1.8 – Home Is Where The Heart Is



No, not that Woo Hoo. Marisa had finally finished her first book which she titled, “Aliens and Humans: Love at First Sight?”, it talked about Alien and Human relationships (probably with her own as an example).

Marisa had planned to publish this book, so she travelled to the mailbox and posted the book through it. She couldn’t wait for it to hit the online shelves as her first self-published book. Soon after, Marisa returned to writing her second book, which talked about Aliens and their homes. Which then led onto her thinking about her past life on her home planet.


“How… is… everyone?”

It had only been one week since her parents exiled her from JR-501 but, to Marisa it felt like an eternity. Her future with her parents by her side had been completely destroyed by her marriage to Nathan, she wasn’t going to tell him that though as it would only make him feel worse. She even wondered what her life would’ve been like if she remained on her planet, but she shook it off and only thought of Nathan.

Marisa giggled as she thought of Nathan’s face, and as the clock ticked all the way to 11AM, where Marisa got up from her chair and left to go to work once again. However, the thought of home-sickness still stuck to her as she left and she couldn’t let it go.

Sweet Momma, that is a lot of plants. Growing a collection are we?

Sweet Momma, that is a lot of plants. Growing a collection are we?

Meanwhile, Nathan was working on his garden. He started to graft various plants together and let them grow with his recent success being able to produce Dragonfruit. Today, Nathan harvested some of the Dragonfruit that he had produced and placed them onto the ground ready to be planted, since he wanted to grow an entire collection of plants. It was a reasonable goal.

They look like teardrops...

They look like teardrops…

Nevertheless, Nathan planted them into the soil with tender care for the plants. He wanted them to grow up rich and beaming with flavour and quality, so that he could sell them to the best price, which hopefully for him was going to be a lot.

What can I add to this?, Nathan thought as he dug around his pockets to find something. He soon picked up a tin of fertilizer full of great quality essence for the plants to grow happily. Nathan then started to sprinkle the fertilizer onto the plants.


“PLANTS! Take this lovely fertilizer and grow like royalty!”

Nathan resumed to tend to his garden for several hours until it was time for Marisa to come home. She wasn’t smiling, but she was carrying a box which from further inspection, was a box for a brand new computer. Nathan ran up to Marisa and took the box from her, placing it on the computer table outside the house.

“What’s this?” Nathan asked as he unboxed it, set it up and sold the other computer.

“It’s a reward for being promoted to Blogger.” Marisa celebrated, although her facial expression remained the same. It seemed the thought of home-sickness had permeated through her day.

The pair of them stared at the brand new computer with different expressions.

In my opinion, this computer is so classy.

In my opinion, this computer is so classy.

The both of them then walked inside of the house, where Marisa stood in the center.

"I can't stay in this disguise, too itchy!"

“I can’t stay in this disguise, too itchy!”

Marisa pressed the button which took off her disguise, revealing her true form once more. However, being in her true form reminded her of what she had did to her parents and her friends and it became too much for her as the memories came running back. She lifted her hands to her head to stop the memories from overwhelming her mind.

"No, NO, NOO!"

“No, NO, NOO! I’m sorry Mom and Dad!”

Meanwhile, Nathan was acting as normal, cooking dinner for Marisa and then serving it on a plate to her. It was Grilled Cheese, which was Marisa’s favourite dinner since it was the first meal she ate when she arrived here. However, that only worsened the wound that Marisa was left with but she still took the plate and ate it along with Nathan.

A brief smile had appeared on her face.

Synchronized Eating 2.0 -- Gold Medalists

Synchronized Eating 2.0 — Gold Medalists

After eating the Grilled Cheese and washing the plates, Nathan took Marisa outside into the backyard near the computer desk, where they both stood and stared at each other. Nathan brought one hand up to Marisa’s face and stroked it while smiling at her.

Cheer her up Nathan, you know you can. Nathan thought.

"Let's take a look at the stars."

“Let’s take a look at the stars.”

Although Marisa wasn’t sure about what Nathan had planned, she nodded her head and the both of them began to lay down on the grass and stare up at the night sky. Marisa stared up into the sky, looking at all of the various constellations that she used to live near and could almost touch.

“You know, up there is your home right?” Nathan asked as he pointed up towards the sky.


Nathan’s shadow doesn’t have a hand… what Sorcery is this?

“Yeah, you really didn’t have to remind me.” Marisa said before returning to being sad. Although, a small smile formed as Nathan kept talking to her.

“You’re wrong.” Nathan glanced at Marisa, who was puzzled at Nathan’s sudden sentence. “Your home is here, with me.”

“What are you talk–“ Marisa tried to say but Nathan entered his wise person speech mode.

“Your home is commonly known as where you currently reside. However, for me, a home is where your heart is, your loved ones. The people you love make a home for you, and you love the home you’re in. You love the people on your planet, but they don’t want to make a home for you because you betrayed them.” Nathan continued on, Marisa was only staring up into the sky as she saw it for it’s beauty this time, which made her smile even more.

12-05-24-15_9-26 PM-2

“If they can’t accept you, you can’t change that. You live and you move on, you find people who do accept you for who you are and you make your home there. That’s why your home used to be on JR-501, but now it’s here with me.” Nathan finished and Marisa gave him a hug from the side.

She had finally realised that her true home was with Nathan and that she needed to move on, but not forget her roots. Maybe one day, her parents will accept her and finally realize that they were wrong.

“That’s JR-501.” Marisa pointed into the sky.

“Where?” Nathan wanted her to point more accurately.




15 thoughts on “1.8 – Home Is Where The Heart Is

  1. raerei says:

    Well, they gave her the ring so they do approve. But I assume it must be that society forced them to exile her for leaving. So sad. Maybe they’ll come visit?


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