1F – Successful

01-06-07-15_11-23 PM

It would be an understatement if I said that I was happy. I was ECSTATIC. Today, I received my very first promotion at work! My boss said,

“Joel, you’re doing a very good job. Here’s this, this and also this! I hope you continue working here.”

I hope so too, well that is until I get to the top of the career. I’ll no longer have a reason to stay there then. But, I’m not going to dwell on the future as I’m earning more money now! I’ll be able to make some big improvements to my life. I’ll be able to purchase more expensive food, I might actually be able to purchase my own cupcake machine! YES!

02-06-07-15_11-25 PM

I’d finally be able to redo the entire house! I mean, I’d get SummerFalls to redo the house for me, but honestly, this house feels lonely with only one bedroom. I want to have a guest bedroom so that I can have anyone I like stay over in my house rather than SummerFalls plopping them down in a random lot.

I’d also like to build a basement, one that’s filled with all of my achievements. Since SummerFalls is sending me on these quests, I do want to keep a momento of each of the quests he’s sent me on. Maybe he’ll give me one where I can do whatever I want! Or, a Photography Quest where I can take pictures with all my friends (I want a camera so the pictures come out big!)

Meanwhile, I walked into my study to finish off my first book of Short Stories! I called it “Rosey Cupcakes” and it’s about the friendship of two people who travel great distances and travel through different worlds and dimensions. Although, I’ve already reached half way through my writer’s skill, and my worry is that I’m going to finish this quest too soon.

03-06-07-15_11-26 PM

Are you here? SummerFalls?

I’m always here! What’s up?

Well, you obviously know that my skill level is halfway now. And, although I haven’t written any bestsellers yet or reached the top of my career–

You’re worried that you’ll have to stop writing after this quest is done?

Yeah, and that this quest will be finished sooner than I thought it would be.

Don’t worry! I’m going to space out your schedule so that even if you did reach Level 10 Writing, you’ll be too busy socializing and getting a lot of friends. Since that’ll be important for later on in your ageless life.

Ah okay!

I continued writing after that, I was determined to finish my book today!

04-06-07-15_11-26 PM-2

This time, the words flowed seamlessly to me and I was done within hours. The book materialised itself into my hands and I stared at it. I guess this is how book publishing is done, I take it to the mailbox and it magically disappears and gets published.

The book cover was so pretty, even though players may see it as a book that has the same cover as another, to us Sims, every cover is different and it holds a different story. I guess that is what makes us Sims special, we see the world players play in a very different perspective.

Hehe, I’m talking like I’m wise.

05-06-07-15_11-27 PM

I picked up my book from the desk, I got up and I walked out to the mailbox. I opened it and placed my book inside, I wanted to publish this.

06-06-07-15_11-28 PM

Afterwards, I closed the mailbox as the light on it flashed red. My book was now sent through cyberspace to everyone’s bookstore, and hopefully people would buy a lot of my books so I receive a lot of royalties!

Honestly, I also felt really refreshed after I sent that book out. I had finally completed my first book and now I have published my first book! Nothing can stop me now! I looked up to the sky as I breathed out.

07-06-07-15_11-29 PM

However, I knew my job wasn’t over yet and I knew exactly what I wanted to do next.

Where are you going?

I’m going to write another book silly!


Yeah! I’m insane right?

Only the best people are 😉

08-06-07-15_11-30 PM

Although, when I arrived back into my study. I opened up a word document and stared right at the page. A blank canvas, ready for me to pour out my soul onto the page, to write another amazing story that will touch the hearts of millions. Another story which I’ll love to write and love to be a part of.

The words were not forming. I couldn’t think of an amazing character. I couldn’t think of anything. The canvas remained blank.

10-06-07-15_11-37 PM

“What is going on?! Ugh!” I shouted at my computer before I calmed myself down.

09-06-07-15_11-31 PM-3

Although, before I knew it, I was teleported. Again, it felt weird and strange but I had gotten used to it by now. I was outside, right by my house by the pavement. I looked up to the sky, I’m sure where I was looking but I knew SummerFalls was out there somewhere.

Why have you teleported me here?


I will do no such— Yes, okay.

Stupid controlling of the sim feature. I laid down on the pavement and stared at the stars, where I managed to see everything. All the stars, all of the constellations and all of the nebulas. I’m not sure if this was SummerFalls’ doing but, it was inspiring and I was in awe.

12-06-07-15_11-40 PM

When I gazed up at the sky, I saw what SummerFalls wanted me to see.


Yes, you’re correct. It’s Orion’s Constellation.

This reminds me of your Wonder Child Character’s Father Orion! It’s too bad that he’s not here.

True! Although, I do have many versions of him thanks to my family saves.

That’s awesome! But, what’s the real purpose for bringing me out here?

14-06-07-15_11-40 PM-5

Since you’re having a hard time figuring out this brand new book and all, I received an email from the lovely CathyTea!

You mean… the player of Free-Jon?!

Yeah! CathyTea said that she’s hosting a Summer Camp and that she wants you to participate as the camp’s counsellor!

Well, I could do so but—

Free-Jon’s going to be there.

I’M IN. Look at the lovely stars!

13-06-07-15_11-40 PM-2

I was so excited! It’ll be my first time seeing Free-Jon since S-GAS and I’m both nervous but also very very happy. I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to do this as I think I could help the kids at the Summer Camp learn a thing or two about life! Also, my cupcakes are going to rock the world.

I rose up from the pavement and walked down the pathway to my house. There was no time to waste, I had to make this the best Summer Camp ever.

15-06-07-15_11-55 PM


9 thoughts on “1F – Successful

  1. cathytea says:

    yay! So glad you said “yes!” You can have as much writing time as you’d like there! 🙂

    And I really love this: “every cover is different and it holds a different story. I guess that is what makes us Sims special, we see the world players play in a very different perspective.”

    It sort of touches upon a theme I want to explore in my next rambling in Aimless.

    Liked by 3 people

    • SummerFalls says:

      Woo! Joel will love to hear that 🙂
      That piece that you highlighted were one of those things that I wrote in the moment of writing it! I liked it so I kept it! I’ll be looking forward to the next rambling in Aimless! 😀

      Liked by 2 people

      • cathytea says:

        You know, with “Aimless” and a lot of my sort of esoteric writing, I just write it in the moment I write it… it’s like I have an idea I want to explore, or an itching in my solar plexus, and then I just sort of go deep, let go, and see what comes out! I notice that words that come from that internal space have a certain “feel” to them–Like Rosey’s “Authenticity” piece. You know, your bird story in the last chapter of the Devine legacy had that feel, too!

        Liked by 2 people

      • SummerFalls says:

        I get that feeling as well! I just write and write because I’m so focused on an idea that it won’t let go of me until I explore it!

        Liked by 2 people

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