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CT: So, what is it about Sims that connects? I mean, we’ve been able to–in a very short time–develop friendships with each other–and with many others on the forums and our readers (Oh, yoo-hoo! Readers! You know I love you and I’m talking about you!) that are such deep friendships!
How is that? How do Sims connect?

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Jes2G: I think it’s just like parenting. I’ve never been one, but I’ve noticed that parents love it when people love their children. I see them gravitating toward people who laud their children while shrinking away from those who criticize. Our Sims are our handy work. They’re our little digital children! So, when people love our Sims, we’re automatically drawn to them. And, just like proud parents love to speak about their children and brag on them, we love to speak about our Sims and tell whomever will listen about all the crazy stuff they do. Some of us *cough* (Joel) even get our “kids” together for “play dates” because he, I mean we, like for our “kids” to hang around with “kids” of the parents we like! And then…oh, I don’t know…those kids grow up and…oh, wait…we’re not there yet.

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Joel: Bahaha Jess! We were talking about that the other day, as to say we set up our “kids” on an arranged marriage. I feel that, especially with S-GAS, everyone got together and actually saw their sims connecting with other sims, so I feel that it was reflected upon the actual players as well.

I think that every player wants the best for their sim or “kid”, although everyone knows that everyone’s life is not perfect. Everyone will go through ups and downs, and they will go through upsetting times and I feel that’s why people are drawn to some sims. They are able to actually feel emotionally upset and become relatable to readers, but then something happy happens and cupcakes are shared around!

Sims can connect to Sims.
Readers can connect to other readers / the writer.
Sims can connect to Readers.

Relating back to earlier, if only you are willing to be open and accept the connection. I think that’s how Sims connect with each other!

CT: Oh, I think you’re right! It’s always interesting to me to see which Sims connect with each other, and which don’t! Sometimes there will be a Sim that I think looks very interesting–I would seek that Sim out for a friendship. But my Sims will not pursue a friendship with that Sim. And then sometimes, my Sim will choose for a friend–or even romantic interest–someone very different than who I would pick for them.

It’s not always as simple as trait compatibility–it has to do with the Sims’ background of experience, too. And also, there’s a certain energy there.
I notice, too, that some Sims will connect with me–or with my readers–and others not so much.
Aspen was amazing at connecting with me and with many readers.
And Willow–I’ve never had a friendship with a Sim like I did with Willow!

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Rosey: Yes! I agree with this completely–just like are Sims are drawn to certain other Sims for whatever reasons, we connect to each other for reasons and are drawn to certain people more so than others.

It’s not to say that I wouldn’t be open to other connections with other Simmers, because I absolutely am. I think, one of the great and mysterious things of life, is that the two people seeking connection have to be open to it at the same time. So, I know when I started interacting with Jess, I was really looking to find someone who I could see myself in and who enjoyed the things I enjoy. Like she said, we both thought we were each other’s long lost twins! We had (have!) so much in common and it was as though we both opened up to allow that friendship to start.

With Joel, it was more that he had questions about writing and his characters, so I was just there to help him. During those times, other things made their way into our talks and deepened our relationship.

What’s cool, though, are those moments when our Sims reflect each other. How many times, CT, have we both said something like, “Oh, Brandon and Salix seemed to struggling with relationships in such similar ways!” Or, “Generation five produced such strong females for both of us–Aspen and Peyton!”

I mean, those connections are so deeply important because they help us reflect on our own connections to them, and then to each other. What I find especially meaningful is that none of us have met in person, so the connections we build are simply the energy we put out into the world–our Sims are just products of our energy. We manifest in them pieces of ourselves and each other. How lovely is that?

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CT: Oooh! I love this topic of how our Sims seem to reflect each other and also our life themes.
Rosey, how many times have we discovered that something my Sims have been going through–especially the Boughs–is similar to what you’re going through or have gone through?

And JRose often seems to be expressing thoughts that I’ve had–or insights that are so useful to me! Her latest post is a great example of that. It was something I needed to hear–about connections and authenticity, actually–at exactly the time I needed to hear it.

It’s the same with Sims like Viv and Joel Rochdale, who often seem to express thoughts or perspectives that I can relate to.
This happens often with our friends and readers, I find! Certain themes seem to cycle through us and our stories and Sims. Remember back in January when we were all writing about mortality? (Gosh I miss RobFam, don’t you?)

