marisa waved it off like it was nothing.

02-05-24-15_6-00 PM-2

She looks kind of drunk…

“It’s fine, honestly.” Marisa smiled as they both walked into the museum park. Although, Nathan was perplexed at what Marisa just said.

Momma told me that if a girl says it’s fine, it’s never fine. Do I believe her…?, Nathan thought before they both sat down on a bench that was near a beautiful fountain. Marisa and Nathan awkwardly looked either side of the bench before Marisa turned to face Nathan.

The fountain though.

The fountain though.

“So, you’re gardening right?” Marisa asked and Nathan nodded. He couldn’t speak. When words tried to form inside of his head, they wouldn’t come out of his mouth. Nervousness, was the only clear diagnosis for Nathan’s problem. He gulped.

“Y-yeah.” He smiled, and Marisa pulled something out of the pocket of her jumper. It was a book, a green book, a gardening book.

“I know it’s not much bu–“ However, Nathan was already taken aback by what the book was. It was written by Nathan’s gardening hero, Orchid Blossom. However, what made this book special was that there had only been five of them printed in the entire world.

“This is… THIS IS.” Nathan took it out of her hands and opened it, he was already taken aback but this time he almost had a heart attack. It was signed! He read it;

To Nathan,
Treat her well!
Orchid Blossom

And her signature was below. Although it was hard to read.

04-05-24-15_6-04 PM

Marisa knew that it was the perfect present.

What Nathan didn’t know, was that Marisa spent a lot of effort trying to get that book. From threatening to pulverize someone to managing to get Orchid Blossom to sign it, it was quite the journey that happened in one night.

“THANK YOU.” Nathan screamed as he hugged Marisa, and she hugged him back too, “But… I didn’t get you anything.”

“It doesn’t matter. You can always get me something later, haha!” Marisa laughed and Nathan joined in too.

“Can we stand up, please? My muscles are becoming stiff.” Marisa asked and Nathan helped her up as they both stood right by the fountain together.

05-05-24-15_6-08 PM

“You can stretch, that should loosen your muscles up.” Nathan suggested and Marisa started shaking herself from left to right, trying to rid herself of the stiff-ness that her muscles had. Nathan couldn’t help himself. He started laughing so hard at her, as it looked like she was dancing like a raving lunatic.

However, Nathan shouldn’t laugh at someone who is creative.

Uh Oh...

Uh Oh…

“HI! I’M MARISA. I’M A LUUUUUUUNATIC!” She screamed at him as she chased him around the museum park area. Nathan was running as fast as he could but it was no use as Marisa had already caught up with him and caught him.

"You listen to me now!"

Nathan looks like he’s enjoying this. Weirdo.

“You listen to me now!” Marisa pointed at Nathan’s chest or more specifically his heart. “I might be weirder than other people and I might be slightly less aware of my surroundings. But… you laughed at me?”

Nathan wondered why Marisa was getting angry, and he wasn’t actually sure how she was getting angry.

“It was a joke. Promise! I like your weird self, honestly. It’s just that… your shaking was funny.” Nathan smiled and Marisa did too. As hard as she tried, Marisa couldn’t understand most things other people did and she was always alone, so she had no one to ask why or how people were doing certain things.

“I guess we can sit back down on the bench now.” Marisa beamed and the both of them sat down on the bench as the night sky became darker and darker. The both of them were now under the stars.

10-05-24-15_6-09 PM-2

“You know, I should try and get an actual four walled house soon!” Nathan aspired, he wanted to try and build the biggest house possible, along with a secret basement for all his collections.

“Nice! I wonder what I should do in the future.” Marisa wondered as she looked up at the night sky.

“Well, you could move in with me, if you want.” Nathan suggested and Marisa’s face changed into one of surprise.



"It'll be fun!"

“It’ll be fun!”

“Maybe later.” Marisa smiled awkwardly as Nathan soon picked her up from her seat. “What are you doing?”

Nathan positioned Marisa right under the moonlight, and breathed. He was about to do something that would alter the course of his relationship, life and future with Marisa forever.

"I like you very much."

“I like you very much.”

Marisa giggled, it was the first time someone had confessed to her this way.

“I like you, and I wish that you would become my girlfriend!!” And with that, he sealed the question with a…



Marisa was shocked, too shocked even! Her emotions coursed through her body as the kiss threw her balance out of whack. She soon became flirty along with Nathan and giggled at they both stood by each other after the kiss ended.

Marisa looked at Nathan, who was eagerly awaiting an answer like a puppy waiting for it’s owner to come home.

16-05-24-15_6-14 PM

“I guess we can date but–“ Marisa started, but soon Nathan was cheering too hard for Marisa to finish her sentence.

“WOO! WOO!” Nathan screamed but Marisa held him. And by holding him, she became very flirty.

"Did you eat a glow stick?"

“Did you eat a glow stick?”

Was the first question Nathan asked. Not smart. However, Marisa laughed again! She soon returned to her serious self as she explained everything to Nathan.

“I’m not… human.” She confessed, Nathan said nothing. “I’m an alien from the star, JR-501, the sister planet to Sixam.”

Nathan stared at Marisa as she explained everything, about her wishes to be a human, her wishes to be something that she’s not. And, when she learnt about the disguise function, she took it as a final chance to accomplish her dream. However, her parents thought it was outrageous that Marisa wanted to become human and called her a traitor, abomination and worse. She was outcasted from JR-501 and sent down to Nathan’s planet. But, she’s never been more happier than she is now.

19-05-24-15_6-16 PM-2

“I know you might be scared but…” Tears were forming in Marisa’s eyes. Nathan knew that something like this must’ve happened before, and that he wasn’t going to let it happen again. He grabbed hold of Marisa.

“I’m not scared. I’m not afraid. I’m in love with you no matter who or what you are. As long as you’re you, that’s all that matters.” Nathan said before looking at the clock. “Oh shoot! I should go to sleep, I’ve got work in the morning!”

Nathan ran after telling Marisa to come by his place tomorrow.

"My girlfriend is an alien? Awesome!"

“My girlfriend is an alien? Awesome!”


15 thoughts on “1.4 – My Love From Another Star

  1. cathytea says:

    Oh, sweet! This is wonderful! I’m eager to find out what her traits are, too! (Is she really insane, or just a little off from being an alien?) And I can’t wait to see her without her disguise! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shannon SimsFan says:

    Nathan continues with his a-dork-ableness 🙂 “You know, I should try and get an actual four walled house soon!” was a really funny continuation of his “smooth” statements. But Marisa and he are so cute together. I’m really curious what’s up with her unpredictable behavior, insane trait?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. raerei says:

    I just love a good alien tale. It makes it all the more sweet! I’m sorry she got upset by Nathan laughing, he meant it in fun, but it got interpreted all wrong. Poor guy.


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