Currently, many of us are writing about aliens, and I love how we’re portraying aliens in a similar manner–as kind outsiders, puzzled by inconsistencies and absurdities in present society. This is a topic that I want to have a conversation with BBQPenguinwings Trish about.

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Rosey: This might be a little off topic, but in my studies in leadership development and group dynamics, we often spoke about how when someone is feeling something–like, literally feeling in their bones so much so that they’re moved to display emotion–they’re often feeling it for the group. I remember, after I posted JRose’s Authenticity post and people commented on how meaningful it was for them, thinking. “Oh, I was holding this for the group! That’s why I was crying. That’s why I stuck! They group was working this post with and through me!”

That’s a crazy feeling! In a good way, of course, but still crazy.

CT: Oh! This is so inspiring for me! I really resonate with this. I think that there are several of us who do this, and we do it for each other. When we’re reading each other’s work so closely–really feeling it–it’s like we’re all surfing these themes about what it means to be alive here. So often when I play the game and when I write, I open myself up and simply express “what feels good”. By that, I mean that there’s this certain feeling I get when I write it, like this itch way down deep below my solar plexus has been itched. And often, I feel that that’s when the posts end up expressing this collective feeling or theme that’s circling through your group.

Rosey, thank you so much for writing that post and for opening yourself up to express what our group was wanting to look at!

Rosey: As for a theme that have really stood out for me–transition! Think about how many of us have started other stories with the main character as someone from a different story (RachelRosebud, Manda, Jess) and then add on top of it all of the people who have sent their Sims to different hard drives!
Then, if I recall, there are many of us who have touched upon the topic in our own stories with birthdays and deaths and the changing of generations. I think it’s a great topic that is always on our minds because we’re all forever in transition. It’s so amazing and often very prominent.

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Joel: Yes! I agree with you Rose :D
I feel that the common theme with most sims stories is life and death. Sims live and sims die but it’s the way that they live which inspires us, connects us and makes us one big family.

You could probably create a big chain in which one person’s sim has traveled to another person’s game where that person has also sent a sim over to another person as well! (If you get what I mean.) Everyone is connected by six degrees of separation and I think that works perfectly with Sims as well and there is that little bit of diversity within each sim that makes them an interesting or maybe dislikable character!
Also I have a feeling that a new theme coming up soon might be stories based in the new Sims town! (Which I can’t remember the name of…)

CT: Newcrest. I’m so excited for that by the way, and I do have a new game/new theme for that. It’ll be called “Rambles,” I think, and I really just want my SimSelf to run around and explore nature while I ramble on… Also, I think I’m going to be holding the Summer Camp for Sim kids there, too.
What are your plans for Newcrest, guys?

Joel: I’m going to follow the crowd and base a new story there! But, it’ll be a new challenge story. But first, I think I just want to explore it with my Simself and take everything in. If he likes Newcrest better, I’ll move him there. I’m just excited to see what everyone does with this free world!

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Jes2G: I have plans for Newcrest. Two, actually. One, these two know what it is, and I want to leave it a surprise for everyone else. All I’ll say is there will be another Pruett alternate reality story soon! The other idea someone here suckered, I mean encouraged me into to do another legacy story after the end of Pruett Family Legacy. It’s NOT gonna be a strict Pinstar legacy though. It’ll be a loooooong time before I do another one of those! I want to do a Differences in the Family Tree story. I didn’t want to dive right into another legacy, but it had been on my mind for a long time. And then when I found out about Newcrest, I got all kind of ideas! Then, of course, after speaking with a certain friend, it was clear that I had to do it. Thanks, friend. (cuts eyes at Jamie)

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Rosey: Don’t give me the stink eye, Jes2GetOutoftheCar! I gave you an option to do only half of that legacy–we never did finish talking about that, (goes to phone to open Skype). I, too, will be at least doing the Differences in Family Tree story, but after the pesky wedding and honeymoon that are clogging up my July schedule!

I also sort of have an affinity for Simon, one of my generation seven spares from The Skinner Saga. I’ll see what he’s like as he ages up more, but I want to do some sort of challenge or story with him, I just haven’t quite pinned down plans for that. AND (cuts eyes at Jess) I have a story that was offered to me for a character or two and am thinking about what to do with that.

Yikes, I need to figure out how to make blogging my full time job. Lol.

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